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Kat Lee

Catwoman's New Plan

Title: Catwoman's New Plan
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Catwoman, Batman
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: comment_fic: Batman, Catwoman really can turn into a cat. requested by laurose8
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,185
Date Written: 24 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She streaked out of the shadows toward the Caped Crusader. She slid right between his legs and twined in and out around his booted feet. “Hmph,” Batman muttered. “It’s not like Selina to leave you behind.” He didn’t reach down to pet her nor did she expect him to do so. He did bump her slightly with his left boot, careful not to use the pointed side or enough strength to hurt her but just enough pressure to make a normal cat think twice about wanting his attention.

But she was no normal cat. It had also never been so easy to deter her from wanting his attention. She continued to twine in and out between his feet as he searched the rooftop for clues. She spotted one print before he did. She was surprised to find it, surprised she’d been careless enough to leave anything behind, but she had been in a hurry, knowing he was close behind her and rapidly closing in. She pranced across the roof and carefully swept her tail straight through the print. Even with his genius mind and superb detective skills, he’d never find it now.

She smirked as she sat down and watched him continue prowling across the rooftop, searching desperately for clues. He found no other, and if she had been a human girl, she would have laughed right out loud at him. Thankfully she wasn’t, and he had no clue when a cat laughed. Men were so easy to fool, she thought, watching him work in vain, even those who were brilliant, strong, and knew how to use a woman until she bent to do almost everything that pleased them.

And that was where she constantly messed up, she knew. Now, however, she had a new power, a little secret of which he knew nothing about, a new identity that would help her keep from ever letting him have power over her again. She just had to make certain she maintained it without his notice.

She lifted a paw and began to wash it as though she didn’t care there was a handsome, hard-muscled man dressed like a giant bat on the roof with her. She did not dare to glance openly again at him lest she give in to temptation. But he kept working the rooftop and she kept watching him until, at last, with a heavy sigh sounding his defeat, he shot his Bathook to the next building and swung off in the direction in which he thought she had gone.

Her emerald eyes danced with laughter. She gave him a head start just to make absolutely certain he wasn’t going to double back before crouching down on all fours and beginning her transformation again. Her body grew as her smooth, jet black fur vanished from all but her head and lithe shoulders. Those hairs transformed into human hair and tumbled down her body clad only in a tight, black leather jumpsuit. She was still laughing when her mouth became human again.

Once her legs had returned to normal, she sprinted across the rooftop, secured the diamonds she had hidden carefully in a pouch in the drainpipe, and took off for the next building, purposefully going in the opposite direction from the one the Batman had taken. Poor Bruce would be so befuddled if he’d known she’d been on the building with him the whole time! She couldn’t help but to keep laughing as she imagined the look on his face when he found out that she’d been watching him the whole time -- and he would eventually, she knew. Sooner or later, he would realize that the statue she had stolen last week, which was truly her greatest heist and could not possibly be topped, had given her special powers. Now rather than just being called the Catwoman and having an uncanny link with her furry babies, she really could become one of them!

She stopped moving as sirens cut through the night. She listened intently, her feline ears flicking back and forth. The cops were coming her way, which meant Batman wouldn’t be long behind them. She fastened the pouch around her neck and dropped down to all fours again. This time, she didn’t settle for a small body. She grew long and sleek, spotted fur covering her costume. As the world’s swiftest animal, she darted over buildings and had quickly left both the cops and the Bat in her proverbial dust.

Feline heads of all varieties jerked to attention as she bounded through her open window. Home safe, Selina returned to herself and called out to the kitties who were already beginning to wrap themselves lovingly around her long, sleek legs. “Momma’s home, darrrlings! And we have another success!” She sprinkled the diamonds out over her bed so that they could see them, then pounced on top of her mattress.

Turning, she looked at the statue on her dresser. The solemn, gold eyes of Bast stared unblinkingly back at her. “Diamonds are nice, but they aren’t a girl’s best friends. As much as I love you babies,” she said, reaching out and gently scratching the heads of the two cats nearest to her, “I don’t think you are any more either.”

Somebody meowed in protest. Selina laughed, leaned down, and kissed his furry, little head. “It’s okay. I still love you. But that statue is definitely a girl’s best friend.” She had never been able to do what she could now, and stealing what she wanted had never been easier! The Bat and the cops would never catch her now unless she decided to let them, and she didn’t see that happening any time soon. It would only happen if she tired of the game, and she’d been the Bat’s pawn too long to willingly give in to him.

Men, she thought, sniffing disdainfully and rolling onto her side. She stroked several kitties, her hands passing along one furry body after another. They thought they knew how to toy with women, and the Bat had successfully toyed with her for far too long. But no more, she promised herself. Now she could watch him without him ever knowing she was close, and he’d never lay his hands on her in her cat bodies as he did when she was a woman. She wouldn’t succumb to the passion he knew too well how to ignite in her ever again.

Oh, no, she finally had the upper hand again, and this time she was going to keep it! She was the cat, and he the mouse, just as it had always been destined to be! She grinned from ear to ear, her smile as big and wide as the Cheshire Cat’s as she dreamed of one day finally, truly ruling Gotham and keeping him on a tight leash as the dutiful pet he’d tried so hard to make her into! She was going to have her catnip and cream both this time and eat it too! The world, or at least Gotham and the Bat, which were her world, would be hers!

The End
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