Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Rough Day

Title: Rough Day
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Modern Family
Character/Pairing: Mitch/Cam
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: drabble_weekly 101: Coast
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 300
Date Written: 18 August 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Mitch groaned aloud as he dragged himself through the door of his little home. Cam looked up from the magazine he was reading, but his cheery greeting died in his throat with one look at the man he loved. Instead he suddenly got up as Mitch tossed himself down onto their couch and headed for the kitchen.

Mitch slipped out of his shoes, put the six pack he’d brought in onto the table, and popped the top of his first beer. He took a sip, then put it down on the table only to have Cam pick it back up and slide a coaster underneath it. Mitch looked in surprise. His eyebrows rose even higher at the snap of the disposable gloves Cam was putting on.

Looking down at him, Cam wiggled his fingers. “I’d ask if it was a tough day at work, but I think it’s obvious.”

“You’re actually using the coasters,” Mitch observed, surprised, “but what are you doing with the gloves?”

Cam smiled down at him and tilted his head teasingly from side to side. “You’ll just have to wait and see, won’t you?” He sat down beside his lover and took his left foot in his hand. He tried not to let his nose wrinkle at the smell of Mitch’s sweaty, socked feet. Mitch’s head leaned back, and he moaned again in an altogether different manner as Cam rubbed his foot. “I’m sorry it was so hard today.”

For once, Mitch didn’t try to figure out his lover. He just rolled with it and enjoyed the impromptu foot massage and the fact that Cam was using the coasters he always begged him to use. Sighing, he told him with a smile, “It was worth it.”

“How so?”

“It always is to come home to you.”

The End
Tags: modern family: cam/mitch
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