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Introducing Xavier's Challenge!

Xavier's Challenge

There's a new X-Men challenge coming -- and with a twist too!

Every month on the first, I'm going to hit a site that gives us random words and pick one of those words from there. That way, the challenge is a surprise to me as well! That word will be our challenge for the month.

Everybody knows I love the comics and hate the movies, BUT in the interest of actually getting this baby going and creating some more X-Men love, I'm opening the challenge to ALL media types. If you want to create for the comics, the movies, the anime, the cartoons, even the video games, as long as there's at least one X-Man starring in your creation, that's fine!

ROLE PLAYING TWIST! At the beginning of each month, you'll have a chance to claim a character for the NEXT month's challenge. Our first challenge is only a week away, so you have one week this time to request your character. Characters are on a first come, first serve basis, but you're welcome to include other characters in your creation. There's also no penalty for not using the character for which you sign up, unless you claim them twice in a row (two months straight) and don't use them. Then and only then will I tell you you have to give somebody else a chance at the character. So if you ask for Logan, and you end up doing a Logan/Ororo fic, for example, even if the fic is written from Ororo's point of view but Logan is present, you've still used your character! However, if you ask for Logan, then write a Scott/Jean fic, ask for Logan again the next month, and make a Gambit/Rogue art, you haven't used Logan at all, and he'll have to go to the next person who requests him.

All the usual rules apply:

1. ABSOLUTELY NO BASHING. You don't like a character or pairing? That's fine! Just skip over that entry. Everybody has a right to love whoever they choose. :)

2. If you participate in the role playing twist, characters are served up on a first come, first serve basis. There is only ONE version of each character in the role plays, meaning one person can not do movie!Charles while somebody else does comic!Charles, but ANYONE can write for ANYONE regardless of who their actual character is. This is just an extra twist for those of us who may be interested in partaking in it. If you request a character two months in a row and get him/her, you MUST create something with that character for one of the two challenges in those months or you will not be able to request them a third time in a row. You can, however, request them after skipping a month.

3. Post your creations as links in the comments to the post with the challenge on which you creation is based. (If this actually takes off, I'll be happy to make us into a full blown comm rather than just running the challenge from my own journal here! :))

4. Remember to warn for any and all questionable material, including but not limited to spoilers, noncon/rape, and character death.

5. The challenges are open to anybody. Anybody may use any character for their creations, and challenge responses may be filled through writing or artwork. Drabbles, longer fic, sig tags, icons, artwork, videos, crochet dolls -- as long as it stars at least X-Man and answers the challenge, it's good for the game!

6. Challenges are open for one month, but if you feel inspired by them later, you may still post your creation later. It just won't count on the role playing part.

7. Have fun, and be nice! Flames and bashing of any sort will not be tolerated and WILL get you banned IMMEDIATELY.

Sound interesting? Read and agreed to the rules above? Start requesting your characters today!
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