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13 Days of Halloween 2018 2: Surviving Magic

Title: Surviving Magic
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Aladdin with cameos from several other Disney fandoms
Character/Pairing: Aladdin/Jasmine, Carpet
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): Real!Disney AU
Word Count: 1.923
Date Written: 14 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

He had been planning this night for months, but he had kept from spilling any hints to the point that his wife was genuinely surprised when he showed up outside of her window during dress rehearsal. “Aladdin!” Jasmine cried in surprise, leaning out the window. “What are you doing here?!” Her eyes instantly darkened with concern. “Is it Jafar? Or Daddy? Is something wrong with my Father?!”

“No,” he said, almost chuckling as he grinned up at her. “Your father’s fine, Jasmine, and Jafar’s way too busy tooting his own horn to try to take over anything tonight. You know their conquering the world is all for show. The villains are never going to really win.”

Which was exactly, he reminded himself, why he could afford to give them tonight. They could have their little play, have their fun and games, but tomorrow, when the sun rose and Halloween was over, things would go back to normal. The heroes would again run the world, and everyone would follow a giant mouse. His lips twitched with sarcasm. And he’d thought things had been weird in Agrabah!

He held a hand up to her as Carpet rose higher into the night sky. “I just thought tonight might be a nice night for a magic carpet ride.”

Jasmine smiled, her eyes lighting up for the first time in days, but then she looked over her shoulder. He could see the doubt playing over her beautiful face when she glanced back at his offered hand. “Oh, come on,” he said. “No one’s going to miss the heroes tonight. You know they make Halloween all about the villains every year.”

“That’s true,” she admitted with a little sigh. “They do.”

“So what we do have to lose, Princess?” Aladdin asked her with one of his trademark, wide, and tooth-filled grins. “Come take a magic carpet ride with me.”

She laughed. “Okay! Okay!” Slipping her hand into his, she started to step out of the window.

“Jasmine!” one of the other Princesses called.

“Where are you going?” asked another.

A third demanded, the stern sound of her regal voice telling Aladdin she had her hands perched on her hips like a boss, “What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m going,” Jasmine replied, “to have a little fun!”

“You can’t do that!”

“Actually, Cindy, no offence, but I can. You girls don’t really need me tonight. None of you do. Not tonight. My absence won’t change the storyline in the least, and I bet no one even notices I’m not there.”

“Jafar will notice -- “

“Give me a break, Esme! I care about what he notices about like you care what Frollo notices!”

“Eugh. You have me there.”

“Just be careful, all right?”

“I’ll be fine, Aurora. I promise.”

“Good! And don’t forget the Witches are out tonight!”

“I won’t,” Jasmine vowed, “but most of them should be focused on the play.” She shuddered. She certainly wouldn’t miss seeing all the villains parading around as they appeared to take over their kingdom. She wouldn’t miss Jafar trying to run his greasy fingers up her spine, or the hideous cackling of the Witches, or Chernabog rising up out of the dark mists at the end. The play seemed to get darker every year, and sometimes she worried how much of it was pretend. Chernabog, for instance, was a force they couldn’t hope to win against if he was ever truly unleashed, not even with Genie’s magic power to back them up.

“Come on,” Aladdin urged, tugging on her hand as Carpet bobbed up and down beneath his bare feet. “Let it go. For one night, let it go.”

She smiled in answer and stepped out onto the carpet with him. He wrapped his arms around her and waved at the other Princesses before calling to his friend, “All right, Carpet! Let’s go!”

Jasmine was surprised at the number of other characters in the air tonight. She could hear the kids calling up from the streets below as they trick or treated from one shop to the next, but the air was filled with Witches and other beings whose magic allowed them to fly. One especially hideous creature flew too close to them for comfort, cackling as she went.

“That’s an ugly one.” She shuddered again as she felt Aladdin’s embrace tighten around her. He clearly didn’t like the idea of the Witch being so close either.

“That’s the one who’s always giving Donald Duck such trouble,” he whispered to her. “What’s her name? Madame Mim?”

“No. That’s Merlin’s nemesis, and she’s more of a Sorceress than just a Witch.”

“What’s the difference?” he asked earnestly.

“The level of power, I think,” she answered, beginning to relax in his arms as Carpet carried them higher up into the night and closer toward the second star to the right. “Sorceresses are more like Maleficent. They’re powerful and harder to defeat while Witches come in at all stages. Some are very easy to beat and are mostly there for comedy relief. I think Witch Hazel is one of those.”

“I wouldn’t let her hear you say that,” Aladdin whispered.

“Don’t worry. She has a thing for Genie,” Jasmine confided in her husband, her voice a hushed whisper as she shared the secret. “That’s why she never bothers us.”

Aladdin made a face. “Poor Genie.”

“Where is he, any way?”

“He’s going through with the show.”

