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Kat Lee

Not Going Back

Title: Not Going Back
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Harmony, past Spike/Harmony, references Spike/Buffy
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: sunnydalescribe DC 9: Forward
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 780
Date Written: 2 December 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

“What’s the meaning of all of this?!” Harmony demanded of her sheep. It had seemed almost impossible during graduation, and again when she’d lost her Spikey, but the right hands, and breasts, could turn any people into followers as obedient as sheep, even Vampires. She was known across the world now for the peaceful turn in which she was leading her species. It was possible for Vamps to not only be sheep, but to be peaceful sheep at that.

But what she was seeing right now was anything but peaceful. There were actual frightened humans in their den rather than just the throngs of Vamp stalkers that they usually kept on the premises. Worse, there were Vampires who were bloated from too much blood, and others who looked like they’d just come from war. One was missing an arm, and she’d just caught two others squaring off over a meal ticket who didn’t want to be eaten.

One of those was the first to speak to her. “We’re tired of the cattle!” he snapped.

“Yeah!” added the female in a tight, black miniskirt which did nothing to help her thick thighs. “We’re tired of not being respected! We want to be feared again!”

“Do you?” Harmony demanded, arching a perfect, blonde eyebrow in disapproval at them.

“The thrill of the chase adds to the taste,” spoke up a third, and she wondered where he’d gotten that slogan from.

This wasn’t like the Vampires she’d been training for the last several years, but it had been bound to happen sooner or later. Someone had filled their dumb skulls with ideas, ideas that things had been better before she’d reformed their species, ideas that made them want to fight for their meals again instead of just take them where they were offered freely. “Fine!” she snapped, throwing up her hands and shaking her blonde head. “You think you know better than me, the one who made you, the one who taught you, the one who made sure you ate even when there was a Slayer lurking around every corner? Go ahead! See how long it takes you to get dusted!”

She spun around on her designer heels and marched out of the lair. A few of her more loyal Vamps trailed behind her, but most stayed where they were. She felt their eyes on her, watching to see if she’d make a mistake, change her mind, or show any sign of weakness, which she so totally would not. When she reached the door, she spun around one more time. “You’ll regret it!” she declared. “You’ll come running back to me just like every guy has ever done!”

“Oh, yeah?” one of the stupid females taunted. “What about what’s his name, Spi--?”

She never got to finish her statement. Harmony threw a stake over the distance that separated them and dusted her on the spot. “I told you, all of you,” she snarled, her yellow eyes flashing in furious warning, “don’t say his name!” She just barely caught herself from saying aloud, You’re not worthy! “And you will regret this! You totally will! It always looks like things were better when you look back! We were moving forward. Now you’re going back, and you’re going to regret it! But don’t come crying to me when you do! I don’t do crybabies!”

She flounced out into the night, reassuring herself that she was a primal, deadly, and beautiful creature. She was the best of the creatures of the night. She had the power, in more than one way. It didn’t matter that Spike was too stupid, too caught up in that Slayer’s spell, to see it. He’d wake up one night, realize what he was missing, and cry for her, but she wouldn’t take him back. She didn’t go back.

She didn’t need to go back. She didn’t need to go back to when she’d been a mortal with an entire high school at her beck and call. She certainly didn’t need to go back to before then, when she’d been just one of the sheep instead of the leader of the pack, and she most certainly didn’t need to go back to him! Let them have their little revolution, she thought, holding her blonde head high. They’d come to regret it, and they’d come crawling back, crying for her to take them back, just as he would one night. He would, she promised herself, and when he did, she’d make him pay even more than they would. He’d be groveling for the rest of their Immortal lives. She smiled and made her way to her personal groupies and her evening meal.

The End
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