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A Little Innocence

Title: A Little Innocence
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: NCIS: Los Angeles
Character/Pairing: Deeks+/Kensi
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words: Bingo: NCIS: Crime Scene Arrival
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,509
Date Written: 2 October 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Kensi gasped and turned her face quickly away. She hated crimes like these where the victims were obviously chosen because they were easy, female targets. Her fingers itched for her gun, and although she knew she’d make the killer pay when they found him, she reminded herself even then that she had to do the right thing. The badge on her hip meant that she couldn’t just take the law into her own hands; she had to do what was right, find the murderer, and throw him in jail where he could no longer hurt women.

Her partner glanced at her as Kensi’s fury burned, but savage growling tore his gaze away from her beautiful, stormy face. He looked instead to the other woman’s partner who limped toward him, his teeth bared and a savage growl issuing forth from him in warning despite the amount of blood he’d lost. He’d endured a bullet wound too, Deeks noted, and had probably been knocked unconscious, which was the only reason why the killer had gotten away with what he’d done.

Slowly, Deeks lowered himself to the ground. He put up his own gun and held his hands out between himself and the victim’s partner, making it clear that he was not a threat. He stayed still as the dog came closer, his growl deepening and becoming more ferocious.

“Deeks -- “ Kensi said out of the side of her mouth.

“Hush,” he told her. “Don’t move.” His own eyes stayed on the furry guardian. He held his hands still even when the dog was close enough to bite him. “We don’t mean her any harm,” he said, speaking softly, calmly, and slowly. “We’re here to help. Help,” he repeated.

The dog sniffed his hands, his sharp teeth still bared. Deeks knew the dog could snap off all his fingers in a single bite, but he also knew the animal wouldn’t hurt him if he believed they were not there to hurt him or his mistress. He let the dog smell him all over without so much as twitching a muscle. To his surprise, Kensi stayed still too, just as he’d told her.

“We want to help,” he repeated to the dog in the same calm, soft, and slow voice. “We’ll find the man who killed her and hurt you, but you have to let us look her over. Help us help her.”

“He’s not going to understand -- “ Kensi started to say, still speaking out of the corner of her own clenched teeth.

“Hush,” Deeks reminded her without moving his eyes from the dog. “We’re here to help,” he said again, putting emphasis on the last word.

The dog’s body twitched, and he whined with pain. Still his teeth were bared, but his eyes were locked with Deeks’. Deeks returned his gaze, trying to convey his eyes as he had with his body language and words that they were not there to harm the dog’s best friend and only wanted to help them both. Finally the dog seemed to accept him as the fight went out of him and he collapsed onto the ground.

Kensi started to move, but Deeks called to her quickly, “Don’t. Not yet.” He reached out a hand and let the dog smell him once more before slowly stroking his head. When the dog leaned into his palm, he nodded and spoke for him, “Okay.”

His own hands remained on the dog as Kensi moved forward to check out the woman. The snap of her gloves seemed to echo in the still, dark alleyway. She wasn’t supposed to touch the body, but he noticed she couldn’t seem to help not sliding the woman’s lifeless and colorless eyes closed. He could practically feel his partner’s fury radiating off of her as he checked out the guide dog. He took his shirt off and wrapped it around the bleeding wound in the dog’s chest. “We need to get him to a vet,” he said, taking his cell phone out of his pocket, “but he’s not going to leave her.”

“You know a lot about dogs, don’t you?” Kensi asked, looking up from the victim to intently watch him instead.

He shrugged and cupped his free hand around the dog’s muzzle. To her surprise, the dog was licking his palm as he whined every few seconds. “It’s going to be okay, boy. For you anyway. You’re with friends now.” The vet the LAPD used answered, and Kensi watched as he stood up and walked just a few feet away from the dog.

Her gaze moved from Deeks back to the dog and finally back to the blind woman who had clearly been raped and then stabbed to death. The murderer had left her guide dog for dead, but Kensi, knowing Deeks and his connection with canines the way she did, already knew that the dog would probably be their best shot to finding the killer. They would find him, she vowed, but at the same time, she wondered how many other women he had raped and killed, how many other lives he’d hurt. It was rare that bastards like this one only killed one person.

She closed her eyes for a moment as painful memories flashed through her mind. God, she’d known too many people like him! There was always a guy somewhere who thought he could take advantage of a woman, and she knew that she was one of the rare, lucky women who could kick just about any guy’s butt. That was one of the many, many reasons why she’d always given Deeks such a hard time and why it had taken him so long to work his way into her personal life and even longer into her very heart.

But she had learned to love the man, she admitted, opening her eyes, turning from the victim’s bloody, battered body, and watching her man again. She had learned to love him, and she knew that he, despite all his flippant, flirtatious behavior, would never hurt a woman like this. He, Sam, and Callen were three of the very few men she trusted, but he had something they didn’t have.

She smirked as she watched him hang up the phone and walk back over to the dog instead of her. He leaned down and stroked the dog’s head. “It’s okay, buddy,” he said as the shepherd whined. “More help’s on the way. We’re going to get you better, and then you’re going to help us find who did this.”

Kensi shook her head in silent admiration. Yeah, he had something else Sam and Callen didn’t have. She might call it animal magnetism if he could hear her thoughts now and asked her, but it was something greater than that. Somehow, despite everything he’d endured as a cop and in working alongside them, Deeks still had some innocence left in him. He still believed and trusted in others, even if, in this case, it was just an animal. She grinned. She’d often accused him of never having grown up, but a part of her hoped he never did.

“What?” he asked, looking up at her.

“Nothing,” she answered but stepped forward, closing the distance between them, and kissed him.

She heard approaching footsteps a second later and lifted her lips from his. He had cupped her face as they’d kissed, and now his thumb brushed softly across her cheek and over one side of her mouth. “I need to do nothing more often,” he whispered, grinning.

She kept smiling at him but then stepped away as the senior agents arrived on the scene. She knew Callen had a smart comment on the tip of his tongue, but before he could say what was clearly on his mind, his eyes fell on the body of the blind woman.

The guide dog barked and tried to push himself back up onto his paws. Deeks was on his knees in an instant, kneeling beside him and touching him gently. “Easy, boy,” he coaxed. “There with us, and together, we’re going to make your mom’s killer pay. Aren’t we, guys?”

“Hell, yeah,” Sam enthused, his own anger barely contained.

Callen said nothing, but the look on his face was one of grim determination. Kensi looked upon her teammates and smiled again despite the situation and the horrid death of an innocent, blind victim. She’d never had such trust in any man before in all her life other than her father, but she trusted these three completely. “Yeah, we will,” she said quietly.

“Are you talking to the dog?” Deeks asked her with a grin.

“Maybe,” she replied, her smile turning a little shy. Maybe she was. Maybe he was wearing off on her a little, but she’d never possess the kind of innocence he still had. She’d never be innocent again, not after all she had endured at the hands of men so unlike these three. “But we’re going to get him.”

“Dang straight,” he agreed but kept smiling at her as they waited for the veterinarian.

The End
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