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Still A Luthor After All

Title: Still A Luthor After All
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: Soft R/M
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Weekend Challenge: Four Seasons: Clock Change and
Warning(s): Future Fic
Word Count: 1,401
Date Written: 16 October 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

He stood, staring out at his lover’s farm as the sun slowly came up over the horizon. He had always been an early riser, no matter how late he went to bed. Before sharing Clark’s bed for the first time, there had never been a time when he wasn’t up before the clock, and he was still busy at work often times before most people managed to crawl out of their beds. If he was going to beat his father, after all, he couldn’t afford to stop, no matter how sweet the smile or alluring the embrace.

Only his father no longer held any sway over him. He no longer controlled him or even LuthorCorp. Lex had finally beaten his old man, and while his father wasted away in whatever hiding hole into which he’d crawled himself to escape a future behind bars, Lex had his company and most of their world firmly within his grasp. Still he had to keep moving, had to keep scheming and planning and working if he was going to stay ahead of the competition.

These days, the competition was fierce, and not just because they were ruthless. Lex had turned most of LuthorCorp’s industries over to trying to better the world, something he knew his father would never approve of, and that included fighting the evil threats, often alien, that tried to take the freedom of the American people. Lex laughed softly on the early morning breeze, a quiet sound that, for once, didn’t seem to disturb anything. He’d never been patriotic, and he’d never been a hero. But that was yet another thing that the man still sleeping soundly behind him had changed. He was no hero, but it didn’t mean he wasn’t willing to help wherever he could.

He should get going, Lex thought. He did have the meeting this morning concerning bringing three of America’s richest and most influential corporations into play with charity organizations; he was going to have his hands full convincing the other corporations’ leaders that the tax write offs they could procure for helping this and other nations’ poor children was well worth it. He had the latest suit he was working on, another set of missiles he’d found left over from his father’s reign to destroy, and the peace talks this evening he’d be attending with Superman. He was facing a big, busy, and full day with very little profit to be made for himself.

But all the profit he needed, Lex thought, was in the bed behind him. He turned, with a smile gracing his stoic face, from watching the sunshine shining on the array of colors in the trees, another thing that he had never bothered with before Clark. He’d been intending to go back to the bed just long enough to leave his younger lover with a kiss on the forehead but was swept up into strong arms the moment he turned.

“We have another hour,” Clark reminded him, nuzzling his neck. “You don’t have to leave yet.”

Lex piqued an eyebrow at him. It was an unwritten agreement between them that Clark would never complain about the hours Lex spent at the office if Lex, in turn, declined mentioning the hours Clark whiled away saving lives and worlds.

“You do,” Clark insisted gently. “Clocks changed last night, you know.”

The biannual changing of time was yet another silly thing upon which the American government wasted time and money, and one of millions of things he would change if he was ever elected President. Oddly enough, however, even that position no longer held much interest for him. He’d be able to help a lot more people, of course, from the Presidential seat and have a more direct affect on his nation, but it would also mean more time spent away from Clark. Plus the American people, with all their bigotry, were still not ready for a homosexual President. With his father out of the picture, Lex no longer denounced his love for Clark to anyone or for anything, and he wasn’t about to start.

His lips slowly curled up into a bigger smile. “Is that an invitation?” he murmured, choosing to take Clark’s plea for another hour for all it was intended to be, and only that. Clark wasn’t thinking about the work Lex had to do. He wasn’t thinking about the busy day ahead of them. Lex knew his only thought, and his only reason for mentioning the clock change, was because he was not yet ready to let Lex go, no more than Lex was, in truth, ready to let Clark go.

Clark grinned broadly up at him, his blue eyes shining with the youthful exuberance he somehow still managed to possess despite everything they’d been through together and separately over the years. “Always,” he said and kissed Lex’s lips.

Lex sighed inwardly and again released his plans to start his day early. He had lots of important things to do, but none of them was more important than being with the man he loved. Heck, everything he did these days was because of the wonderful man currently in his arms. Surely he could afford to reward himself for being good with the very reason he was good and had become a better man than his father, or his father’s father or any of his other ancestors from his Luthor lineage, had been. He was a better man, fighting constantly for improvement in a world for which he’d cared little before this man had come into his life. The least he could do was celebrate that man, his reason for being, and his reason for making all the changes and improvements he did. If the world had any idea of everything he had done for it because of Clark, or truly possessed the knowledge of all that Superman did for it on a daily basis, they would want them to have this time together.

Lex laughed at himself, his own blue eyes dancing with mirth. Now, he asked himself silently, who was being the silly, naive, and exuberant youth? He knew better than to think the world would ever care what either of them wanted. Even if it did lift his lover up on a pedestal, it was upon a pedestal from which they all constantly waited for him to fall. But Lex wouldn’t let Clark fall. He would always be there to catch him. He would always be there to shield him from the horrific truths of the world for which he fought and sacrificed so much and the true self-absorbance that its people carried. He’d never have to lose his youthful exuberance, or his belief in the betterment of mankind, because Lex would always be there to protect him from the truths he still didn’t need to know at forty years of age.

Lex cupped Clark’s beautiful face in his loving hands and caressed him. Leaning his forehead against his, he whispered, “I suppose I could spend another hour.”

“One day I’m going to ask you for a whole day,” Clark whispered, grinning, and moved them both with his super speed and strength so that they were suddenly back in their bed. He pressed his lips to Lex’s and kissed him smoothly and passionately, his tongue delving deeply into the warm, silky contours of his mouth. Lex ravished him in return, deepening their kiss and wrapping his tongue around his.

It wouldn’t cost the world anything for them to spend one more hour in bed, and besides, it might even help them. He did, after all, always get his best ideas when making love to the man who inspired him in everything all day and night long. Yes, the world could definitely wait, Lex thought, releasing himself with a moan, for this right here, being with Clark, loving him thoroughly and being loved by him, was exactly what he lived for. It was why he did everything he did and why he saved the world far more often than destroying it as every Luthor before him had. The world could afford to give them this time, and if they didn’t . . . Well, he’d take it any way. He was still a Luthor, after all, and Luthors took what they wanted. He turned Clark over, breaking a spill of laughter from his rosy lips, and covered him with himself and his love.

The End
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