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This Time Forever

Title: This Time Forever
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Angel
Character/Pairing: Angel/Spike, Lorne (Also includes/mentions past Angel/Cordelia, past Angel/Buffy, past Spike/Buffy, past Angel/Darla, and past Spike/Drusilla.)
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: nekid_spike Mini Nekid Guest: Lorne and ficlet_zone 4: X-Files: Fallen Angel
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,732
Date Written: 10 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Whedon, not the author, and are used without permission.

Lorne let out a sharp, long whistle as Angel entered the room through the swinging doors in the front lobby. He seemed to be dragging one foot and was covered in fresh, red blood, more than some of which, Lorne knew instantly, was his own. “Rough night, Angelcakes?” he asked.

Angel’s retort hovered somewhere between an irritated grunt and a low, angry growl. “You could say that,” he muttered and kept moving swiftly through the lobby.

“If they left you looking like this, I’d hate to see what the other guy looks like.” Lorne stopped, his grin faltering as Spike entered behind his grandsire. The blonde Vampire wasn’t looking at anybody and was moving equally as fast off in the opposite direction from the one in whence Angel was heading. He, too, was spattered with blood.

Most guys who knew what they were and had been up to throughout the night might mistake the blood covering Spike for a messy meal, but Lorne knew better. His red eyes darted back and forth between the two Vampires. His horns drew down across his forehead, making creases that he knew he’d pay for when he was older. “Hold it,” he said, but instead of slowing, the Vampires quickened their speed. “I said hold it! You two were at it again, weren’t you?”

Neither answered. Spike ducked away into the shadowy corridors on the side while Lorne moved to block Angel’s path. “You were at it again, weren’t you, Angel?” His tone and position gave Angel no way to get around him without using physical force.

Angel glanced over his shoulder at where Spike had already vanished off into the shadows of Wolfram and Hart. “Maybe,” he muttered dismissively, still not meeting Lorne’s gaze.

The green Demon sighed. “Honey, when are you going to learn?” he asked the Vampire who was probably his best friend in their whole, crazy world. “Every time you fall in love, you screw things up. Look at what happened with Buffy -- “

“I can’t help the curse!”

“No, but you can help letting it dictate your whole life! You never even tried to make things work with Cordy, and we both know how much you loved her. She loved you too.”

“So you said, but she never -- “

“She was going to, Angel, the night Jasmine took her over. You know you were headed to meet each other to discuss something important, and you know damn well what that was, you big, dumb, gorgeous ox you. But you let her go, Angelcakes, without ever getting to tell her you loved her.”

“She was better off -- “

“So you say, but we’ll never know that for sure, will we? I’ve always thought -- and you can’t tell me I’m wrong, darling -- if she had known for certain you were about to declare your love, she never would’ve let that Demon Goddess jump her and ride her into this world. But she didn’t. And she was trying to help you.”

“And it got her killed.”

“When if she had known that all you really needed from her was everything she was already willing to give you, she never would’ve gone.”

Angel snorted. “But what does this have to do with anything?” he demanded.

“Everything! You’re doing it again!” Lorne grew up a perfectly manicured hand in the direction into which Spike had sulked off. “You’ve fallen in love, and you’re letting yourself be a whipped puppy again instead of acting or at least telling the truth! That boy loves you too, but you’re both too damn stubborn to even try to make it work.” Lorne felt someone gaping and looked to see Gunn and Wesley, who had been trailing behind Angel and Spike, staring at them open mouthed. “Oh, please,” he said, slinging his delicate wrist, “as though we don’t all see what’s been happening between them!”

“Seeing it is one thing. Hearing it aloud is another!” Gunn spat out.

Wesley removed his spectacles and started cleaning them, unaware of how very much he was copying traits of a certain older Watcher whom he had always secretly admired. When his one-time role model had not known what to say, he had said nothing and simply set to cleaning his glasses with a look of stern disapproval on his face. That was exactly what Wes was currently doing, polishes the tiny glasses of his lenses harder than he had in months.

“The question is simple,” Lorne told them both. “Do you want our esteemed leader,” he tossed his hand back in Angel’s direction, “to be happy or not?”

“I can’t be happy,” Angel growled. “We all know what happens if I let myself become happy!”

“That’s perfectly happy, sweetcakes,” Lorne reminded him. “One hundred percent ultimate, undisturbed bliss, something I don’t think Spikey boy will ever be able to give you even if you two do get your crap together, which I really wish you would. It would make you both so much easier to live with.”

