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Memories of Summer Loving

Title: Memories of Summer Loving
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Modern Family/Smallville
Character/Pairing: Cam/Mitch, past Cam/Clark
Rating: Strong PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: superhero_land: Crossover Your Heroes (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team MCU sent YOU!)
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,044
Date Written: 25 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Cam flicked worried eyes back to the front of his parents’ yard, the very place that had once felt like the only home he could ever possibly know, and was relieved to see Mitch deep in conversation over his phone with Claire, complaining about the smell, heat, and, to him, utter worthlessness that was farm life. Cam shook his head. There were things about him his partner would never understand, just like right now, he needed some time to himself, some time to remember both who he was and what this place meant to him.

He ducked behind the old barn and walked a few paces before turning and leaning his back up against the red wood. Images floated through his mind of many Summers and Winters too spent on this farm. Mitch hated it out here, but he still loved it. Out here, where the fields were endless, the possibilities seemed endless too.

But it hadn’t always been that way. Cam sighed, remembering how alone he’d once felt. He wasn’t alone now -- he hoped to never be alone again --; but he still well remembered the feeling and what had broken him out of it. A certain boy from a place even smaller than his own hometown had come to visit his cousins out here, and when they’d met . . . It had been love at first sight. Cam hadn’t been able to understand how such a cute boy could feel as unwanted by society as Cam did too, and he most certainly had had trouble believing that the cute hunk had thought he was cute despite his weight.

He sighed again at the memory, softer this time, a smile playing over his dimpled face. He looked up as something flashed through the sky far above his head, but it wasn’t red, blue, and white. It wasn’t a flying teenager with superhuman strength looking for a place to fit in. It was probably just a crop duster, but whatever it was, it moved too fast for Cam to be able to be certain.

He sighed, remembering those Summers and how Clark had made him feel like the only boy alive or, at least, the only one who mattered. Mitch still made him feel like that sometimes, but the times were rare and far between. He perhaps would have wondered what had happened to young Clark if he hadn’t known. There wasn’t an American alive who didn’t know about their nation’s hero, the Superman, but every time Cam saw that well-muscled, superpowered hero on TV, he saw again the bright smile of the love he’d known so many years ago.

Clark was doing well for himself. He was saving the world practically every day now. Cam wondered if he thought of him. He wondered what might have been able to grow between him if Clark hadn’t had to go back to Smallville, and if Cam himself had not freed him of skipping out every chance he’d gotten to fly back here to see him again. They could have kept seeing each other. Clark was able to travel the distance in less than three minutes, after all, but Cam had known that he wasn’t comfortable lying to his family and friends back home and had eventually told him, right in this very place, that they should stop seeing each other.

Someone eventually would see them together, he’d warned Clark. Too many questions would inevitably be asked, and eventually someone who saw him here with Cam would realize that he was supposed to be in Smallville and that there was no way he could make the journey so easily without some special talent. Their secrets would be exposed, and Clark would be outed, both for being gay and for being so incredibly special.

He remembered the tears in both their eyes as he’d told Clark to go. He remembered the strength with which Clark had grabbed him, pressed him up against this barn, and kissed him passionately and deeply, a kiss that had seared him straight to his very soul and whose memory alone still made Cam’s lips burn and tingle. Ah, Summer love, he thought wistfully, and then an idea struck.

He went back to Mitch, who was just hanging up from Claire, and grabbed his hand. “What?” his partner asked.

“Just leave the phone,” Cam told him with an air of mystery and dominance, “and come here.”

Curious, Mitch placed his phone down on the porch, but Cam took just a second to move it higher onto a nearby post that hung a bird feeder so that the dogs wouldn’t get it. He then entwined his fingers with Mitch’s and lead him back to the place that held so many special memories for him. He remembered making Clark promise him one thing -- that he would always be himself. From everything he’d seen and read about Superman, Clark seemed to be fulfilling his own destiny well. Clark, in turn, had made Cam promise that he would find happiness.

Well, his happiness just happened to be dotted with freckles in all the right places and had a patch of flame red hair. He was here with him now, and as he shoved Mitch unceremoniously up against the old barn, he wondered if Clark ever checked on him. With his X-ray vision and superspeed, he could easily spy on him without Cam ever knowing. He wondered, but he didn’t really matter. His own future, his destiny, his happiness was right here in his arms, laughing nervously.

Cam silenced Mitch’s laughter by pressing his lips to his and sliding his tongue between his teeth and down into his mouth. He kissed him hot, hard, and passionately, having his way with him right there behind the barn. As Cam’s thick fingers slipped into Mitch’s tight jeans, Mitch moaned, his head leaning back against the old, red paint of the barn. “I’ll never complain about farm life again,” he vowed, and if Cam’s smile had anything to do with the memories that had spurred him into making the new memory here to share with his life partner, he would never tell a soul. And neither he or Mitch saw the white alien dressed in blue and red who flew away smiling.

The End

Tags: crossover, crossover fic, modern family: cam/mitch, smallville: clark
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