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Title: Whole
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Jurassic World
Character/Pairing: Owen, Z, Blue, mild Owen/Claire
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: dove_drabbles 70: "Independence is happiness." - Susan B. Anthony and 1_million_words Pool Party
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 579
Date Written: 23 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

“Is that her?” he asked urgently.

“I don’t know why you brought me all the way out here to ask me that,” Z replied. “I may be the paleoveterinarian, but you’re the real expert when it comes to raptors.”

For once, he actually looked sheepish, and she could see in his expression why so many women said there was a little boy inside of every man. “I guess . . . “ He scratched the back of his head. “I guess I wanted somebody else to confirm it for me, to confirm I’m not losing my mind, I’m not just imagining things, being hopeful -- “ he murmured.

She cut him off. Smiling up at him, she told him, “Yes, it’s her. Those are definitely the sounds of a velociraptor.”

“Then why doesn’t she come closer?”

Z shrugged. “Independence is happiness?” she suggested. And then, because she knew he needed the truth, she clarified, “It’s safety. Every time she gets close to humans, something happens to her.”

“Because of me,” he muttered, hands falling by his sides.

“Not necessarily you, champ.” She punched his elbow playfully. “You’re a lot of the reason she’s still alive.”

“And so are you,” he said, his voice growing thick with emotion. “I . . . never really thanked you . . . “

“No thanks needed,” she replied, looking into the distant mountaintop from whence the sounds were coming. “I did it for her, not for you. No offense.”

“None taken.” He smiled.

“But you gotta remember. It’s not just you.” She glanced at the cabin he’d finally finished building. “You have a new wife now and a kid.”

“True.” Perhaps he should regret taking them on, but he didn’t. He loved Claire and Maisie with all his heart, but he still loved Blue. He wished she would come closer, even if it was just close enough so that he could see her and know for certain that she was all right.

Z patted his shoulder and walked away. The door clicked shut behind her, but he stayed where he was, gazing thoughtfully up at the mountaintop. He wondered if Blue would come to him if he was to go up there alone. Perhaps he’d investigate that possibility tomorrow, but tonight, he had friends and family waiting for him. He started to turn around to go to them but stopped and turned back swiftly when he heard her cry out again, this time closer.

He broke into a grin as he saw her for the first time since the last time he’d left civilization and returned here to this area of land he’d staked out for himself. She looked down at him, her small arms in the air, and he knew it was his imagination that one of those reptilians arms seemed to be waving at him. She wasn’t waving, but she was calling to him. He smiled and lifted his own, human hand in response. Yes, he had a family and friends now who loved him, but he would always love Blue too.

He started to move toward her, but she darted away. He lowered his hand and stood gazing at the mountaintop for a long time before finally going in to his family. He’d go up on the mountain tomorrow. She’d be there, he knew, but it would only be if he was lucky that she’d come out again to see him. But she was there. She was alive. She was well. He smiled as he embraced his wife. And he was finally whole.

The End
Tags: jurassic world: blue, jurassic world: owen/claire, jurassic world: z
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