Gunn snorted. “Yeah. I’ve guess you’ve got me there.” He glanced up at Angel. “Lorne’s right. You do deserve to be happy.”

“And we want you to be happy, Angel,” Wesley concluded, sliding his polished spectacles back onto the bridge of his nose. “If Spike of all people is the one to give you happiness -- “

“It doesn’t mean I don’t still love Cordy,” Angel protested.

“No one ever said it did, Angelcakes!” Lorne exclaimed. “Look, love is a multi-faceted thing. We love different ones throughout our lives. It’s like looking at a crystal, and seeing different images reflected in it. No matter how many different reflections you see, every which way you turn the crystal, you still see a rainbow. That rainbow is your happiness, and your love, and you of all people deserve to be happy.” He pushed suddenly against Angel’s muscular shoulders. “Now go,” he demanded. “Go to that young Vampire and make you both happy.”

Angel thought about complaining, but with the looks Lorne, Wesley, and Gunn were all giving him, he decided against it. “Fine,” he muttered. “I’ll go talk to him, but if Angelus comes out -- “

“Oh, we’ll deal with Mister Mean Fangs then if we have to, but I doubt Spike will let him out. Something tells me you two are exactly the balance you each need. Now scat.”

Angel walked out from their midst, leaving Lorne looking at Gunn and Wesley as if they were next. “No,” Gunn said, shaking his head. He was still walking rapidly away from Lorne when Angel caught up with Spike elsewhere in the massive building.

“Spike,” he started, clearing his throat gently, “I -- I’m sorry about what I said earlier.” He sighed audibly. “I know you miss her. We both have loved ones we miss.”

Spike watched him through big, dark eyes, not speaking. Angel inched closer into the room with him. “And I know you were just trying to help earlier,” he added, referring to Spike slicing his shoulder open with his sword. “You thought I didn’t see that Demon. You didn’t know I was going to turn into your attack, and I didn’t know you had my back.”

“I’ve always had your back,” Spike whispered, turning away. “Well,” he admitted, “when I wasn’t trying to kill you.”

“I know,” Angel replied sadly. “And maybe Lorne’s right.”

“About what?” Spike asked curiously, turning back to face him.

A small smile was finally playing over Angel’s dark and bloodied lips. “Maybe it is time we stopped running, stopped fighting, and tried something else.”

“Like what?” Spike’s eyes narrowed; he watched him apprehensively. Usually he could tell what Angel was about to do, but it took him by surprise when Angel reached out and wrapped his fingers around his hand. He hadn’t had time to wash yet, and Angel’s dark red blood was still on Spike’s hands from when they had brawled earlier that night. The tension between them had been so high for so long that it had seemed inevitable when Spike had accidently cut Angel -- and almost sliced his arm off in the process. It was a good thing they healed quickly, he thought, his large eyes tracing Angel’s body from the hand that now held his all the way up to his bloodied and ripped shoulder.

Spike suddenly became aware of Angel’s eyes on his. He turned his gaze to meet him, and everything around seemed to freeze. He had no idea what Angel was about to do next and tried to ready himself to fend off an attack when Angel tugged on his hand. “Like this,” the other Vampire said. Snatching him forward, he pressed his lips to his.

A moan slipped from Spike’s mouth underneath the crushing onslaught of Angel’s hungry mouth on his. He didn’t try to pull away again; instead he stepped closer and slid his arms around Angel’s waist. His mouth opened, and his tongue rose to meet Angel’s. His voice wasn’t the only one moaning, and the sound of Angel’s audible pleasure stroked Spike’s ego. He’d always known he would be able to bring him more pleasure than Darla or Dru, if only he’d let him, and by some miracle, he actually was tonight for the first time in over a hundred years.

He’d have to thank Lorne later, Spike thought as he rapidly closed the distance between himself and Angel, pushed him back against the wall behind him, and kissed him like there was no tomorrow, something which they’d never really been promised despite being Immortal. They’d had so many close calls, so many life changes, and yet here they were together again. Damn it, if Spike wasn’t going to find a way to make things work between them this time!

He’d loved Buffy. He’d loved Dru. But he’d never loved anyone like he did Angel, and he strove now to show him that love and prove it to him once and for all with whatever time they had left. However long or short they had, he was going to make Angel his now once and for all, and there would be no more regrets, no more lonely nights spent apart, no more lies. He finally spoke the truth now with every touch of his lips and tongue, telling Angel how much he’d always loved him and would forever if only he wouldn’t run from him this time.

The End
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