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13 Days of Halloween 2018 5: A Fun Halloween Date

Title: A Fun Halloween Date
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: The Munsters/Happy Days
Character/Pairing: Fonz/Marilyn, Herman/Lily
Rating: G/K
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,669
Date Written: 25 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

She was at the door the moment it shrieked for attention.

“Are they starting already?” her aunt called from the next room. “Why, I’m afraid I’m not finished preparing the tricks!”

“It’s alright!” Marilyn called back. “I’ve got it!” She opened the door, and as she’d expected, there stood her date for the evening, leaning back and looking cool in his black leather, motorcycle jacket. She blushed just looking at him but grabbed her shawl and hurried out the door.

She was just closing it when her uncle’s booming voice called, “Marilyn? Is that you’re date?”

She paused, grimaced, but answered dutifully, “Yes, Uncle Herman!”

“Well, we’d like to see him before you go running off with him. Make sure we approve of him and all that.” Herman’s laughter made the door rattle in her hand and the shutters bang shut.

Marilyn frowned and noticed that a few early trick or treaters scurried right pass their house. “But, Uncle Herman,” she tried, “we don’t want to be late for the movie.”

“It’s cool, babe. We’re not going to be late, and I’m used to parents.” If he could keep the couple under whose roof he lived happy with him most of the time, he could surely handle this demure blonde’s folks.

She noted, with surprise, that he flipped his collar down before strolling boldly through the door, right pass her, and into the living room where her uncle waited. “I can explain,” she started, quickly following him.

“No need,” he whispered to her and then faced her uncle with a big grin. “Cool costume, dude!”

Herman frowned. “Costume? Oh, I forgot to put on my mask!”

“But -- But you already have your mask on, Uncle Herman,” Marilyn tried. She really liked this guy and wanted to at least make one date with him, but her family tended to run off every boy they met. She was really going to have to start meeting her dates somewhere other than the house.

“What are you talking about, Marilyn?”

“Oh, dear,” her aunt commented, almost floating, as she always did when she was at her most graceful, into the room. “Is this the young man of whom you were telling me about?”

“Yes, Aunt Lily. Now can we please -- “

“Whoa!” Her prospective beau did a double take. He held out his hands with both thumbs pointing upward. “Aunt? I would’ve thought she was your older sister, or at least your mother! This has got to be where you get your good looks from!”

Marilyn blushed again. She knew she was no prize-winning beauty, not like her Aunt Lily.

“What do you mean by that, boy? Are you calling my wife -- “

“All I’m saying is that she’s beautiful! Man, you got lucky with her, didn’t you?” He whistled and then yelled as Harman picked him up by the collar of his jacket. “Hey, man, I was just complimenting you!” His legs kicked for purchase.

“Oh, dear, dear, dear,” Marilyn fretted, looking close to tears.

“It’s all right,” Lily assured her. “Herman, that is no way to treat our guest!”

“But, Lily, he called you beautiful!”

“You forget, dear, that in their country, that is a good thing!”

“You folks aren’t from America, are you?”

“We’re from Transylvania actually,” Marilyn admitted, biting her bottom lip.

The biker looked from her uncle to her, to her aunt, and finally back to her uncle. His stomach felt suddenly queasy. The man had almost supernatural strength. He reached out and touched a bolt on the side of his neck. He snatched his hand back when he felt electricity about to strike him; his eyes widened as a spark lit up around Herman’s neck bolt, right where his fingers had just been. Marilyn closed her eyes, bracing herself for the worst.

“Herman,” Lily said, “put the boy down.”

“But -- “

“Oh, phooey!” Herman pouted, but, stomping his feet, threw the guy down onto the wood floor. He landed hard on his butt, but instead of complaining, or getting up and running as his date fully expected him to do, he looked through widening eyes at the hole Herman’s stomping feet had made.

“Now look what you’ve done!” Lily tisked. “I told you this antique floor is not made for your size 26 boots to be tramping through it!”

“You never let me defend your honor any more!”

“Oh, Herman, dear,” Lily coaxed, placing her arms on his leg and trying to help him pull his foot out of the hole he’d made, “if my honor really needed defending, of course I’d let you defend it, but that young man was only trying to compliment me! Isn’t that right, . . . “ She looked imploringly at her niece’s date.

“Fonz,” he said, still watching the couple in disbelief. “Everybody calls me the Fonz.”

“Let’s just go -- “ Marilyn started, running forward and grabbing her handsome date’s leather-clad arm.

