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Hers Forever

Title: Hers Forever
Author: Kat Lee
Dedicated To: My dear Laura. I hope this makes you smile at least a little, my sweet sister. <3
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Character/Pairing: Red/Snow, future Charming/Snow
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: Red and Snow living together in The Enchanted Forest while Snow is on the run from Regina as requested by hughville
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,397
Date Written: 1 July 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

She was awake before she returned to consciousness. She sensed the tenseness in her still, tight body and smelled her worry on the late night air. She laid still for a while longer, wishing the world would stop, that it would just truly go away and leave them alone to live in peace and happiness together. She’d never known such peace or joy as she did with this beautiful woman in whose arms she laid.

She closed her eyes as tears welled inside them. The world would never leave them alone. There would always be two huge specters hovering over their relationship, just waiting to interfere with their bliss, waiting to destroy them and the love Red knew she felt for her best friend and which ran so much deeper than mere friendship, a love which Snow would return if only she was not so blinded by the Prince she’d met before. She was hers every night right now, but Red knew that one day that Prince would come sweeping in, intending to rescue his Princess and utterly destroying the paradise they had here hidden deep in the forest.

Reopening her eyes, Red glanced up at Snow’s chin. She could see the jut of her jaw and the curve of her bottom lip, but other than that her face remained shrouded in the night away from her. Nonetheless, she knew there were tears in her eyes also and felt the worry that gnawed at her ceaselessly. Normally, after a round of their Hunt and Love games, little could pierce their minds, but such was not the case tonight. “Snow?” she whispered softly, reaching up to caress her face. “What’s wrong?”

“Did I wake you?” she asked, turning her face and kissing Red’s palm. “I’m sorry.”

“You’re thinking about her,” she said. She didn’t mean to sound accusing, but she couldn’t help it. Their time was so limited, such a precious commodity. She hated it when the specters, as she thought of them, intruded on what they shared. She had killed her own mother to save this woman, and although she didn’t regret it in the least, she knew that she would still lose her one day. She ached to put that day off for as long as she possibly could, but the fact that the specters’ presence was still being felt even now, when their bodies were yet weak and singing from their intense love making, did not bode well.

“I’m sorry,” Snow said again. Red knew she meant her apology, but it didn’t help matters. They were still there, still hovering over them, still waiting to sweep her precious Snow away from her. Granny had warned her this would happen, Red remembered. She had warned her that Snow could never be happy forever with a mere girl, even if that girl was beautiful and happened to be a wolf to boot.

“Don’t be sorry,” Red murmured, caressing her cheek again. The tips of her fingers ran into the soft, dark tendrils of hair that framed Snow’s beautiful face. “Just tell me about it.”

She sighed. “It was a year ago today,” she admitted, “when I last saw her. I keep thinking she’s going to come again. She’s just going to show up and hurt you, and I’ll never forgive myself for whatever she does to you.”

“She can come,” Red told her, leaning up on her elbows. “She can try.” Her hair fell over to one side like a deep, dark curtain of velvet as she leaned over Snow. Her eyes met hers, and she let the wolf be seen within her wild orbs. She could feel the animal burning in her eyes. “But she’s got one Hell of a surprise coming when she’ll think I’m just a girl.”

A small smile lifted her lover’s bruised mouth. She actually giggled, which made Red grin. “You’re anything but just a girl.”

“That’s right, and this wolf will snap that Queen’s ass before she even knows what bit her.” She leaned down and took her lips with hers, drinking slow and long of her sweet nectar. When she leaned back up, she moved slowly and drew the tips of her fangs gently over Snow’s bottom lip. She felt her answering shudder and knew that at least the Prince was nowhere near her mind tonight.

“Still,” Snow admitted aloud, her smile vanishing, “I wonder if it will be enough.”

Red grew somber as she gazed down at this incredible woman she had come to love and cherish more than anything else she’d ever known. “It will have to be,” she vowed, speaking both softly and strongly with conviction. She shook her head slowly as she concluded, “Because I’m not going to let anyone take you from me.” Not a Queen, she thought silently and then snarled the words, or a Prince.

One thing her grandmother had told her that was good and had stayed with her, perhaps the only hopeful words she had imparted, was that wolves mated for life. She missed Peter, but she had never loved him as she did Snow. Snow was her soul mate, her life mate, and she would never let her go without a fight. She had killed to protect her already, and she knew she would die to keep her.

“Who’s getting intense now?” Snow asked kiddingly. Her smile didn’t appear as forced as it felt. She reached up, cupped a hand around the back of Red’s neck, and brought her back down to her. “I’m not going anywhere any time soon,” she promised, “and even then, not willingly.”

But she would still go, Red recognized as she submitted to Snow’s silent request and kissed her again, her tongue slowly thrusting into her sweet, hot mouth. She wasn’t saying she wanted to go -- that she would ever want to go --, but she would go. Her shoulders squared with silent determination as the simple answer came to her: She might go, but wherever she went with that blasted Prince, Red would go with her. She would stick to her as they were meant to be, like honey to a bear’s paw or wax on a candle. She would stick to her and never let her go. Wherever she went, whoever she went with, Red would be there, right beside her always, and even if the Prince did eventually woo her away from her, she would never stop loving her.

She would never stop loving her, and she would never leave her. That was all there was to it. When the Queen found her, she’d kill the bitch, and she’d take great pleasure in that kill for all the tortures the Evil Queen had put her beloved Snow through. And if the Prince came and Snow wanted to go with him, she’d just have to go along. Whatever it took, she would never leave her love. Wolves mated only once in a lifetime, after all, and whatever tragedy that might eventually bring her, Red would never give Snow up, not to the Queen or to the Prince, not to anyone.

“I’m not leaving you,” she whispered against her lips. The wolf shone in her yellowed eyes as she concluded fiercely, “Ever.”

“Good,” Snow said, cupping her face and bringing her back down for another kiss. “Because I don’t want you to ever.” There was a kidding grin on her lips this time, and Red recognized two things with how lightly her love jested. She had managed to push the Queen from her mind, but Snow had no idea that Red understood far too well what their future truly held. Damn that Prince! She wanted to snarl but only kissed Snow harder, more fiercely, more possessively. Maybe she could find him before he found Snow again and rip his heart out.

She wished it was as easy to rip him out of her love’s heart but knew it would never be that simple. Still, she declared again silently, wherever her Snow went, and whoever she went with, she would go as well. She’d never leave her, and she’d never stop loving her even when the day came that her cherished Snow only looked at her as a friend. She would love her forever. Wolves mated only once a lifetime, and Snow, for better or for worse, was her forever and always.

The End
Tags: ouat: ruby/snow
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