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A Little French Loving

Title: A Little French Loving
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: NCIS: Los Angeles
Character/Pairing: Deeks/Kensi
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: fffc Little Special: Countries (France), beattheblackdog 127: Space, and 1_million_words Bingo: NCIS: Overseas Investigation
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,828
Date Written: 18 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

“I still don’t believe this mission took us all the way to the City of Lurve,” Deeks said, looking around them. He’d often dreamed of visiting Paris and being surrounded by young, willing, French girls. Although his Paris dreams had continued after joining NCIS, they had changed, all those beautiful bombshells being replaced by one equally beautiful and deadly bombshell.

“We still have a few hours,” he added hopefully, “before we have to leave.” He glanced over at where Callen and Sam were talking with the French authorities. “I don’t think they need our help.”

“So we head back to the hotel,” Kensi suggested, rubbing the back of her arching neck, “and catch a quick nap.”

Her partner pouted at her. “You’re no fun.”

“If you want fun, go chase a French crepe or something,” she retorted. “All I want is some sleep -- “

“ -- and maybe a little booze? I’ve heard that the French have the sweetest wine.”

“Are you buying?” He studied her for a long moment. Kensi dropped her hand from her neck. “That’s what I thought,” she replied and started stalking toward the hotel.

“No. Wait! For you, yeah, I’m buying.”

She paused and glanced back at him over her shoulder, a look that never failed to make his heartbeat speed up. If he was a millionaire,he could afford to buy her anything and everything she wanted, and he’d stop at nothing to shower gifts on her. Hell, he’d give her the moon if she wanted it and it was able to be purchased -- and Deeks knew from experience that anything was buyable if the price was right. The price not be right. He might not have much money in this lifetime, and even less French currency, but he wasn’t about to let this moment pass them by.

He sprinted to her side. He saw a grin flash over her beautiful, serious face at how eager he was, but for once, he didn’t try to hide it. They didn’t have time to waste, so he grabbed her hand and started running back toward a little cafe he’d noticed earlier. Her reluctance soon turned into a peal of laughter that was dying only when they entered the cafe. “You wait here,” he said and ushered her to the nearest table.

It was plain she was exhausted as she sank into the chair, but Deeks, despite his own tiredness, was equally determined to make his long lasting dream a reality. Leaving his partner’s side, he headed toward the counter. Not for the first time since coming into the country did he wish he knew the language better. Kensi could speak it well, and her tongue pronouncing French words did incredible things to his spine and manhood.

But that didn’t help him communicate with the locals. He looked at the pictures of coffee and espressos and made a face. “You don’t have anything stronger, do you?”

The young clerk waiting for his order at the register just blinked at him, but suddenly, an older man appeared from somewhere behind the counter. “Oui,” he told him, holding up his hands. “We have some wine in ze back. You . . . You are with ze police?”

Deeks grinned. “Guilty as charged.” When the man suddenly wore the same blank, uncomprehending stare as the clerk who Deeks only then realized was probably his daughter, he clarified, “Yes. We’re Federal United States of America Agents.”

“Oui, oui!” The man clapped his hands together. Deeks looked at him in surprise and more than a little hope. The Frenchman was clearly excited to have a Federal Agent in his little cafe. “We saw you arrest ze bad men earlier. Zey came in here once, tried to take my daughter -- “


“It’s nothing to be ashamed of, cheri. You didn’t go with zem. Zey tried to make me make her, but I was having none of it. Zey could not have my daughter.” Deeks watched the emotions playing on the man’s face, remembered his early thoughts, and smiled. “Why you smile, agent?”

“Because,” he answered, hoping the man would somehow understand him, “it’s nice to see some things don’t change. Not everybody will sell everything, or everyone.”

“Non! My daughter is my world.”

“Papa!” The girl in question was now blushing a bright red.

“You . . . “ The cafe’s owner looked back at where Kensi was sitting, her head now resting in her hands. “She is your partner?”

“Yeah,” Deeks answered softly, his gaze following the old man’s. In a hushed whisper, he admitted aloud for the first time, “And my world.”

“Come.” The man flourished his hands through the air between them, gesturing for Deeks to come with him behind the counter. “We set you up. Give you everyzing you need to remember Paris forever.”

Deeks followed him quickly, but out of duty, he started, “I couldn’t possibly -- “

“Oui!” the man insisted as he bustled around behind the counter, retrieving various pastries from the glass cabinets. “Oui, you can! You stop bad men! Zey take other girls, threaten to come back and take my Sonia! But you stop zem! Anyzing you want is yours! Sonia, get the basket!”

“Papa -- “

“Go! Get it now! And two bottles of the best wine!”

