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Title: Belief
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men
Character/Pairing: Beast/Storm
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: 1_million_words Weekend Challenge: Eutony
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,028
Date Written: 21 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

She sighed as she sank to the steps beside him. Lightning streaked gently through the night sky, chasing away the June bugs and simultaneously, secretly giving hints to her mood. They had come so close yet again today to equality, but at the last minute everything had fallen apart. The very senator they’d thought had been with them had turned against her own kind. It was enough to make Ororo want to let raindrops weep from the night sky, but she had learned long ago not to allow her mood to affect the natural weather patterns too much. Still a wind whipped silently through the grass as she leaned against Hank’s furry legs.

He reached down and touched her shoulder with a comforting, hand. He was quiet for a long moment as he waited for her to confide in him, but when time had passed and she still had not spoken, he said simply and quietly, “I know.”

That brought another sigh and an admission at last. “I just wonder,” she whispered, “and fear sometimes that it is never going to be enough. Do you think we’ll make it, Hank? We’ve come so close so many times only to always have it all fall apart and end making us look like the villains yet again.”

“I know,” he answered in his soft, deep voice. She was leaning more fully against him now and thought she could hear a rumbling deep down inside of his blue, furry chest, a sound almost like a purr. It nearly made her smile and would have on any other night.

“How?” she asked softly, the night wind rising. She gazed thoughtfully up at him, wishing that she had his belief and wondering how he kept his so strong. “How do you still believe after everything we’ve been through, after all we’ve endured?”

“Because of all we have endured,” he responded, “and because we are in the right. The dream will last through anything, Ororo; surely we have learned that through the decades, if nothing else. Besides, I believe we will be successful and that, in the end, nothing will keep us from achieving equality or any other goal toward which we choose to strive as long as we have our Goddess on our side.”

She smiled, her spirits lifting for the first time all evening. “Say that again,” she whispered. Hank’s deep, smooth, and sensual voice seemed to possess a talent for gracing even the most simple and common phrases with eutony, but tonight, that was something she definitely not just wanted but needed to hear.

He reached down and cupped his furry hands gently around the beautiful face that gazed up at him so intently and pleadingly. “Anything is possible,” he reiterated, “as long as we have our Goddess.”

She had long ago stopped believing she was a Goddess despite having once, in her younger days, been worshipped as one. She was only a person, a being as human as any of the multitude who had stood against them today except for a special gift to control the weather. She was a leader too, and though she strove hard to do what was right for her people, and had for years, she often times felt like she was not giving them her all, although she constantly gave them everything she possessed body, heart, mind, and soul. She felt far too often like she was not only guiding them wrong but letting them down.

Yet, with the way Hank’s yellow eyes gazed steadily into her own right now . . . It was almost enough to make her feel like she was competent again, like she was doing everything in her power to do what was right, perhaps even like they would one day succeed . . . He caressed her face. “Anything is possible,” he said again, leaning down and kissing her forehead, “as long as I have my Goddess.”

She had closed her eyes when he’d kissed her forehead, but now she smiled and reopened them, her blue eyes shining with gratitude and love. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“It is only the truth, my dearest. I believe in our Dream, and I believe in the woman who will lead us into that future, and I always will.” He kissed her long and deep, his tongue sliding into her mouth and dancing with her own, until he heard the telltale crackle of lightning striking again. Only then did he pull back and gaze at her. “Perhaps a night flight is in order?”

Her smile grew. “That would be nice, I believe,” she said, standing with the grace of the Goddess he knew she still was. She reached and took his hand. Entwining her fingers with his, she asked, “Especially if you will accompany me tonight, my love?”

“It will always be my honor to accompany you, my Goddess, anywhere and everywhere, including into the future you are going to win for us.”

She beamed at him. The night wind whirled around them and gently lifted them into the sky. They flew together, her hand in his, the wind combing through her long, white hair and his thick, blue fur. She did not speak again; there was no further need for words. She hoped he was right. She hoped that they would one day achieve the Dream that had brought them all together here in the States, but she knew, too, what had given her back her hope that they would succeed. He believed in her, and she believed in him and needed him to believe in her as he did.

If they were going to ever succeed, Ororo knew, they would have to do so all together, but for tonight, she again believed they would, a belief that grew stronger every time he looked into her eyes, each time he kissed her, and with every whisper of his belief pouring into his fervent words as he called her, again and again long into the night, his Goddess. He believed in her, and she believed in them, and always would despite the odds and their multitude of failures. She believed in them, and together, they would one day win.

The End
Tags: x-men: hank/ororo
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