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I've been owing several of y'all an update, so in thinking about trying to get the most important person to me outside of those who live in this very house updated, I decided I might as well go ahead and post an actual update too. All those who matter the most to me I have come to know and love through this site after all, and I'm sure my dear sister will be understanding and won't mind just as I'm thankful y'all all understand why it's taken me so long to update.

Basically, RL's kicking my ass, but I'm hanging on. And it could be, and has been, a whole lot worse.

I've been back to work for . . . what? two weeks now or so? We are pretty much the last stop before you hit Florida and the last stop for a lot of folks before they get on a seemingly never-ending bridge that goes to New Orleans. So needless to say, we always see a lot of travelers, a lot of Summer travel especially, and whatnot. There was also some kind of huge R&B festival that generated a lot of travel last week, too. It's been kicking all of our butts, I think, especially since we are still short handed but now have a new cashier who's finally able to not have her hand held 24/7, but we're surviving.

I saw my doctor yesterday, and he cut me loose. I was kinda surprised after he told me that one of the cuts evidently didn't take the stitches too well and is open. It looks bad, but I've gotten to the point where I rarely think about it. I'm no longer bleeding. It's just open and not healed or looking very healing yet. But after talking to our AM who's experienced a lot of surgeries with her family members, it sounds pretty normal.

Drew's feet are continuing to heal, thank the good Lord, but we may have a problem. The IV treatments are set to stop on the 19th. Simali doesn't want them to, but he's not the VA doctor. We need to get her a MRI, but they're dragging their heels about getting one -- and trying to get a MRI is how that whole mess with Baptist got started in the first place. I'm afraid that if the VA tells the hospital to stop giving her the treatments, not only will they do so but they won't even give us a chance to try to take over payments.

Her mouth is swollen, but it's not broken, thank God. She's been having TMJ issues from all the stress she's under, has thrush caused by taking the antibiotics, AND has another abscess flare up. There's no way she can get into the dentist right now with everything else going on. But Simali's put her on medicine that hopefully will help far better than the TWO meds the VA had put her on for the thrush -- WITHOUT EVEN LOOKING INTO HER FREAKING MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course she didn't bother to tell ME that until two days ago after she'd seen Simali at last.

I'm worn out and slept very little last night, so I'm hoping this makes sense and that I can squeeze out a drabble in time for the challenge that closes at slashthedrabble tonight. I was going to write it yesterday but just didn't have the time.

And with everything that Drew and I have been going through, we ended up doing a no no and let Harley Quinn get pregnant again! She actually had the babies the day before my operation, but I don't think I mentioned them before now. She started off being a good mother, but her milk is drying up and, as cats tend to do, she's only nursing two of her four babies, the two biggest and most fit ones. So we've taken over the task of feeding them and are bottle feeding all four to make certain everybody gets enough. Little Johnny, who turns out to be a girl as we found out yesterday (yes, we had to take them on the road with us to Andalusia, but Drew was able to sit at the vet's office with them while I was at the doctor's), is the tiniest of the bunch but has finally started to eat some from the bottle yesterday and today.

Guys, I have NEVER bonded so swiftly with a female kitten in MY LIFE as I have with little Stormy! I'm SO hoping these babies make it and that we don't lose anybody else because of them (we tend to only be able to stay at or below a certain number for some weird reason)!

Bernadine and Batmite are both missing Daddy so badly that they've decided to adopt me, but Bats has got to get her timing down better. She just appears and jumps in my lap, and sometimes I have food or babies being fed in my lap, so the last couple days, it hasn't really been working out that well.

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!!!!!

And a special note to milly_gal: I think it's WONDERFUL what you're doing for your friends/extended family!!! And I don't blame you AT ALL for hanging out at that pond so much! I might accidentally become a child of the sun if I had such an area close by!

I really am blessed with THE BEST friends and extended family!!! =) <3 <3 <3

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