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Ryo's Blessings

Title: Ryo's Blessings
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: FAKE
Character/Pairing: Ryo/Dee, Bikky/Carol
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 119: Small and enchanted_jae's Drabble Challenge 149: Season, Shift, Soft, Sprawl, Squirm
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,285
Date Written: 23 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Ryo sighed as he made the long walk down the shooting range. When he was younger, he’d spent hours on the range, perfecting his shooting skill and just using the excuse to simultaneously be alone and silence his nagging thoughts, but he no longer enjoyed being alone. The quiet times that he had once valued so much now seemed strange and out of place. He was too accustomed to both his partner’s and adopted son’s bickering. With those two, there hardly seemed to be a moment of quiet, and although he had complained about it at first and had even fought to find time by himself, he now enjoyed it.

He understood the need to spend time on the shooting range, however, even with his skill. He may be one of the top sharpshooters in the entire NYPD, but if he didn’t stay in practice, it was a skill he could easily let slip. Still he would have preferred by far if Dee could have been with him rather than sitting at home nursing a broken leg. He should be there with him, caring for him, but he had a job to do.

Come on, Ryo. Put your head in the game, he told himself, but as he turned to face the target and slipped his hand into his holster to retrieve his pistol, he stopped. His fingers had not connected with the hard metal of his gun but rather some kind of paper. He frowned as he pulled the small pieces of paper out of his holster. He glanced at them and then broke into a grin as he read them.

There was a new romantic comedy playing which he actually wanted to see, but one of the few things that Dee and Bikky actually agreed on was that such movies were to be labelled “chick flicks” and not worth their time. Ryo had agreed to take Carol instead after asking Dee if he’d see it with him had set his partner to teasing him. Yet, in his hand, were two tickets for an early evening showing with a scribbled note on them, “Meet you after work. -- Dee”

Ryo broke into a grin, tucked the tickets securely into his breast pocket beneath his Kevlar vest, drew his gun, and started firing. Now he had even more excuse to make short work of this exercise and the remainder of his shift. He wondered if Dee would still tease him, but he’d be surprised if he didn’t come out at least liking the actor in the movie. The comedy was, in a way, a refreshing new spin on an old drama cliche, and Ryo had always enjoyed watching the actor who played the cop who fell in love with the damsel in distress. Yeah, he thought, grinning, finishing off one target, and moving to the next, he’d just about be willing to bet that Dee would end up liking the movie if he gave it, and Ryo’s favorite actor, even half a chance.

Sure enough, by the end of the movie, Dee was watching the final scene with rapt interest while holding to Ryo’s hand in the dark. As the credits started to roll, however, Dee suddenly yanked Ryo to him. “What the -- ?!” Ryo started to exclaim, but his words were silenced by Dee’s mouth swiftly covering his. He managed to squirm free, exclaiming, “Dee! What on Earth?!” His partner had behaved well all throughout the movie, but now he was once again acting like a horndog!

“You were right,” Dee told him as Ryo fought to pull himself away from him and back into his own seat. “It was a good movie, but you don’t need to see the credits, do you?”

Ryo eyed him warily. He wasn’t sure if he should take the compliment or not, and he certainly wasn’t about to inch any closer to his partner. Then he noticed who was sitting in the row behind them. Carol smiled brightly at him from where she sat beside Bikky, who was sprawled out over the two seats next to hers. “Don’t mind us,” she told him, adding to Ryo’s bright red blush.

Dee’s head lifted as he heard her voice. He turned to glare behind them. “What?! You couldn’t take a page out of your own book, twerp?! You had to copy mine?!”

“What makes you think yours is such an original idea, old man?!” Bikky stuck out his tongue at him as Ryo covered his face with a hand. “Of course you take the babe to whatever movie she wants to see! If you’re lucky, you’ll even to get to kiss her!”

“I get to do much more than just kiss mine, thank you very much!”

“Dee!” Ryo hissed between clenched teeth. “Keep it on, and you won’t get to tonight!”

Dee’s mouth was open to shoot more angry words at Bikky, but he snapped it shut at Ryo’s exclamation. His eyes darted back and forth between father and son as he fumed silently. He was just about to grumble aloud again when Ryo took his hand once more in his. “It was very sweet,” he told both Dee and Bikky, “for you to come to the movie with us.”

“Hey,” Bikky shrugged, “we all have ulterior motives.”

“BIKKY!” Ryo admonished.

Bikky shrugged again carelessly. “Well, we do.”

“It’s all right,” Carol said with a laugh. “He’ll learn to appreciate it one day, just like Dee did tonight.”

“He only enjoyed it because he’s a soft touch too -- “


“Dee -- “

Dee harrumphed but shut his mouth again. Tugging on Ryo’s hand, he started to lead them away from Bikky and Carol.

“You two go on ahead,” Carol called after them. “I think we’ll wait to see another movie.”

“Do I get to pick it this time?” Bikky asked, but Ryo didn’t get to hear his son’s girlfriend answer as he was snatched out of the theater. He managed to stay silent until they were outside the cinema. Then he started laughing.

Dee cut angry eyes at him. “What’s so funny?”

“You know, you two really are a lot alike.”

“We are not!”

Ryo grinned. He knew they were, but he didn’t want to argue with his partner. He’d missed him all day, and the cool, night air that accompanied the change of season plus the movie’s sweet ending had left him in a mood for love, not that he’d needed much encouragement with as much as he’d been missing his partner. He glanced down at his leg, realizing that Dee had not been relying on his crutches as much tonight. “Are you about well?” he asked softly.

“I -- I -- “ Dee realized he’d been caught and almost panicked. He cried out in pain suddenly and leaned on his crutches.

Ryo laughed. “You can fool the Chief,” he told him, “but you can’t fool me. Besides, I was hoping you might feel like following up on what you tried to start in there when we get home.”

“Really?” Dee looked hopefully up at him.

Ryo beamed. “Yes.”

“I’ll race you!” Dee started hopping down the sidewalk, moving his legs and crutches both as fast as he could go. Ryo threw back his head and laughed and laughed. Yes, he didn’t miss being alone any more at all! His life was fuller than it had ever been, and he valued every second spent with the man he loved and the son who he couldn’t love more if he had been his own blood. God had truly blessed him, and Ryo spoke a silent, quick prayer of gratitude before hurrying after his partner and hurrying on home where their own love scenes awaited them.

The End
Tags: fake: bikky/carol, fake: dee/ryo
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