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Never Change

Title: Never Change
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: A trick or treat treat for sandy79 (Request your own here!)
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
Character/Pairing: Buck, JD, Vin, Chris, mentioned JD/Casey, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): Future Fic, Implied Character Deaths
Word Count: 685
Date Written: 3 October 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

“DAMN IT, BUCK!” JD yelled as the wind purposefully blew his bowler hat off of his head and down the street. He ran after it, darting between, and sometimes literally through, children dressed in all kinds of colorful costumes. “I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE MY HAT ALONE!”

Buck lifted his shoulders into a shrug. “Don’t blame me, kid. I’ve gotta have some fun. ‘Sides, I told you to get a man’s hat years ago.”

JD slammed his hat back down onto his head. “I thought I’d made it perfectly clear,” he exclaimed, glaring crossly at Buck, “that this is a real man’s hat and I’m a real man!”

Buck sighed. “Kid, if you have to say you are, then you’re definitely not.” His mustache bristled. “‘Sides,” he spoke in a voice so soft and sad that only JD could hear him, especially over the uproarious laughter of their friends, “ain’t none of us real any more.”

“You’d think,” Vin commented, throwing his arm back behind Chris where they sat together on a bench on the boardwalk, “after three hundred years, the Kid would be used to it!”

“Or he’d finally get a real hat,” Chris commented, his green eyes dancing with mirth.

“He ain’t ever gonna change that hat,” Nathan remarked. “If he was, he’d’ve done it when we were still alive.”

“At least it’s better than Ezra,” Josiah said, peeking in the dust-covered and broken windows of the saloon, “still shuffling the same deck of cards after all these years.”

Unnoticed by the others now that they were midway down the street and so many living bodies were between them, JD looked to Buck with concern. “We are real,” he said softly. “Just because we’re not alive any more doesn’t mean we’re not real.”

“I just . . . I get tired,” Buck admitted quietly, “of never having any real companionship . . . “ His voice trailed off as he noticed a pretty woman in a short, white dress.

“What are you talking about?” JD asked him with a frown. “You’ve got us!”

“Kid, you know what I mean!” Buck wailed as he suddenly charged down the street. He wrapped around the woman. She gave a little squeal as she tried to plaster her white skirt down across her legs, but Buck had gotten he’d wanted. He’d seen what he missed.

JD chuckled as he watched his best friend’s antics. “Some things,” he declared, “never change!”

“You got that right!” Buck agreed, his blue eyes now twinkling joyfully. He bowed in front of the blonde, who was still determinedly keeping her dress tugged down. “Beautiful . . . night, ma’am.”

“Buck,” JD said with a roll of his eyes, “give it up. You know she can’t see you!” He had just finished admonishing his friend when he heard high-pitched giggles. Buck and JD turned together to see female phantoms in front of the old bank, watching them and laughing behind their hands.

Buck’s mustache almost shot off his face with his excitement. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” he exclaimed and promptly gave chase.

JD laughed and rolled his eyes again. “Some things never change,” he repeated, but secretly, he was glad, some things and some people, never changed. They’d watch too much change in their lifetimes and especially after their deaths. Josiah was fond of reminding them that other ghosts, besides those of them who were trapped in the land of the living because of promises they’d made and failed to keep, were around on this night ever year. He’d never seen Casey, but he hoped that was because she was happy in the beyond, waiting for him with her aunt and their children.

He’d join her one day, he was certain, but right now, they still had a town to watch over and protect. Smiling to himself as the prospect of one day spending forever with his wife and their children, and at Buck’s silly antics over the women, he drifted back to his friends. He might be trapped there, but at least they were trapped together. Everything always looked better with a friend at one’s side, especially six, magnificent friends.

The End
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