Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Xavier's Challenge


The very first Xavier's Challenge is soon to come to an end, with so far only one entry, but that's fine. It is, after all, its first month, and I've had fun and felt inspired even if no one else has. There's still time to get that entry in though! Remember it only has to have something to do with the X-Men and somehow include "prosecution"; other than that, you're free to use the challenge any way you like, fic, graphics, videos, crochet projects, whatever!!

Our second challenge will begin on August 1, but there's still plenty of time to request a character if you would like to experience that role playing twist. For those who may have missed the first posts, the idea is simple: You ask for the character of your choice (given that they're available), and then when the new challenge is released (and I will spin a random word generator to find out what that challenge is and make it a surprise to even myself!), you have to use that character in your challenge response!

So far all the characters, good and bad, are still available, but I am, as of now, calling the troubled Magneto for myself for next month. Everybody else is open!! Request at will!
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