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That Update I've Been Owing Y'all . . .

Okay, so, ever since I went back to work, it seems like I can't stay on top of things. I owe, like, a hundred E-mails, and despite spending hours on here today, I'm still probably at LEAST two weeks behind. I'm sure my friends (y'all) feel really neglected by me, and for that, I sincerely apologize.

But it seems like Drew and I just can't shake crap lately.

Get ready for one HECK of an update!!!!

I can't even tell you still how many weeks ago it was, at least three or four, but it all started going nuts on our last trip to Montgomery for my baby's latest MRI. The kittens we've been bottlefeeding were still on the bottles at that time (one of my few YAY! announcements here is that they have since progressed), and we had to take them with us. There was no way we were going to be able to keep all three quiet, and they were eating about every hour at that time, so I dropped Drew at the door and parked with the babies. I kept the motor and AC running the whole time and parked us in shade, but the temp still continued to climb. It hit over 100 while we were sitting out there. I finally rolled down the windows, realized it was cooler outside the car than in, and started up. I literally circled the parking lot half a dozen times (at LEAST) before finding a good angle where I could roll down all four windows, prop the babies up on my shoulders, and we could all get the benefit of the nice breezes from outside. I was concerned they'd try to get out, but they didn't at all. They just clung to their momma like the sweethearts they all are. :)

Funny thing, I'd always thought that as long as we kept the AC going, we'd be fine, but it turns out the temp climbs when the car is sitting still even despite the AC. As soon as Drew's MRI was finished and we were able to hit the road, the temp started going down and dropped more than 10 degrees in just a half hour of us being on the move again! Lesson learned: The next time we have to take bottlefeeding babies somewhere with us, whoever doesn't have the appointment will just have to keep running up and down the road until the person with the appointment is done and ready to be picked up!

The next day was back to work (my Monday, which is Thursday -- I work practically every weekend, but it allows me to get Tuesdays and Wednesdays off for doctor appointments). It was also the start of a sixth day straight working period, something I haven't had to endure in quite some time. I stayed on the new water mixes WalMart has with taurine and electrolytes, however, and was doing fine until Monday.

I drive an older lady to work almost every day I work. She lives with a bunch of crapheads who want her only for her money yet can not be bothered to even give her a ride to or from work to help get that money. Some of y'all might remember me mentioning Marilyn before. What had caused the tiff while I was out was us BOTH mistakenly thinking the other person had hung up on us while the phone call had actually just been dropped, but we're still not as close as we were and I don't think we ever will be again.

That's fine. But what isn't fine is that road she lives on. It was a tee total mess, and the druggies with whom she lives actually have their driveway pretty well barricaded off. I couldn't get to the place where I usually turn around, so we tried another route she thought would be safe -- only to get stuck in BARB WIRE!!!! It took us three hours before we were finally rid of it. The car seemed to be fine, but the next morning, going in, I hit something that we thought was a piece of tire from the transfer truck parked on the side of the road up ahead.

Still the tires seemed fine until I went to take Drew to her doctor's appointment the next day. She got sick, as her stomach often does when she's upset, and we had to turn around and go home, all this in the rain. I also had to stop for gas, because we were almost completely out, and while pumping gas, I noticed we had a tire going flat. We got our cousin who cuts our grass to change it to the donut and headed out the next day -- only to blow ANOTHER flat just as we hit town.

Knowing the mess we'd had two days prior, we'd been smart enough that Drew had followed me in the truck instead of riding with me, so we stopped, I got in, and we went and got one of the guys from the place where we've always gotten our tires. The boss man sent a guy out with us, but after he'd put on the new tire, I went to crank up the car and STILL couldn't move, this being AFTER he'd already skedaddled out of there. It turned out he'd changed the tire all right but had failed to remove the jack!! So we called the company on Drew's cell and had to wait, in the HEAT, for him to come back out.

That was when Drew's leg got sunburned -- or so we THOUGHT. It kept getting steadily worse until we ended up spending not this past Monday but the Monday before in the local ER. The local VA doctor was afraid it was a blood clot. Thank God that was finally ruled out. The doc on call wasn't sure what to make of it. He ran some tests, but nothing panned out. He gave her a shot, and that seemed to help. He was going to see her in a followup visit the next day, but she ended up not going to that because the VA wouldn't pay for it (despite the fact that the VA doctor had sent her to the ER and that doctor to begin with!).

During all of this, she's still getting her IV treatments twice a day, so after we finally got done in the ER, she still had to get her second treatment, so I went and bought groceries while she was in there. Sometime that day (or was it the week before?), I'd also helped an old family friend with some computer problems.

So during all this, I'm not really getting much rest (and neither's Drew), and on that Tuesday the week before where I'd just finished up my six day stretch (the same day as when I hit what we thought, and will never know for sure, a part of that transfer truck's blown tire), I had also fallen at work. I banged myself up pretty good, but it could have been a lot worse. I, as do several others at work, will not wear the "proper" shoes, and as long as we're not wearing the right footwear, the company, despite being so good in so many areas, won't do anything about our falls. The bad thing is not only did I bang up my knees but I've been having pain in my surgical area off and on, pretty much every day until two days ago since. I'm hoping maybe my body's finally healed from that as I haven't really noticed much pain there the last two days.