“He doesn’t have to -- “

“He wants to. He actually enjoys it for some reason, but you know how he is about an audience and applause.”

Jasmine laughed, actually laughed for the first time in weeks since the Halloween preparations had first began and they’d started training to allow Jafar to defeat them. “He is a big ham,” she whispered.

“And he would so turn into a big ham if you heard you say that!” Her husband’s bright grin soon had Jasmine relaxing in his arms.

“It’s nice up here,” she whispered.

“I think all the Witches are gone now,” he explained. “The play should be beginning any moment now.”

“Thank you for getting us out of it tonight. Although, are you sure we won’t get into trouble?”

“We shouldn’t. It’s not like we’re not the only ones missing it. Besides, your role is trivial -- “

“Don’t remind me.” She pouted.

“ -- and I asked Eric to go undercover as me if I’m needed.”

“And he agreed?”

“Of course. You know he still owes me for hiding him that time that he was using Ludwig’s potion to make himself able to breathe underwater and Tritan almost found him.”

“Yeah.” Jasmine’s mood again lifted as she laughed, starlight seeming to sparkle in her eyes. “It’s a good thing he’s friends with Daddy.”

“I was worried about the Sultan the last time he visited, though. He really does not need to win against him in chess.”

“I know. Why do you think I had Abu switch out the pieces?”


Jasmine grinned. “Did you really think he just lost the game all of a sudden? I had to help. Everybody knows what a sore loser King Tritan can be.”

Aladdin laughed. He leaned back and gazed at his wife. “You know, you are something else,” he said, marvelling and slowly shaking his dark head.

She pouted, pretending not to understand his comment. “Is that a bad thing?”

He wrapped his arms more tightly around her. “Of course not!” His gaze flicked to the buildings far below them. He could just make out the top of Chernabog’s horned head from their position in the clouds. “You know, this world is more than enough to get anybody down.”

“Sometimes I miss the days of just hunting treasure and fighting thieves,” Jasmine admitted.


Other thieves,” she amended, flashing him a fond grin.

“That’s better.” Aladdin grinned but then became solemn again. “Seriously, though, some of the things we have to put up with -- “

“Yeah, like letting Jafar win,” Jasmine grumbled.

“Or letting him act like you’re ever going to be his sex slave.”

“I’d kill myself first.”

“You don’t ever need to resort to that,” Aladdin told her quickly. “He’s never going to really win.”

“I know. It’s just hard sometimes,” she admitted, “remembering that all of that is only a story.”

“Yeah, it’s a story. Why the fans like it, I don’t know, but it’s only a story. We’ll always beat him in the end.”

She glanced below them. “Tomorrow,” she whispered, “things will be back to normal.”

“Yeah. They need a story.”

“A lot of us need new stories.”

“Well,” he proposed, rubbing a hand slowly up her arm, “why don’t we make our own tonight?”


“Kiss me, and I’ll show you,” he whispered, leaning in and puckering his lips together.

She laughed, and the sound was like music to his ears. He’d once been able to make her laugh and smile all the time, years ago back when they’d first gotten together in Agrabah, but in this land, it wasn’t so easy. Nothing was as easy as it should be here. The stories said that it had been easier for the characters in this kingdom at one time than it had ever been in their own lands, but that had all changed years ago when the Master Storyteller had left them. Now, every year, it seemed to become a little harder as more and more of the people who should be flocking to follow them were turning toward the villains and their dark ways.

Jasmine reached up and caressed his face, and all thoughts of the world below them finally left his mind. All those screaming fans who wanted Jafar and the others to conquer didn’t matter. All that really mattered was right here on Carpet up in the night sky, just Jasmine and himself, just a lucky, poor boy who’d grown rich over night through marriage and the woman he genuinely loved, just two halves of the same soul. He liked that story, he remembered, and he and Jasmine definitely fit the bill. She would always be his better half, making and keeping him whole, despite anything else that happened in their crazy lives.

Jasmine leaned into her husband’s embrace and touched her lips to his. Passion and love swept through them both. She let her eyes drift closed as he held her and their kiss deepened. She was safe whenever she was with him, no matter what the world wanted to believe or Jafar wanted to think. She’d always be safe with him, rather it was Halloween or any other night or day of the year, and she would always, always love him. “My Prince,” she whispered against his lips, in between searingly passionate kisses, “I will always love you.”

“My Princess, my Queen, my wife, my happily ever after.” Her heart gave a jump with each thing he called her. Aladdin caressed her face, his eyes open and trying to commit every inch of her beauty to his memory just in case he needed to remember this moment to get him through anything else in their year to come. “I’ll always love you too.”

Carpet surged upward, sliding Aladdin’s mouth over his wife’s again. Enough talking, their friend seemed to say, and they agreed as, floating high above the rest of the world, all its villains and heroes included, they kissed and kissed and kissed all through the night and into the golden light of a new day dawning in the most magical kingdom on Earth.

The End
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