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Crossover Fics Master Post


Ace Ventura, Pet Detective/Despicable Me:

Ace + Gru + Ensemble: Save Them All, 1,145 words

The Addams Family/Disney:

A Spirited Party, 1,360 words

The Addams Family/Elvira, Mistress of the Dark/The Munsters:

Morticia/Elvira/Lily: A Ghouls' Night To Remember, 1,210 words

Alice in Wonderland/Supernatural:

Dean + Ensemble: Dean In Wonderland, 200 words

Alice in Wonderland/Wizard of Oz:

Alice + Dorothy: Finding Them Together, 100 words

Allegiance/10th Kingdom:

Mark(Wolf)/Katya: Love Is Enough, 100 words
Mark(Wolf)/Katya: No Happy Endings, 1,381 words

Aristocats/Guardians of the Galaxy:

Thomas/Duchess + Rocket + Scat Cat and His Gang: What A Strange Creature!, 2,182 words


Harley/Linda + John + Margaret: Escape, 1,263 words


Bruce/Selina, past Joker/Harley, Ivy: A Charmed Life, 3,880 words


Batman/Catwoman: Her Own Cat, 958 words
Jim Gordon/Multiple + Barbara Gordon: A Little More Work, 487 words

Batman/Modern Family:

Jay/Gloria + Catwoman+/Gloria: (Never Doubt) The Power of Love, 3,051 words

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Charmed:

Cole/Piper + Lorne: Stories, 1,889
Oz/Paige + Cole/Piper: A Wolf In San Francisco, 3,740 words

Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Supernatural:

Angel/Spike + Dean/Sam + Gunn + Fred: More Than Brothers, 941 words
Anya + Crowley: Furry Terror, 100 words
Dean/Faith + Sam: My Kind of Man, 100 words

Charmed/Once Upoon A Time:

Phoebe/Regina: A Witchy Valentine, 611 words

Cinderella/Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Lucifer + Salem: A New Kind of Love Story, 911 words

Dawson’s Creek/Saved by the Bell:

Slater/Jessie + Pacey/Andie: Of Mommas, Poppas, and Sisters, 2,678 words

DC Comics Crossovers:

Harley/Ivy + Batman/Catwoman + Superman/Lex + Wonder Woman: The World Explodes, 1,891 words

DC/Marvel Comics:

Catwoman/Tigra + Doctor Strange: A Purr All Their Own, 1,344 words
Robin/Jubilee: For the Future, 895 words

(Non-Princess) Disney Crossovers:

Aristocats/Aladdin: Thomas/Duchess + Rajah/Marie: Better Than A Prince, 1,098 words
Aristocats/The Lion King/Robin Hood/More Disney: Thomas/Duchess + Robin/Marian + Simba/Nala: Fashion Cats, 2,473 words
Bambi/House of Mouse/Lilo and Stitch/Mulan: Cri-Kee/Angel + Bambi/Flower: Twitterpation Season, 658 words
Disney/Hocus Pocus/Peter Pan: Jay+/Ice + Witch Hazel + Hook: Trapped Together, 1,924 words
Mickey Mouse + Ensemble: Their King Forever, 1,727 words

Disney Princess Crossovers:

Ariel + Ensemble + pre-Ariel/Pocahontas: An Adventure Begins, 294 words
Ariel/Elsa + Triton: A Twisting Tail, 500 words
Ariel/Jasmine + Aladdin/Jasmine + Flounder: Forbidden Treasures, 324 words
Ariel/Mulan: Surprising Destiny, 250 words
Ariel/Nani + David/Nani: To the Future, 250 words
Ariel/Nani + Lilo: Nani's Story, 241 words
Aurora/Pocahontas: To Love Again, 250 words
Aurora/Pocahontas + John Smith/Pocahontas: Another Ghost In Her Past, 1,026 words
Aurora/Rapunzel: Something Beautiful, 250 words
Belle/Ariel: Sunset Witness, 250 words
Beast/Belle + Ensemble: Nouvelles Choses, 2,522 words
Belle/Cinderella: In Search of a New Tale, 250 words
Belle/Cinderella: One Dance, 243 words
Belle/Esmerelda: Tag, 250 words
Belle/Esmerelda + Beast/Belle: In Search, 250 words
Charming/Cinderella + Mickey/Walt + Jack/Will: Royal Valentines, 1,626 words
Cinderella/Snow White: Whatever They Want, 250 words
Cinderella/Snow White + Belle/Merida + Aurora/Pocahontas + Alice + Dinah + Gus Gus: A New Land, Old Freedoms, 1,744 words
Elsa/Jasmine: Happy, 194 words
Esmerelda/Jasmine: Her Fortune Intact, 250 words
Esmerelda/Jasmine + Rajah: Escaping Pumpkins, 200 words

