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A Growing Family

Title: A Growing Family
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My own beloved Captain Jack/Drew, who requested a new Jack/Will
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Character/Pairing: Jack/Will, Pintel/Ragetti, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,461
Date Written: 14 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

Jack looked up as his lover swung into the crow’s nest with him. Will was panting hard, and the Summer sun seemed almost to sparkle on the sweat glistening on his tanned skin. Jack would have quite happily considered licking the sweat from him if not for the despairing look on Will’s handsome face. “What’s wrong, luv?” he asked instead, hopping immediately to his feet.

He hadn’t heard signs of an attack, and the explanation as to why came with Will’s answer. What was happening was far worse than being attacked by another Pirate ship or the government. “They’ve broken into the cabin!” Will gasped out.

Jack cursed, grabbed a rope, and swung down immediately. “I’LL HAVE THEIR HEADS,” he roared, “IF THEY TRY ANYTHIN’!” A dark and slender shape streaked swiftly after him.


Inside the cabin, Pirates drew around an open treasure chest. They blinked and gaped in disbelief. The parrot sitting atop Cotton’s shoulder was the first to voice his disbelief. His wings shot wide open as he squeaked in dismay, “What’s the world coming to?! What’s the world coming to?!” He flew away from his master’s shoulder, casting a look of disdain over his feathery shoulder as he did so.

“Bird’s got a point,” Pintel muttered.

“But they’re cute,” Ragetti protested, staring at the little, furry bundles out of his one, good eye.

“Maybe they’re sitting on top of the real treasure,” Ana Maria suggested, pulling out a dagger.

“Guard cats?” Gibbs sniffed. “Not likely.”

“One way to find out -- “ She started to move forward.

“You’re not going to -- “ Marty started, but a voice cut into their conversation, sluicing fear through all their veins.

Feeling a cold blade pressed against the small of her back, Ana Maria froze.

“Nae, she’s not about to ‘cause if she makes one move toward ‘em, I’m gutting ‘er like a fish.”

“Jack,” she said, raising her hands and instantly dropping the knife, “it’s not what it looks like.”

“It’d better not be,” he retorted, “or ye’ll be walkin’ th’ plank at sunset.”

“Lad, ye can hardly blame us fer bein’ surprised. Why’d ye keep somethin’ like this secret from us,” Gibbs demanded, “if there isn’t some sort o’ treasure involved?”

“They are cute,” Ragetti said, tilting his head to one side as he watched the kittens.

“Aye,” Pintel smiled, “they are. Can we adopt one, Jack?” Just then something streaked between the Pirates and leapt into the treasure chest. The mother cat spun around and slashed her claws in warning at the hands reaching for her kittens. Pintel and Ragetti jumped back, Ragetti hollering for he’d been cut. Marty snickered.

“For obvious reasons,” Jack retorted, looking at Ragetti and Pintel.

“So the fools don’t know how to handle a cat,” Gibbs replied, “but that doesn’t explain why ye didn’t tell some o’ us, why ye didn’t tell me.”

Jack chose his words carefully, not wanting more of a fuss than he already had on his hands. They were in the middle of the ocean, and he’d be damned if he’d throw the mother and her babies overboard now. He’d much sooner make all of the rest of his crew walk the damn plank. “Pirates tend to be a superstitious lot,” he reminded Gibbs gently, “an’ a lot o’ our kind think cats, especially black cats, are bad luck.”

“Rubbish.” Gibbs snorted. “They’re good for ridding ships of bilge rats. Some can even scare off more than one variety.” He grinned.

“I suppose I can see your point,” Ana Maria said slowly. She cut eyes over at Gibbs. “I remember how certain people didn’t want a woman aboard.” She picked up her dagger and slid it back into its hiding spot in her boot. “I wouldn’t have hurt them honestly.” She smiled, watching two of the kittens tussle. “They are cute.” Her eyes slanted up toward her Captain. “But there is no treasure?”

“They’re one o’ th’ finest treasures I’ve e’er accumulated in my travels,” Jack admitted with a sly smile creeping over his handsome face. He turned slightly, glancing back at Will who’d come in behind him. “But no gold or silver or anything like that.”

