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To Free the Beast

Title: To Free the Beast
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Beast/Iceman
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 134: Computer and fffc Bingo: Chocolate
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,109
Date Written: 9 November 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

The sharp, swift click clacking of keys drowned out all other sounds as the laboratory door opened several feet behind the good doctor. Hank had been staring at his computer screen for over a day now, ever since his team had come home from their last mission. He was weary of seeing so many good people die from the virus and more determined than ever before to find a cure. He was completely engrossed in his work when something cold and soft slid over his bare, furry shoulders.

He glanced up and dashed the ice off of his broad shoulders with barely a thought. He did pause to look around the lab but saw no further sign of Bobby -- until he turned back to his computer screen and saw written in intricate icicles on his keyboard: Come away with me. “Robert!” he screeched, swiftly wiping the ice off of his keyboard. “You know very well what water does to computers!”

There was no answer at first, but then something tapped him on the shoulder. Hank turned, but there was noone there, not even a snowman. Turning back around with a quiet huff, he saw a coffee mug had seemingly materialized out of nowhere beside his monitor. He picked it up as the scent of warm cocoa swirled tantalizingly around his over sensitive nostrils. When he went to take a sip, however, Hank saw that more words had been written a tiny scrawl made of snowflakes that were quickly melting in the chocolate. So sue me, they boldly declared. Hank had to laugh.

His ears twitched as he sipped the chocolate. Its sweet warmth spread swiftly through his system. He had not even felt cold, hungry, or thirsty before, but one sip both began to relax him and make him realize that he had been holed up in the lab, not eating or drinking, for over twenty four hours. It seeped into his stomach, making it rumble even while coating it reassuringly. “Mmm,” he murmured, his ears twitching again.

Then, suddenly, he was assaulted from behind! A snowman picked up his chair, wrapping his beefy, cold arms around Hank and pinning him inside it, carried him to the lab’s door which was opened by an icy hand unattached from any body, and unceremoniously dumped him outside it. The door slammed and locked in his face. Hank beat on the door for a moment, yelling at the obscenity of what had just happened.

A voice crackled over the school’s intercom. “Give it up, Furry, and just come to bed.” Hank’s blue fur turned a much darker shade as he blushed. “You can save the world tomorrow,” Bobby added for all to hear.

Applause made Hank jump to his feet and whirl swiftly around. Jubilee, Ororo, and Jean were clapping while Logan looked on with a smirk. “Icicle’s got a point,” he told him matter-of-factly.

“I did tell him,” Jean added, “that he needed to get you out of there.”

“Just take a break, Henry,” Ororo added softly. “You deserve it.”

He glared at the Weather Witch as he dusted snow out of his now-darkened, blue fur. “Did you help him?!” he demanded angrily.

“With this?” Ororo waved a delicate hand at the angry, cold mutant. “Not at all.” Yet her smile made Hank wonder if she was telling the truth.

He barely had time to think about it, however, when ice suddenly appeared shooting up out of the floor underneath his bare feet. He caught his balance by grasping a staff that rose out of the ice, but the slab of ice was not giving him any chance to get off the strange and crazy ride as it sped to Bobby’s room. “Robert!” Hank cried as the ice slide threw him onto his boyfriend’s bed. “I’ll never live this down!”

“Oh, sure you will,” Bobby said, waving a hand dismissively through the frosty air. “Besides, you’ve been in there way too long.”

“It’s nothing I can’t handle, Robert, and you know my best ideas tend to come when I sequester myself away. I’ve only been in there for twenty four hours -- “

“Try seventy two,” Bobby corrected tensely, cutting him off. “The last mission we went on was three nights ago.”

“What?” Hank stared at him, his fanged mouth hanging slightly agape, in shock.

“Three. Nights. Ago,” Bobby repeated, raising three fingers, one at a time, for emphasis. “It’s past time for a break.”

Hank sighed. “Don’t give me that,” Bobby cut in again. “You can go back to it once you’ve taken a break, eaten something, maybe played a little -- “

“That hot chocolate was good,” Hank admitted, “but you caused me to drop it when that snowman of yours grabbed me!” His yellow eyes widened suddenly. “Oh dear Lord! Tell me I did not -- “

“You didn’t drop it on the computer or the keyboard,” Bobby reassured him quickly, “and besides, it’s already cleaned up. Ororo whisked it away with all the snow.”

Hank frowned. “How did you pull that off any way?” he pondered aloud.

Bobby grinned. “I’ve been practicing.”

“Yes, but -- “

“And you’re not the only one who knows how to work the school’s system, Hank. Did you really think I hadn’t picked up anything from you over the years, you big, blue hunk?” His grin widened as he again flustered his boyfriend.

“I -- Huh -- I -- That is to say -- “

Bobby jumped him. He sprang into the bed, landing on top of him and pinning him down onto the blankets. “Oh just shut up and kiss me already, furry!”

Hank blushed again, but this time, he laughed and did as his young, impetuous lover requested. He kissed him, but his rumbling stomach soon had him looking back up and around the room. Bobby laughed. “Yeah, yeah, I know. One appetite at a time!” Dishes started floating to Hank on disembodied hands made of ice. “Jeannie saved you a meal every time anybody cooked.”

“Oh,” Hank cried, noticing one of his favorite dishes, “and Remy must have been one of those chefs!”

“He was.” Bobby grinned again and brought the icy hand holding the bowl of genuine, Cajun red beans and rice to his lover. He’d let Hank get his fill, then he’d get his own fill. “See what you miss by staying holed up all the time?”

Hank chuckled, actually chuckled. It was music to Bobby’s ears and made him feel warm all over. Some of his ice actually began to melt at that mere, deep sound. “Purrhaps you do have a small point,” Hank admitted and purred as he ate, his furry toes wiggling in Bobby’s snow.

The End
Tags: x-men: bobby/hank
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