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Kat Lee

A Little Grape Juice

Title: A Little Grape Juice
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
Character/Pairing: Hercules/Iolaus
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: slashthedrabble 507: Nostalgia
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 449
Date Written: 6 November 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Hercules grinned as he spotted the bowl of grapes in his room. He strode over to them, picked one up, and was just rolling it gently between his fingers when Iolaus entered from behind him. His friend let out a whistle. “Boy! Fancy digs, huh, Herc? You know I was fully expecting you to turn their offer down.” Hercules felt Iolaus’ glance go to the single window in the room as thunder rattled the surrounding walls. “Despite the weather,” he added.

Hercules shrugged his broad, muscular shoulders, his back still to Iolaus. He continued to roll the grape between his fingers and grin to himself as he answered, “It’s one thing for me to have to stay out on a night like this. It’s another thing to make you do it too.”

“Hey, I was staying regardless!”

“Huh uh.”

“I was!” Iolaus insisted. “Besides, this’ll be the best way for us to watch the servants and -- “

“I don’t think it was a servant,” Hercules cut in, “but we still have a while before midnight when the supposed specter strikes -- “

“Yeah. We do.” Iolaus hopped into the bed Herc had been given, rolled around to the top, and folded his arms behind him. Bracing himself up and trying to look inviting, he teased, “Whatcha planning on doing with the extra time, big guy?”

Hercules’ smile grew, a gleam lighting his eyes as he turned to Iolaus. He indicated the grape between his fingers.

Iolaus groaned. “No way!” he said, knowing what Hercules was thinking as he lifted the bowl off the stand. He pushed further back against the bed as Herc stepped toward it.

“Oh, come on, Iolaus! You admitted it was fun!”

“Yeah, but I was working the purple out of my clothes for weeks . . . “

Hercules quirked an eyebrow at him. “Who said anything about staying clothed?”

Iolaus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. This wasn’t like his Hercules at all! He always had to wait until nothing else was happening before Herc finally got in the mood. He’d never been nostalgic for having grape juice all over his body, let alone for cleaning the mess afterward (and he’d gotten it into his hair as well as all over his clothes), but if it meant having Herc too . . . Well, he was game for anything that put his demigod in the mood! “But there’s only one small bowl,” he couldn’t help pointing out with a pout.

“So,” Hercules replied, his massive shoulders rolling in a shrug. “That just means we’ll have to be careful how we use them.” He closed in on the bed. By the time he could reach it, Iolaus was naked and reaching for him and the grapes.

The End
Tags: hercules: herc/iolaus
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