Every Which Way But Loose/Supernatural:

Dean + Castiel + Sam + Clyde: Birthday Dreaming, 100 words


Holtzmann/Charlie: Tricking and Treating, 1,560 words

Golden Girls/Modern Family:

Manny + Sophia + Dorothy + Miles/Rose + Jay/Gloria + Blanche + Coco: Family Shines Brightest, 7,793 words

Golden Girls/The Munsters:

Grandpa/Sophia + Stan/Dorothy: Two For The Price of One, 1,535 words

Gotham/Once Upon A Time:

Henry + Bruce + Emma + Regina: Only Online, 1,063 words

Happy Days/Supernatural:

Fonz/Pamela: Her Time, 1,521 words

Labyrinth/Lady and the Tramp:

Jareth + Didymus/Peg: A Present For A Knight, 1,451 words

Labyrinth/Once Upon A Time:

Jareth + Rumplestiltskin: Birthday Greetings From Afar, 584 words
Rumplestiltskin/Belle + Jareth: Cyber Rememberance, 209 words
Rumplestiltskin/Belle + Labyrinth Ensemble Minus Sarah: A Fallen Friend, 1,267 words
Rumplestiltskin/Jareth: A King and an Imp, 475 words

Labyrinth/Sabrina the Teenage Witch:

Salem + Sabrina: Salem's Birthday Feast, 498 words


Jareth/teen!Dean: The King's Most Fun, 400 words

The Librarians/Once Upon A Time:

Granny/Jenkins + Red + Snow: A Knight at Granny's Door, 347 words

Marvel Comics Crossovers:

Shadowcat + Captain America: Gratitudes, Friendships, and Bills, 1,920 words
Starlord/Shadowcat: New Loves Through the Galaxies, 2,806 words
Starlord/Shadowcat: A Star Lady and Her Lord Among
X-23 + Guardians Ensemble:
For Family, 1,534 words

Mary Poppins/Supernatural:

Dean/Lisa + Sam + Ben: Nanny From Hell, 239 words

Modern Family/Smallville:

Clark/Lex + Cam/Mitch: The Only Ones For Them, 1,351 words

Multiple Fandoms:

Avengers/Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Guardians of the Galaxy/Marvel Comics/Real Life/ReBoot/Rise of the Guardians/Fairy Tales/Tail Spin/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Faith/Rocket, Deadpool, Matrix(/AndrAla), Jack Frost, Shere Khan, Casey Jones, Phil, + a Surprise Character: Rabies in the Snow, 1,645 words
Elvira, Mistress of the Dark/The Addams Family/Maleficent/Multiple Other Fandoms Cameoing: Elvira/Thing + Diaval/Maleficent: Pumpkins, 1,007 words
Labyrinth/Once Upon A Time/Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Jareth/Sarah + Rumplestiltskin/Belle + Salem: On the Wings of an Owl, 2,200 words
Three Sentence Fills, 408 words
Three Sentence Fills, 159 words
Three Sentence Fills, 290 words

Once Upon A Time/Shrek:

Charming/Snow + Prince Charming + Grumpy: Another Prince Charming, 570 words

Once Upon A Time/Smallville:

Clark/Lex + Charming/Snow: Lex's Happy Ending, 1,054 words

Once Upon A Time/X-Men:

Ruby/Wolfsbane: Two Wolves, One Night, 653 words

Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies/Supernatural:

Dean + Sam: Winchesters, Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies, 100 words

Supernatural/Xena, Warrior Princess

Cupid + Aphrodite + Dean/Sam + Xena/Gabrielle: Ultimate Couples, 200 words


Mystique/Destiny + Rogue + Nightcrawler + Dean/Crowley + Sam + Ensemble: Sacrifices, 4,813 words

Step By Step/Supernatural:

Dana/Charlie + Cody/Dana: Into A New Adventure Together, 1,369 words

Stephen King/Supernatural:

Baby + Dean + Sam + Christine: A Man and His Ride, 2,211 words
Dean + Bobby: The Original, 417 words

Supernatural/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles:

Sam + Dean: The Mean Greens, 100 words

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/X-Men:

Donatello+/Lin + Animals: Sharing Her Home, 3,282 words
Splinter + Andre + Professor X: A Message Among Friends, 1,566 words
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