Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

The Greatest Fantasy of All

Title: The Greatest Fantasy of All
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Supergirl
Character/Pairing: Alex/Maggie
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: slashthedrabble 500: Fantasies
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 500
Date Written: 11 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She wanted to make all her fantasies come true. That’s what she had said at least, wasn’t it?! Alex wanted to shout the words at Maggie’s retreating back as the door closed between them, but instead all she did was stand there and watch the love of her life walk out, as a part of her had always known she would. No one stayed in her life for long, no one except her mother, Kara, and J’onn.

Now Maggie had just proven what Alex had always known was true. She could love a woman. She could love her easily and fully and give everything she had to her. She could share her every secret and love her until the day she died. But she would not be loved in return. When the day came and she did die, it would either be by herself or with her sister. There would be no other great love in her life, no great love to leave behind, no husband, or wife, and daughter. She was destined to be alone.

She should have just given up her dream to be a mother. After all wasn’t it better to have one dream than to let go of them all? Maggie had said she’d make her every fantasy come true, but she’d whispered the words in a moment of passion. Alex should have seen them for the lie they were.

But if she lied so easily about that and wouldn’t even consider the chance of their ever having a daughter together, what was there to make Alex think she could tell the truth about anything? That she had not fed her other lies? That their love could ever possibly last? It couldn’t, she knew now, with or without children.

They could never have lasted, because she was not meant to have someone to love. She was not meant to be happy. She was here on this planet for only reason, and that was to protect her sister. Kara. She’d told her she’d let her know right away whenever needed her and if anything ever happened to her and Maggie.

But Kara had a world to save. She didn’t need to be bothered by her older sister who was only suffering now because she’d been a fool. Maggie hadn’t been the only one to lie to her. Alex had lied to herself every time she’d thought she could make things work between herself and Maggie, every time she’d thought their love could last, and certainly every time she’d put any bit of herself into planning for the wedding that would never happen.

Alone in her apartment, Alex sank to her knees. Maggie had promised to make her every fantasy come true, but she’d been living a fantasy the whole time. Love was a fantasy. Romantic love between two people, of whatever gender they happened to be, was a lie, a storytale. It wasn’t real. It would never be real, especially for her. And she sobbed.

The End
Tags: supergirl: alex/maggie
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