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A Bubbly Situation

Title: A Bubbly Situation
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Character/Pairing: Faith/Buffy
Rating: R/M
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 121: Bubble
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,122
Date Written: 5 August 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

Buffy’s green eyes flashed open in the dark of her bedroom, a room in which she was supposed to be safe but suddenly no longer felt safe. Terror grabbed her pounding heart in a chokehold and worked its way up her throat, threatening to cut off her oxygen. She clawed at the thing surrounding her even as she tried to keep her memory from turning back in on nights she’d much rather forget, nights where she’d laid awake all night even when she had been able to be home but had too been terrified of the attack that had been coming. She had expected Angelus around every corner. She’d expected him to kill all her family and friends, especially after he’d eaten Willow’s fish and strung their little bones together, leaving them behind as a sign he’d been there.

But this wasn’t Angelus. This was something else, someone else. Suddenly she heard a popping sound. It seemed to ripple through whatever was holding her arms and legs pinned together. She stopped moving and listened. When the sound stopped, she moved just a fraction of an inch, and another bubble popped.

“Faith,” she growled out, her memory flashing back to earlier that day. In the bright, safe light of day, she’d caught Faith walking through Giles’ home, popping bubble wrap. It had come in with a book he’d had Anya purchase for him online, and Faith had taken surprising delight in popping the bubbles. Buffy had teased her about it, and Faith had retorted that it was better for her to pop the bubbles than to pop off somebody’s head -- wasn’t it?

She remembered the way her girlfriend had twisted the question at her. Ice laced in her veins, and she felt strange. Surely Faith wasn’t turning back to her old ways? She didn’t go around popping off heads any more. She’d learned to value lives, even human and Demon lives. They did let Clem live after all, and Spike, and Harmony, and --

“Having fun yet, B?”

Buffy twisted in the tight sheets of bubble wrap, trying to get a sense of from whence Faith’s voice had come. She could hear her lover’s smirk in her call and wanted to slug it off of her. They fought as often as they made love, even now. “How’d you do this?” she demanded, and then a horrifying thought struck her. Again, her body stilled with terror. “Did you slip something into my drink?” she demanded.

“No. You know I wouldn’t do that, B.”

“Then how in the Hell did you wrap me in bubble wrap without waking me?! You’re not that stealthy, Faith!”

“No.” Faith’s grin widened. “But Red’s spells are that good.”

“Willow helped you?!”

“Not exactly. I cast the spell myself. Seems she’s been planning something for her and Kennedy for a while now. She’s got a spell that turns bedsheets into a bed of roses, so I just twisted it around and -- “

“And made it into bubble wrap,” Buffy concluded for her, suddenly understanding. “Well, this isn’t fun, Faith, not for me!”

“It’s fun for me, B, to watch you writhe and wiggle.”

“Only you would think this was fun!”

“Lots of people dig bubble wrap. It’s a fun, cheap way to entertain yourself. I used to play with bubble wrap when I was a kid all the time. It’d come in in the boxes of wine glasses Pop ordered for the bar.”

Buffy tried to shake her head, but she was wrapped up too tightly to be able to move her head more than a fraction of an inch. “You had a screwed up childhood!”

Faith laughed, actually laughed, surprising Buffy and making her eyebrows rise. “That’s probably the understatement of the freaking century.”

“Well, look, I’m sorry about what I said earlier, and I’m sorry your parents were too lousy to buy you any real toys. But can’t you help me get out of this?” She had finally calmed enough that she could see vague outlines in the room around her.

Faith crouched before the end of her bed. “I dunno,” she said as though she was honestly considering Buffy’s request. “Maybe if you make it worth my time.” She pulled a lighter out of her pocket, flipped it open, and lit a candle. She set the candle on the floor not far from Buffy’s bed. “Or maybe I can show you how fun bubble wrap can be.”

“Bubblewrap -- “ Buffy started and then stopped as Faith began a slow, sensual dance at the foot of her bed. By the light of the candle, she slowly took off her tank top, whirled it around her dark head, and then tossed it against Buffy’s far wall. Her tight jeans were next; she shimmied out of them, dropped them on the floor, and began to crawl up Buffy’s bed. “Only you would think bubble wrap could be used for a sex toy.”

“No,” Faith countered, lowering her head. Buffy watched as her lover’s full breasts drew hard and tight together. Faith leaned down, her hair falling to one side like a dark curtain, and took two of Buffy’s wiggling toes in her mouth. The bubble wrap around them popped at once, and Buffy could feel the bare outline of Faith’s tongue tracing her flesh through the plastic. Faith repeated the maneuver until Buffy was panting hard and all ten of her toes were free and wiggling. “Only I,” she said triumphantly, “would make bubble wrap into a sex toy.”

“Just hurry up,” Buffy groaned.

Faith reached up, placed her hands on either side of Buffy’s knees, and slowly drew her sharp fingernails down the sides of legs, popping the wrap as she sent. “No,” she said decisively, sliding her way further up Buffy’s bed, “I think I’ll take my time.” She lowered herself again, and this time, the bubble wrap popped just before Buffy’s soft curls as Faith suckled her hot, writhing flesh through the plastic.

Buffy writhed and groaned. Faith grinned, wide and triumphant, as she licked Buffy through the tearing plastic. B wouldn’t doubt her taste again, she vowed, and tonight, she’d learned that she could make anything into a sex toy that she damn well pleased. She took her time making love to her through the plastic, every bit as smug and pleased over the fact that she had B fully under her control as she was in the taste of her lover. She’d always said she could rock B’s world. For the last several months, she’d been doing just that, but tonight, she was going to rock it harder than anyone else ever had -- and when she was done, Buffy would never look at bubblewrap again the same way!

The End
Tags: btvs: faith/buffy
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