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13 Days of Halloween 13: Love's Endless Possibilities

Title: Love's Endless Possibilities
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supergirl
Character/Pairing: Kara/Lena
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,447
Date Written: 1 November 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She’d had a long, hard day and had been headed home at last when she’d received Kara’s text. It had taken by her surprise, both because she’d known her secret lover had had an even harder day than she, made harder mostly because of the other life she led, the truth of which Kara still believed Lena had no idea, and because it was only three words. Come to me, had blinked across Lena’s screen, and she had taken the next turn on two wheels.

Her heart was still in her throat when she banged on Kara’s door just a few minutes later, having driven to her apartment at well above the speed limit but having been overlooked because every cop in the precinct knew that, as a Luthor, she could have their badge with the snap of her long, red-painted fingernails -- not that she would. That was her brother’s way of taking care of problems after all, not hers.

When Kara didn’t answer her at first, Lena banged harder on her closed door. She rattled the handle, and the door slid smoothly open. “Come in,” Kara called at right about the same time the door opened, rising goosebumps along Lena’s arms.

The only light in her apartment was the flickering of candles and the silver moonlight pouring in from the single window. Lena could smell pumpkin and knew there was hot chocolate and freshly baked pumpkin spice cookies waiting somewhere. Kara didn’t often bake, but she was better at it than she thought. There was very little, Lena believed, her girlfriend couldn’t do, which was one of the many reasons why she was so super.

But of all the things Lena might have expected, the last thing she expected was to turn and see not Kara but Supergirl floating high in the apartment. “I’ve been waiting for you.” She smiled down at her, a sweet, tender smile that only grew bigger as Lena stood there with her mouth uncharacteristically agape.

“Huh . . . Supergirl,” Lena thought quickly, “what are you doing in Kara’s apartment?”

Supergirl tilted her head to one side as she studied her. “Is that dark in here?” she asked, making Lena frown in growing confusion. “I’m not wearing the uniform, Lena.”

“You’ve got long, blonde hair and are flying. Who else would you be? Where’s Kara?”

Supergirl landed before her and studied her face intently. “You knew!” she cried in a sudden, surprised whisper. “You knew! How did you know?!”

As Supergirl had been studying her, so, too, had Lena been examining her, carefully reading every subtle hint to her behavior and facial expressions until she felt certain it was okay to admit the truth. “How did I not know? Kara, nobody is as good as you, rather you’re Supergirl or not! Your heart is bigger than anybody else I have ever known, and your kindness and generosity know no ends. You inspire everybody to be better, myself included. You’re the reason why I finally got pass my name and started making a difference again in this world. All I do, all I have become in the last year, I owe to you! You’re Supergirl, with or without the cape.”

“Then why didn’t you just tell me you knew?”

“I tried too once,” Lena replied gently, reminding her, “but you were so desperate to make me believe you weren’t Supergirl that I decided to let you think I didn’t know. You never would have let me get close to you otherwise.” She reached out, took her hands in hers, interlocked their fingers, and pulled her close. “And I so wanted to get closer to you. I always want to get closer to you.” She teased her with her last words as she pulled her closer still.

“You’re right,” Kara admitted. “I wasn’t about to let you know. I was too afraid -- “

“So what’s the difference now? Why tell me on Halloween, of all nights?”

“Because I’m tired of the secrets,” Kara answered without hesitation. “I’m tired of the masks. I’m tired of all these bad guys we’ve had to stop recently who are hiding behind masks and lies and -- “

“Kara,” Lena breathed, releasing her hands and moving her own hands to her face. She cupped her beautiful face in her palms and brushed her cheeks with her thumbs. “You’ve never lied to me when you weren’t doing so to protect me.”

“No,” Kara agreed, “I haven’t, but . . . Everybody else knew. It was past time I came out of the closet with you.”

Lena laughed, making Kara’s eyebrows shoot up. “I’m sorry,” she apologized, grinning. “It’s just the thought of you, Kara Danvers, the champion of everyone who is different in any way thinking she’s hiding in a closet.”

“Yeah.” Kara wriggled her nose at her and grinned wide. “That doesn’t really sound like me, does it?”

“No,” Lena said, stepping closer still, “except that you were trying to protect me. But I think I’ve shown you I can protect myself.”

“And me. You’ve protected me sometimes too.”

“You protect the whole world, Supergirl. It’s been my honor every time I’ve actually gotten to protect you instead.”

“So where do we go from here?”

“What do you mean where do we go from here?”

“I’m an alien. I’m -- “

Lena hushed her by placing her finger on her open lips. “I already told you, Kara: I already knew. You just finally trusted me enough to tell me. I was already the luckiest woman in the world to have your love. Now I’m even luckier because I have you trust too. That doesn’t change anything between us, Kara. It just makes me happier, luckier, and makes me love you even more.”

“So no secrets any more, right?” Kara whispered, her eyes searching Lena’s as Lena lifted her finger.

In answer, Lena just kissed her. She felt her feet begin to rise off the floor as their kiss deepened. She didn’t squeal or even look down. She just kept kissing Kara and wrapped her arms around her more tightly as Kara lifted them both into the air. They flew together out of the window, and as her super girlfriend flew them toward the moon, for the first time in Lena’s life, she felt the magic of the Halloween night.

The holiday wasn’t just about putting on masks and scaring people. She knew, for some people, it was a new beginning, and in a way, tonight felt like a new beginning. It wasn’t, however; it was just the deepening and furthering of the love story already unfolding between them, which was something far sweeter and more meaningful than just another new beginning. She’d already had the last new beginning she’d ever needed; she’d had that the moment Kara’s lips had touched hers for the first time and she’d realized that the remarkable, brave, and caring woman had let her into her heart.

Just as Lena had let her into hers. She couldn’t tell her, yet, that there would never be any more secrets between them. As a Luthor, she knew there would always be a need for some secrets. There would always be new secrets creeping up rather she wanted them to or not. But as a woman in love, she knew that no other secrets would ever matter again. Nothing would ever mean as much to her as this woman in her arms.

This woman who finally was bringing magic and love into her life. She lifted her lips from Kara’s with a sudden, girlish giggle.

“What?” Kara asked in surprise.

“We just flew over the moon! On Halloween night!”

“I know it’s kind of cliche,” Kara admitted.

Lena could see her blushing in the silver moonlight. “I like it,” she said quickly.

“Good!” Kara beamed and kissed her again. They flew higher together. Lena knew she’d never look at Halloween the same way again just as she’d never look at life the same way again and had not since Kara had first told her she loved her too. Magic was all around them, and it was the best, sweetest, and most potent magic of all.

It was the magic of love, and it had already changed everything for Lena. It had made the world a much better, brighter place full of possibilities for good, just as Kara had brought endless possibilities to her. Kara was all the magic she’d ever need, Lena realized, and all the woman she’d ever need to. She had never been loved before her, and she would never need any other love ever again. Kara was all she needed, and with her every day and night were full of magical, endless possibilities.

The End
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