“Shame.” Ana Maria turned and began to walk away.

“Can we have one?” Ragetti asked.

“I always wanted a kitten,” Pintel admitted shyly. He was holding the place on his lover’s hand where Ragetti’s dirty skin had been sliced open by the mother cat’s quickly, razor sharp claws but still gazing adoringly down at the kittens.

Cotton’s head jerked up. He pressed his hands to his sides as though laughing. Marty laughed aloud. Pintel glared at them, but Ragetti did not take his eyes off of the kittens -- or the angry, black mother cat. “That’s really up to the mum,” Jack said softly as Marty and Cotton walked out.

Cotton’s parrot swooped out after them, still squawking. “Cats! Cats on a Pirate ship! What’s this world coming to?!”

Will shook his head and stepped up next to Jack. “I imagine,” he said, “you could win her over with a little fish.”

“I think I have something left from last night’s supper.”

“I thought you were saving that for when you got hungry again.”

“This’s more important,” Pintel muttered. Pulling a small, soiled cloth from his pocket, he shook it open and dropped the piece of meat down into the chest. The mother cat sprang on the food, wolfed it down hungrily, and then looked back up to the Pirates as if asking for more.

“It may take several attempts,” Will said.

“Hmph. Several offerings is more like it,” Jack commented.

“It’s just a cat,” Gibbs said. He started to reach into the treasure chest, then screamed as the cat sliced both his arms. She glared up at him. Cussing, he stalked away in search of whiskey and bandages.

It was Ragetti who held his hand down carefully and reached slowly toward the mother. “Missus,” he spoke softly, cajolingly, “may I see one of your kittens please?” He held his hand out in front of her. The cat sniffed him, then looked up in surprise.

Jack laughed. The sunlight filtering in through the single window in his cabin shimmered on his gold tooth. “She’s wondering what kind o’ a fool ye are, tae be offerin’ ‘er another bite.”

“If she wants to bite me, she can.”

“Speak fer yerself!” Pintel exclaimed.

Ragetti’s wooden eye rolled around in his socket. “I am,” he spoke calmly, careful to keep irritation from sounding in his voice. He reached out and slowly, carefully stroked the mother cat’s head. After a moment, she bumped against his dirty palm, asking for more attention. His grin stretched from one ear to the other as he stroked her again and again and again and still some more until she was purring so loudly it rattled the walls of the Captain’s cabin.

Jack smiled. “I think we’ll leave ye boys to it then,” he said.

Ragetti looked up quickly. “So we can have one?!”

“If she lets ye, ye can, an’ I don’t think that’s goin’ tae be a problem. Come on, Will.” He strode from his cabin, his lover following him.

“I’m glad that’s over,” he admitted, once they’d reached the helm.

“It could have gone a lot worse,” Will replied.

“Aye, but it didn’t, an’ if they’d made me choose, they would’ve been th’ ones walkin’ th’ plank.”

“You’re very protective of those you love, aren’t you?” Will asked, a smile chasing over his lips.

“Aye, but who said I love ‘em?”

“Aw, come on, Jack. I know you. You fell in love with that cat at first sight.”

“She did help me escape Norrington the last time.”

Will laughed at the memory. “I always did tell Elizabeth that cat liked men more than she did girls. She thought she had her twisted around her finger.”

“That’s where she made ‘er mistake,” Jack observed. “I’m not ‘bout tae try twistin’ ‘er ‘round my finger. She’s got me twisted ‘round hers. Like somebody else I know an’ love.”

Will grinned. “It did go rather well, didn’t it?”

“Aye,” Jack said, wrapping his arms around Will’s hips, “an’ now our family’s officially grown.”

Will laughed. “And it looks like we’re going to be adding Pintel and Ragetti in as fathers too.”

“Not fathers, just uncles. We’re th’ dads.” Jack smiled and kissed the man he loved. For once in his life, everything was going right. Everything was wonderful. He only prayed it would stay that way, but then he pushed away his negative thoughts that nothing good had ever lasted for long in his life and continued relishing his rare moments of happiness, kissing Will again and again as the Pearl carried them into the sun.

The End
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