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Loving in the After World and Beyond

Title: Loving in the After World and Beyond
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Beetlejuice/The Addams Family/Monster High/The Munsters/Hocus Pocus/Batman
Character/Pairing: Beetlejuice/Lydia, suggested Herman/Lily, Morticia, Sarah, Jacques
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: whatif_au 18: Back to School and beattheblackdog 126: Rattle
Warning(s): Character Death [Spoiler (click to open)]Via Suicide
Word Count: 1,284
Date Written: 8 September 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

The Goth looked up as she heard rattling bones swiftly approaching her locker. Jacques flashed her a wide smile. Even his mustache was curling happily on his bony face as he ran by her surrounded by a gaggle of undead cheerleaders. Lydia couldn’t seem to help giggling, her thin shoulders shaking as she shut her locker. It was good to see her friends so happy. It was good to be so happy herself!

“What’s she carrying on about?” one catgirl asked another, her tail lashing out at the air. Lydia knew Toralei and her cronies well, however, and wasn’t about to let them dampen her good mood. Grabbing her books close to her petite chest, Lydia locked her locker, spun around, and walked away.

“You know she’s seeing that old man,” one of Toralei’s many friends remarked.

Lydia stopped walking, her shoulders tightening. Her pale face began to turn red and burn as she heard Toralei’s catty response, “That old, ugly man.”

“Don’t let them get to you,” said a quiet voice as one of the older students stepped into line beside her.

Lydia glanced up and saw one of the most beautiful girls in the whole school. Lily smiled down at her. “You know what they say about my boyfriend,” Lily told her in a hushed voice. “How he’s green, dumb as a rock, and all that, but he’s handsome to me. He treats me like a Queen too, and that’s all that matters.” She smiled kindly down at her.

“Of course my boyfriend’s one of the sexiest guys I’ve ever known,” Morticia enthused from Lydia’s other side, “but Lily’s right. What they think doesn’t matter. What matters is what you think and how he makes you feel.”

Lydia smiled at them both. “He does have a tendency to make me feel like I’m the only girl alive,” she confessed, “or undead.” Her grin widened. She was one of this world now. She belonged here just as much as Toralei, Lily, Morticia, Jacques, or anyone else walking these hallways, but even when she had not yet belonged here, Beetlejuice had always made her feel like she belonged. In fact, when she’d been alive, the only place she had ever felt like she belonged was with him. “You’re right, of course,” she said as she hugged her books of undead alchemy and other such wonderfully spooky subjects to her chest.

“Of course we are.” Morticia smiled.

“You’re welcome,” Lily added gently.

“We’re right! We’re right! We’re right!” exclaimed a giddy voice from directly behind them. The blonde Witch clapped her hands together in gleeful delight after every exclamation. It was only when she’d finished her little cheer that she looked at them questioningly. “What are we right about?” she asked.

Lydia giggled. “About Beetlejuice,” she answered.

“What about Beetlejuice?”

“Careful now,” Morticia teased. “Say his name three times, and Lyds won’t get any work done tonight.”

“Toralei was just making fun of me,” Lydia started to explain to the blonde.

“Toralei makes fun of everyone.”

“Not of everyone.”

“She never seems to bother you,” Lily pointed out in a soft, almost disappointed voice.

“That’s only because way back when I was in Ghoulschool, she tried to, and Winifred found out. She turned her into a rat for a week!” Sarah giggled, delighted at the memory. Her sisters teased her all the time, but they had no tolerance of anyone outside their coven messing with a Sanderson. Their defense of their little sister always made Sarah feel loved instead of used, which was how she felt nearly all the rest of the time she spent with them.

“I bet that was a sight!” Lydia laughed.

“It’s too bad Kitty wasn’t around,” Morticia lamented.

“Yeah,” Lily agreed. “Then nobody would ever have had to deal with Toralei and her mess again! Just because she’s a cat,” she added, “doesn’t mean she has to act so catty!”

“Of course it doesn’t! Just look at Sel and Catty. They never bother anybody!”

“Now you can’t say that about Selina,” Morticia gently corrected her friend. “Just last week I saw her give Cobblepot a wedgie because he was messing with Ivy and Harley.”

“It’s different,” Lydia said, “taking up for your friends.”

“Girls, girls, you’re getting away from the good part!” Sarah complained. “What did she say about BJ?” she asked Lyds.

“Oh, she was just going on about how he’s old and ugly.”

Lily giggled suddenly.

“What?” Lydia demanded, flashing dark eyes up at her.

“Oh, I was just thinking! Toralei is a hoot in her own way! Imagine thinking Beej old!”

“You don’t?” Lydia asked in surprise.

“Darling, I’m young for my race obviously,” Lily said, indicating their school with a flounce of her hand, “but I’m already nine hundred!”

“Age is in the eye of the beholder,” Morticia remarked sagely, “just like beauty is.”

“Well, BJ is very, very handsome to me,” Lydia spoke honestly, a blush coming to her pale cheeks again. And he’d made her feel loved and happier than she’d ever been when she was alive.

“This is Tish’s and my stop,” Lily spoke suddenly, looking up at the classroom door.

They nodded and parted aways, Morticia and Lily slipping into the classroom. “Sisters!” Sarah exclaimed after she and Lydia had walked just a little further down the long hallway. She hurried, bouncing with every step, to visit with Mary and Winifred, leaving Lydia alone.

She ducked into the nearest, empty classroom. She had been going to spend some time studying or working on homework so she’d be free that afternoon, but right now, all she wanted to do was see Beetlejuice. “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!”

He appeared at her side, leaning against the chalkboard with a beetle dangling between his yellowed teeth. “You called, babe?”

Lydia just shook her head and smiled at him. Even with his bad breath and his disturbing appetite for beetles, she’d still never seen anyone who looked better to her, more handsome or more alluring. “Yes,” she said, dropping her books onto a desk, turning back to him, and wrapping her arms around his thick waist, “I did.” She smiled up at him, waited for him to suck the beetle down, and then kissed him.

Let Toralei kitty titter all she wanted, she decided. She was just jealous that she didn’t have anyone in this world who mattered to her like Beetlejuice mattered to Lydia! She kissed him long and deep, and all the cares in the worlds both above and below that she might otherwise have had vanished in the passion of their kiss, as they always had since she’d been too young to even understand what was growing between them besides friendship.

Beetlejuice was her best friend, but he was so much more than that as well. He was her everything, and he’d led her to have everything in this world about which she cared. Ending her life had truly been the best decision she’d ever made. Now she got to spend eternity with the man she loved with no further interruptions.

A gaggle of students passed by the open doors. Lydia heard Toralei’s hissing, ridiculing laughter, but that not even that disturbing sound could pull her away from BJ and all she experienced every time he held her close as he was now doing. With a flick of Lydia’s hand, a spider swung down from her cobweb and pushed the door closed. Then Lydia leaned closer into Beetlejuice, his striped tongue wrapping around hers, and just kept kissing him, the one thing she’d always wanted to do since she’d been a little girl for the rest of her life and beyond.

The End
Tags: addams family: morticia, beetlejuice: bj/lydia, crossover, crossover fic, hocus pocus: sarah, munsters: lily
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