Sonia clearly knew better than to argue with her papa. Wordlessly but not without a glower, she went into the kitchen where Deeks could hear her bustling about. She returned very soon with a basket and two bottles of white wine nestled in the straw in the bottom of the basket. Her father began filling the remaining space with pastries wrapped loosely in white papers.

“Really, this is -- “

The old man looked up at Deeks. As their eyes met, the words “too much” faded from the blonde’s tongue. The man was simply showing his gratitude. Who was he to deny his kindness? “Thank you. Thank you,” he said. “How do you say ‘thank you’ in French?”

“Je vous remercie,” the little, portly shop owner told him as he thrust the wicker basket into Deeks’ arms.

Deeks took the basket and bowed his shaggy, blonde head several times in honor. “Je vous remercie,” he told him, pronouncing the words as best he could. “Je vous remercie!”

The man beamed. He walked back around the counter and gathered his daughter, who was no longer protesting though still embarrassed, into his thick arms. As he hugged her, he waved goodbye at Deeks. He paused, pointed at Kensi who was now beginning to snore, and made a shooing motion with his hands.

“Kensi.” Deeks grabbed his parnter’s hand out from underneath her so swiftly that she almost toppled forward onto the table. He tugged her swiftly out of her seat. “Come on, sleepy head!”

“Deeks?” She blinked in surprise. “You bought all that?”

“I’m going to wine and dine you tonight,” he exclaimed joyfully, “in the City of Love!”

She laughed, but her smile, for once, filled her face and made her dark eyes shine brilliantly. She let her fingers entwine with his as he tugged her out of the cafe and leaned against him. “What am I going to do with you?”

He waggled his eyebrows. “Well, it is the City of Love,” he reminded her.

She laughed again. “Wine and dine me,” she told him. “Then we’ll see about anything else.”

Deeks chuckled. He winked at her. “Your wish is my command.” He would fulfill her every wish if he could. He couldn’t of course -- he’d never have that kind of money --, but thanks to a man who recognized love and believed in kindness and generosity, he would definitely make their one night in Paris a night never to forget. And he would remember, he vowed, gazing down into her happy, beautiful eyes, that some things could not be bought, no matter how rich a man was. Kensi was his world, just as he’d told the cafe’s owner, and he’d never let her go or stop chasing her.

She was tired, beyond tired really and her wounds were aching. He knew those were the only reasons why she let herself lean against him as they walked, but he enjoyed the way her body felt pressed up against his as they moved. He guided her quietly to the Eiffel Tower and then to a large fountain that gurgled quietly in the famous structure’s shadow. He guided her to a seat on the concrete that surrounded the fountain before sitting down himself and fetching the wine. He uncorked the bottles, passed her one, and then clinked his own against hers.

“What are we celebrating?” she asked sleepily.

His grin was as wide as the setting sun. “You,” he answered. “The most beautiful woman to ever set foot in Paris.”

He knew she’d claim that it was a trick of the glowing, final rays of the sun, but he saw her blush. He hid his own grin behind his bottle as he took a swallow of the sweet wine. Then capping his wine, he started delving into the pastries. He held one before her, but when she moved to take it, he shook his head. “Uh huh.”

She eyed him warily. Then she bit the pastry where he held it before her -- and nipped his fingertip in the process. “Eow!” he cried, snatching his hand back.

She grinned. “Feed the tiger, risk getting bit by the tiger.”

He growled playfully at her and, to her surprise, held the pastry back out to her. In the silhouette of the Eiffel Tower, he fed the woman he loved, making one of his dreams come true, and, though she’d never admit it, one of hers as well.

“There you guys are!” Sam called when the goodies in their basket were beginning to dwindle and the sun had finished setting.

Deeks looked up and cut a glare at the senior agents. He was trying to tell them to leave them alone, but he already knew it wouldn’t work. He sighed. “Busted,” he whispered to Kensi.

“Yeah, you’re busted! Hetty’s going to have our butts if we don’t get back home!”

Deeks grumbled the whole way back to the airport, but Kensi was surprisingly and uncharacteristically quiet. It wasn’t until they’d boarded the plane and Sam and Callen were both distracted that she finally spoke. “Thanks,” she whispered simply as she leaned her head against his shoulder.

He looked down at her in surprise. He turned his head just slightly enough that his lips could “accidentally” brush against her soft, dark hair. She was already asleep, however, he realized as he gazed down at her. “You’re welcome,” he whispered back and stole a second kiss on her hair.

He looked ahead of them as their plane started to take off, and because his eyes were focused on what was ahead, he never the small smile into which her lips silently lifted. She faked a snore and settled in for the trip home beside the man she secretly loved.

The End
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