But that could also be because of other crap that's been hitting the fan. Drew's leg, untreated as it was after that initial shot, swelled back up. The VA doctor wanted to put her in the hospital; she wouldn't hear of it. But when she went to the doctor who set up the IV injections who have been healing her feet, he also wanted to put her in the hospital, and she went.

Now here's the thing: This is the same doctor who we trusted to save Daddy. It's the same hospital from whence Daddy was transferred to the nursing home under the pretense of healing, the same hospital who has a doctor who works there who killed a baby after just delivering the child and swears that "even a diabetic" can go SIX WEEKS without WATER (that's right, WATER, not food), AND the same hospital whose workers almost killed Drew before with an overdose. AND her room was three freaking rooms apart from where Daddy's room was.

So y'all can imagine the bloody shape I was in. I had a panic attack, a full blown panic attack like I've never had before, shaking inside and out. And I couldn't even stay with her because of the three, little kittens we're still feeding 'round the clock with cans now instead of bottles. But what I DID NOT do is I DID NOT touch my meds AT ALL. I didn't trust myself not to overdose again so I simply did not touch them except to put them in the car and take them with me when I went to see her the next morning.

She was supposedly going to be in there from 3pm Tuesday afternoon to sometime Thursday. At 6 o'clock Wednesday morning, her IV ran out, and they wouldn't give her any more of the medicine that the doctor who, I admit, has pretty much healed her feet (THE HOLES ARE SEALED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) had prescribed. It turns out that too much of that medicine can damage a person's kidneys. They wanted her to just SIT at the hospital for TWELVE hours doing NOTHING! We got her out of there, but she was supposed to go back that night for another session of the IV. She was advised to call ahead of time and make sure the medicine was ready. When she called, she was informed that not only was the medicine not ready but that her "case" had been passed over to Monroeville.

We found out this morning that the VA doctor got wind of what was happening and will not approve any more IVs until we have a MRI of the leg in the morning and determine absolutely what IS going on with the leg. It also turns out that the IVs that healed her feet can be dangerous. The civilian doctor had told us he was asking for two more weeks. He'd actually asked for FOUR. The VA doctor only asked for one, but two weeks were approved. Not only is the VA doctor concerned this might have been caused by those IVs, but the pharmacist we know who helped me find Aleve when I was in so much pain after the surgery and nothing else was working also thinks it could be caused by those IVs.

We should know something tomorrow. In the meantime, her leg's swelling has gone down, and it's no longer red or warm to the touch like it was. There's been other stuff that's gone on, like the freaking brakes also needing to be replaced on the car, but that's the big details FINALLY. Now if I can somehow just get caught up on everything else -- which SO isn't going to happen, because I have to work tomorrow and that means I only have a few more hours til bedtime!

But let me share at least ONE good thing with y'all. The other day, when I walked out of the shower and into the bathroom leading to the bedroom (we can no longer use the tub in that bathroom), I literally SQUEALED for my sweet, precious Stormy was eating KIBBLE! I don't have a picture of that, but have some cuties anyway:

I have more pictures to share. Little Johnny, for instance, the third kitten we've been working so diligently with, isn't in any of the pics above.

But I'm running out of time, and I just remembered something else, AND Ray, the guy who was going to fix the brakes (Drew's adopted brother), just called. He can't fix the brakes again tonight, because now Dawn, his wife, is having to go into the hospital. I tell y'all, the Devil has just been running far, FAR too much amok!!!!!

What I remembered is the weekend between the one where we had to get the tires fixed and the one with the Tuesday where Drew and I spent practically all day in the ER. No, wait, actually, it was the same weekend, the Wednesday AFTER that Tuesday. I think. %/ Any way, we woke up to the sound of shattering glass, and it turned out that Liger had spooked Jamie, and Jamie had thrown my glasses and finished breaking them!!! So we had to take a sudden, flying trip to Pensacola, an hour plus one way, to get new glasses, which we couldn't afford but I could no longer see without them and there was NO WAY to fix them at that point. After being taped together several times before my dear James decided to finish them off. ;)

Thankfully, I had a short shift the next day, so I came home thinking I could get some of the work done that I had missed out on doing the day before -- only to have the Internet suddenly stop about an hour after I got home. The kids had literally yanked the phone cords out of the wall and floor!!! Y'all can just imagine the repair bill we would've been looking at there, so we finally bit the proverbial bullet and set about setting up the Internet with AT&T, who have only recently become available in our area and with whom we've been happy for some time. But in order to get the equipment within any decent amount of time we had to go pick it up -- an hour and half in the opposite direction from whence we'd just gone the day before!!!

But one of the good things is that we finally "let them" talk us into getting TV service. We haven't had TV in about three or so years now, and yes, we're definitely enjoying having it -- during what very little time we have to watch it!

LOVE AND HUGS TO YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please know, even when I don't say anything, y'all remain ALWAYS in my prayers and thoughts!!!!
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