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Kat Lee

One Rhythm

Title: One Rhythm
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My dear sister who I hope is feeling very better very soon
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character/Pairing: Red/Snow
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: Red saving Snow from being captured by the Queen's guards as requested by hughville and fffc 6th Froday Amnesty: r18.10: Hush
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,184
Date Written: 2 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Snow shrieks as she’s jumped on from behind, but her shriek holds little terror. The impact of the lupine body suddenly astride her back sends them thrashing down the hillside. They roll, hands over paws, tongue swiping at hair, until they finally hit the bottom. There they lay for a moment, the wolf now on top and panting hard but grinning in a wolfish manner. The woman beneath her is panting just as hard but smiling. The wolf starts to move, but Snow holds a finger to her lips, indicating that she should be quiet. She looks fearfully back up at the top of the hill.

Fur seeps away into human skin. Claws become dull fingernails again. The wolf’s snout twists, shrinks, and finally disappears into a human mouth and nose. The last part of the wolf is to go is the beast’s yellow eyes which still gaze intently down at the woman underneath her. “I think -- “

“Hush,” Snow whispers, her finger still pressed to her lips.

“I think they’re gone, Snow,” Red insists. “I think we’re alone now,” she adds after a long moment of intense waiting in which the only sounds even her superior hearing picks up are the sounds of their labored breathing and pounding hearts.

“How many did you count that time?” Snow asks, finally caving but obviously still worried.

“I don’t know.” Red lifts her bare shoulders into a slender, careless shrug. “I lost count at about the tenth throat I ripped apart.”

Snow stares at her for a moment. Red tenses, thinking that she’s about to be lectured for killing the men, but they’ve fought these men before. They just keep coming, and as long as the Queen has guards, they will continue to come and try to take the woman she loves, something she’ll never let them do while her heart yet beats within her chest. But the lecture doesn’t come. Instead Snow shuts her mouth, reaches up, and swipes blood away from Red’s lips with a touch as soft as a feather. Red touches her mouth to her fingers and kisses her silently.

The next words out of her lover’s mouth are enough to make her heart stop, however. “Maybe I should go,” she whispers, looking away.


She starts to move. Red acts quickly, rolling her onto her back and pinning her beneath her. Her hands close around her wrists, and she thrusts them into mounds of grass. “No!” she repeats again. There are tears in her eyes as she gazes down at her. “You’re my only friend! You’re my -- “ Snow is so much more to her than just a friend, but already the young wolf knows that whatever this passion is between them, it will not last, not forever, not nearly as long as she yearns for it to. Eventually Snow will go to her Prince and leave her alone and behind. She fears that day with all her valiant heart.

“I just don’t want anything to happen to you,” Snow whispers hurriedly. Tears shine back at Red. “I would never forgive myself if -- “

Red laughs, and if her chuckle sounds strained, neither woman points it out. “Those men are no match for me, darling! You know that! They never will be!”

“But if the Queen finds -- “

“The Queen is powerful,” Red admits, “but she can not find us here. As long as we keep her guards from returning to her, she will never know where we are. She won’t come after us. She won’t come take you away from me.” Yet again, Red already knows. The Queen won’t be the one to take Snow from her. The Prince will be, and when she’s ready, she’ll have to let her go or Snow will come to hate her forever.

Snow gazes up at her quietly, passion and a mixture of other emotions stirring deep within her eyes. There is so much she wants to tell her, so much she feels for this incredibly brave and loving woman that she never thought she would ever feel for anybody else, let alone another woman. She wants to believe her. She wants to believe with everything she has that the Queen will not find them here, that they are safe here, and that they can stay here, hidden away in the forest, and living happily ever after with each other. But she knows Regina. She knows there is no magic stronger or darker than the Evil Queen’s despite what some folks whisper. She knows Regina will find her eventually -- she always does --, and when she does, she’ll make her pay by hurting Red. The mere thought of anything happening to her beautiful beloved is enough to make her chest hurt.

Red cocks her head to one side, listening. Snow grows quiet and still beneath her. “What?” she hisses, her heart beginning to hammer.

“Sh. Relax. It’s nothing.”

Snow’s eyes narrow to doubting slits. “That look isn’t nothing, wolfy. You heard something.”

“Yes,” Red admits, “I did, and if you’re be quiet and calm yourself down, you’ll hear it too.” She leans down and covers her mouth with hers. Her tongue thrusts deep down inside of her as she kisses her passionately, setting her blood on fire but also calming her nerves. She kisses her for a long moment, for a moment Snow secretly hopes will never end, but eventually she lifts her head again. “Now listen,” she instructs her.

“I don’t hear anything.”

“Close your eyes,” Red whispers, her hot breath washing over Snow’s upturned face. “Calm yourself. Listen to your own heartbeat.” Snow does as she’s instructed. “Listen to my voice. Shut out everything else. Now listen to your heartbeat again. And hear -- “

Snow’s eyes fly open in shock. “That’s . . . I hear two heartbeats.”

Red grins, and Snow can easily picture her in her wolf form, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she laughs silently at her. “Of course you do, silly.”

“That’s . . . That’s your heart, isn’t it?” she asks in awe.

“Yes. Yours and mine. Beating together.”

“Pounding together is more like it. I thought you said you’re not worried about the Queen finding us.”

“Oh, I’m not. But a certain human has a certain effect on a certain wolf.”

“That’s enough certains in that sentence.”

Red looks pointedly down at her lover, and there’s no doubt that she is laughing at her in her mind. “You know what I mean.”

Snow grins. “Yeah. I know what you mean, wolfy. And you make my heart pound too.” She leans up and kisses her, sweet, deep, and passionate again, but as they kiss, she listens to their hearts beating in the same rhythm. She remembers a legend she once heard as a little girl: how two people share one heart, thus making them soul mates and making their hearts pound in the same rhythm. Listening to their hearts now just confirms what she already suspected: Red is her soul mate. She sighs into her mouth as Red deepens their kiss. Oh, yes, she could stay here forever if only the Queen would let them!

The End
Tags: ouat: ruby/snow
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