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Title: Continuing
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Character/Pairing: Salem, Harvey/Sabrina
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: enchanted_jae's Monthly Drabble Challenge 152: Enjoy the Sunshine
Warning(s): AU, Future Fic, Character Deaths
Word Count: 467
Date Written: 17 October 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Archie Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

“What am I supposed to do without you for another year?” Salem complained, sniffling. His long, ebony tail curled around his furry buttocks, the tip sticking up underneath him. He kneaded the silk pillow beneath his jet black paws and tried to pretend there were not very real tears in his green eyes. “It’s not fair!” he sobbed, his control breaking.

“It’s not fair,” Sabrina agreed, rubbing his head. “I know. But it’s not like we can stay, Salem.” A short bark of laughter erupted from her throat, and she rolled her eyes Heavenward.

“What?” Salem asked.

“I just . . . I never thought you’d live longer than me. I lived for hundreds of years despite my mother being mortal. Yet here you are caring for and being cared for by my great great grandchildren!” She shook her head. “You’re totally right: it’s not fair!”

“But that’s the way it is,” Harvey spoke softly, stroking Salem’s other side. His free hand reached over and took his wife’s. “I’m just glad we’re together again, and we’ll all be together when you come join us, Salem.”

“But you can’t rush it,” Sabrina added. “Remember you wouldn’t let me rush it when I lost Harvey.”

“I never did thank you properly for that.”

Salem sniffled. “She’s my niece. I had to watch out for her!”

“And you did a fine job,” Harvey said approvingly, stroking all the way down his back.

“Just like you’re doing with our great great grandchildren.”

“That’s fine, but I don’t want to have to raise another brood!”

“We hope you don’t have to. We miss you just as much as you miss us.” Sabrina kissed the top of his furry, black head.

Harvey sighed as he saw the sun beginning to come up over the horizon. He missed its warmth on his skin; it had been one of the best things about Autumn, about chasing waves at the beach, or chasing a football. He missed the sunlight, and he knew Salem would too. He remembered how much the old cat liked to bask in its warm glow. “Enjoy the sunshine,” he whispered, stroking Salem’s fur until he and Sabrina were nothing more than phantoms again.

Salem lifted his head to the morning sunshine, weeping. They’d come again to him next Halloween if he was still alive, but oh, how he just wanted to be dead already and be with them to stay! “Ha!” he exclaimed suddenly. “It’s a far cry, old man, from wanting your Wizardry back.” But he didn’t want his magic back or even his Warlock body again. He only wanted to be back with his girl again, and one day, he’d be with her forever. He sniffled, laid his head on his paws, and watched the morning sun rise on yet another new year.

The End
Tags: holidays: halloween, sabrina teen witch: harvey/sabrina, sabrina teen witch: sabrina, sabrina teen witch: salem
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