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Title: Rainbows
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Modern Family
Character/Pairing: Cam/Mitch, Jay/Gloria
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: fffc r18.13: Weird and Hilarious: Fashion:
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,448
Date Written: 11 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to ABC, not the author, and are used without permission.

"I still don’t know about this,” Mitch complained glumly, trying in vain to straighten his tux. The suit was made with so many differently colored ruffles that straightening it seemed an impossible chore. He glared at his boyfriend.

“Don’t pout, honey,” Cam tutted at him. “You don’t hear Gloria complaining, and she was tripping over her dress when she first put it on!”

“But she chose it!”

“I offered for you to come with us,” Cam reminded him, bouncing Lily on an ample hip. “I wanted you to come, but you wouldn’t.”

“I had to work,” Mitch grumbled, once more shifting his collar.

“You wouldn’t have come if you’d been off. We told you we could do it on the weekend.”

“Yeah, but the best shops are closed on the weekend.”

“We all know the owners,” Cam reminded him. “It wouldn’t have taken much talking to convince them to open just for us and this special occasion.”

“I’m still not sure about this stupid occasion,” Mitch remarked, red flashing through his face.

“Don’t start that again,” Cam told him, bustling over to his side. He bumped his hip with his on purpose. “I told you we’re doing this, and we’re going to have fun doing it.”

“You’re going to have fun. You’re used to dressing up like this in all these stupid rainbow colors.”

“Is that supposed to be another offensive clown joke?” Cam asked, reaching over and beginning to smooth the wrinkles out of his boyfriend’s suit, which matched his own though considerably smaller. “Because I don’t find it offensive in the least. Rainbows are a good sign for our people. We’re all different colors and nationalities, but we’re all alike in that we all have -- “

“ --caring hearts,” Mitch took over for him, mockingly finishing the statement he’d heard Cam say so many times over the years together, “that are full of love and just looking to share that love.”

“Well, we are!”

“Some of us,” Mitch retorted. “Do you remember that bike we met in that one gay bar a few weeks back?”

“I told you we didn’t have to go there again.”

“He wasn’t exactly looking to spread love all over the place, Cam.”

Mitch’s protest was interrupted by sudden, high-pitched squeals. Gloria spouted Spanish as fast as Lily could throw food back at them when they were trying to feed her peas. She clasped her hands together, squealed again, and raced around the corner to join them. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once in a flurry of activity, checking the suits, making sure they looked just right, soothing the material and their hair down . . . In the flurry of activity of her hands, Mitch was certain he felt her brush particular spots on his body a couple of times. He looked at her questioningly, but Gloria just ignored him, completely oblivious to his discomfort. “Oh, you two are adorable!” she squealed.

“Aren’t we, though?” Cam beamed. “And you are just rocking that rainbow dress, girl!”

“Sister, sister!” Gloria exclaimed, tweaking his round cheeks. “I told you to call me your sister today!”

“Honey, trust me, if I had a sister, she wouldn’t look half as good as you do today.”

Gloria waved a hand at him. “Oh, the things you say!” She looked up as Jay entered the kitchen, fumbling and almost falling with the load of items he carried. She raced to his side, squealing again. “Where’s the camera, Jay? Where’s the camera?! I’ve got to snap their pictures!”

Mitch pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. He could already feel a migraine beginning. “How did I let you talk me into this?” he muttered to Cam.

His words weren't meant to be overheard, but his father heard him nonetheless. “I thought this was your idea,” he retorted. “It’s certainly your people’s idea. There’s a good game on right now, and I’m missing it for this bullcrap.”

“Oh, hush your mouth!” Gloria waved a hand toward her husband’s mouth. “This isn’t a waste of time, and we’re doing this! I’ve told you a thousand times this month alone! This is Pride Month! It’s their month! It’s your son’s month! We are celebrating with your family the way people who love each other do!”

She grabbed the camera bag and made a beeline back toward Mitch and Cam. She snapped several pictures of them together before shoving the camera into Mitch’s hands and stepping back toward Cam. She waved at the camera and spoke again in Spanish, momentarily forgetting that her son-in-law could barely speak a word of it.

“She wants you to take our picture,” Cam told him.

“I kinda figured that,” Mitch muttered. “You two look ridiculous.” Which meant that he was right and he looked ridiculous as well in the rainbow-colored get up Cam had chosen for him.

Gloria leaned back against Cam’s broad chest. Cam bounced Lily up and down just in front of Gloria’s left shoulder. “Ole!” He grinned.

“Ole, my foot,” Mitch muttered but took pictures until his boyfriend and his new “sister” were done posing. Then he slunk back over to his father. “Believe me, Dad,” he muttered as Gloria and Cam fussed over Lily, “this isn’t my idea of fun.”

“No,” Jay agreed, “but you’re wrong about one thing.” He’d forgotten he was in the process of trying to unload his numerous packages and was intently watching his wife as she fussed over Cam and the baby his gay son had adopted with his equally gay partner.

“What’s that?” Mitch asked curiously, following his father’s gaze.

Gloria was practically shining with joy. Cam was beaming too, and Mitch, despite himself, his anger, and his disdain over their entire plan for the day, found his lover’s smile infectious. He started to smile. “They don’t look ridiculous,” Jay murmured. Gloria flashed him a smile as she saw him watching her. Somehow her smile seemed to make the rainbow dress she wore even brighter. “She’s beautiful!” he whispered.

Gloria was beautiful, but then it was easy for that woman to make any outfit look great. She could probably dress in brown paper bags and start a new fashion fad. The waves of rainbow taffeta that billowed out from her long, shapely legs paled as did everything else in comparison to her beauty.

But she wasn’t the only one standing there who looked absolutely ravishing. When had he forgotten how handsome his lover was? When had he started to take Cam for granted? He didn’t know, but right now his heart was pounding in his ears, his mouth felt dry, and his blood was racing. Cam, smiling from ear to ear and laughing with Gloria and Lily, was the most beautiful man he’d seen in . . . well, as long as he could remember. “They’re all beautiful,” he whispered.

Jay glanced at his son’s awed expression. He harrumphed but didn’t tease him for a change. Instead for the first time, he thought maybe celebrating Pride Month wasn’t going to be so bad. Maybe celebrating his son and the life and love he still believed he had chosen wouldn’t be so terrible. It wasn’t as though the world did already know Mitchell Pritchett was gay. The only difference they would really see today by his accompanying them was that he wasn’t ashamed of his son, and he really wasn’t. Mitch was his boy, and if Cam made him happy . . . He sighed and grumbled underneath his breath. Gloria was right: That should be enough for him.

“Dad?” Mitch asked, sensing a change in his father. He ripped his gaze from Cam to watch Jay beginning to load himself back up again.

“If we’re going to do this thing, let’s get it over with.”

Gloria laughed again, and Mitch looked back to Cam, still smiling, as his boyfriend shared in her laughter. She strode sensually over to her husband and pecked his cheek with a quick kiss. “We’re doing this, Jay, and you’re going to enjoy it.” She led the way out, a rainbow swirling around her not just from her dress but from her spirit. Mitch found himself wishing more people could be as full of love, joy, and acceptance as his sexy mother-in-law.

“If you don’t like the tux, I am sorry,” Cam murmured, stopping next to him with Lily as Gloria and Jay headed out before them. “Maybe next time you’ll come with us.”

“Maybe I will, but the tux is okay,” Mitch decided aloud. “It looks good on you,” he added and kissed his boyfriend. It didn’t matter what they were wearing, he decided; he’d still be happy and proud to be seen with this wonderful man!

The End
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