“Not so fast,” he murmured, his eyes still wide. “Are you telling me . . . your aunt and uncle aren’t in costume?”

This time, all the blood in Marilyn’s very human body did fly to her face. “Please -- “ She just wanted one night, one night where she could be a normal teenager out with a normal, and handsome, teenage guy!

“It’s cool,” he said to her surprise.

“What?” she asked in disbelief. Her mouth gaped openly at him.

He shrugged. “Everybody has their own . . . quirks,” he said, unable to think of a better word to calmly describe their differences. “So what if your uncle’s green? I’ve dated girls of every other color before.”

Marilyn blushed again and lowered her eyes from his face. “You have?” she asked quietly.

“Sure. But let’s help your folks out here a bit before we go, okay? I can’t just leave him like that.” She could tell he was still nervous, despite his bold talk and seeming acceptance of their differences, as he walked toward her uncle and aunt. Lily was still trying to pull Herman up out of the floor when Fonzie stopped in front of him. He eyed him warily. “I help you out of this, there’s no hard feelings, right? You’re not going to run after me or try to eat me or anything, right?”

“Oh! We don’t eat mortals!” Lily laughed as she laid a hand against her long, pale throat. “At least not any more, not since we have humans in the family now!” She glanced at Marilyn.

“Okaaaay,” Fonzie said, dragging the word out and trying to convince himself that this was no different than facing any other girl’s strong father. At least he didn’t appear to have a gun. Fonzie had had more than a few fathers wait up for him with a shotgun in his many years of dating beautiful, young women.

He reached out, grabbed Herman’s leg, and pulled him up. Within minutes, he had him free.

“Why, aren’t you a nice, strong, young man?” Lily asked. “Say ‘thank you’, Herman.” When her husband didn’t comply, she pushed him gently.

“Thank you, Herman,” Herman said, grinning at his own joke.

Marilyn rolled her eyes and just barely managed to restrain herself from slapping her own forehead. Once again, she thought to herself that she really did have to start meeting her potential dates somewhere, anywhere, else other than at home where her Munster family was sure to scare them away . . . but they hadn’t scared Fonzie away yet, she reminded herself, peeking back at their interaction.

“Thank you,” Fonzie spoke politely as he focused his attention on Missus Munster. “And now this nice, strong, young man is going to take your niece out for a fun Halloween night, if that’s all right with you?”

Lily smiled. “Usually we make Halloween a family celebration -- “

“I bet you do,” Fonzie muttered, unable to stop himself.

She seemed unphased by his remark, however, as, still smiling brightly, she continued, “ -- but I see no harm in you two young people having fun. Just be sure to have her home by the Witching Hour.”

“The Witching Hour? Oh! Of course. You mean midnight.” That was a late curfew, he thought, and plenty of time for them to have fun!

“Yes. That’s the most important hour of the night after all.” She beamed down at him again.

Fonzie walked backwards until he was beside his date. “Let’s go,” he said, reaching out for her hand.

She nodded quickly, still surprised her family hadn’t scared him away, but then he hadn’t met Grandpa yet, she reminded herself. She started to wait for him to turn around but then realized that he wasn’t about to take his gaze off of her aunt and uncle. Clearing her throat, she waited for him to look at her. When he at last did, she grabbed his hand, interlaced her fingers with his, and tugged on him. “Let’s go!” she agreed.

They ran out of the house together, but as she leaned against his back on his motorcycle, she whispered an admission, “I’m glad they didn’t scare you away, but I thought for sure they did.”

Fonzie shrugged. “I’ve seen stranger and did way more dangerous things.”

“You have?” she asked, a little thrill spreading its tingling fingers up her spine.

“Yeah. Besides, I figure this way I’m the winner.”

“You do?” She frowned. “How?”

“Because,” he answered, grinning, “I’ve got the trick and the treat tonight!” He could guarantee no other guy he knew was taking Frankenstein’s niece out on Halloween night. He was the coolest dude around, so of course, he had to have the coolest date on Halloween or any other night. Only Count Dracula’s daughter could beat taking out Frankenstein’s niece, he figured, and it looked like her aunt was that very same daughter and happily, or at least most happily, he guessed, married to Frankenstein. He grinned as he revved his bike and took them off on their Halloween adventure. Oh, yeah, this was one spooky, cool date that he’d be sure to remember for a long time to come!

The End
Tags: crossover, crossover fic, happy days: fonz, holidays: halloween, munsters: herman/lily, munsters: marilyn
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