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Master Fic List J - R

Justice League
Kim Possible
Kingdom Keepers
Lady and the Tramp
Legends of Tomorrow
Lilo & Stitch
The Lion King
Little Mermaid
Looney Tunes
Lord of the Rings
Lost Girl
Magnificent Seven
Midnight, Texas
Modern Family
Monster High
Night at the Museum
Nina Bangs’ MacKenzie Vampires Series
Once Upon A TIme
101 Dalmatians
Penguins of Madagascar
Peter Pan
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Pirates of the Caribbean
Power Rangers
Prison Break
Real People

Justice League:


Wonder Woman: Always Needed, 100 words

Green Lantern/Hawkgirl:

A New Life, 1,374 words

Multiple Pairings:

Flash + Batman + Alfred + Multiple Pairings: Bat Collecting, 500 words
Multiple Pairings: Staying In, 200 words

Kim Possible:

Multiple Pairings:

Ron/Kim + Drakken/Shego: Another Plan Foiled, 1,013 words


The "Hunk" with the Rat, 652 words

Kingdom Keepers:


Mrs. Whitman: One Mother’s Hero, 200 words



Hoggle + Jareth: Colors and Smells, 248 words
Jareth: Life Is A Labyrinth, 1,174 words
Jareth + Hoggle: Sleep Evasion of a King, 815 words
Jareth + Original Male Character: Not In Her Wildest Imaginings, 1,058 words
Jareth + Sir Didymus: Words of a Loyal KnightFriend, 1,722 words
Sarah: Magic Dance, 200 words
Sarah + past Jareth/Sarah + Ensemble: Almost There, Almost Crystal, Almost Broken, 1,755 words
Sarah + Toby + Ensemble: Here We Go Again, 1,099 words
Toby + Sarah: At Last, 936 words

Jareth/OFC Delvira:

Saved, 1,008 words


The Age Old Question of Fairness, 100 words
Answers Beneath A Halloween Moon, 3,167 words
Christmas in the Goblin City, 906 words
Come Home, 1,018 words
Endless, 1,152 words
Figments, 200 words
The Future Queen's Lessons, 1,471 words
Goblin Or Not, 1,301 words
The Halloween Tree, 1,131 words
Happy Birthday, Jareth, 1,191 words
Her (Invisible) King, 1,426 words
Home, 388 words
Home In Her Arms, 250 words
Jareth's Birthday Party, 1,637 words
The King Is Gone, 300 words
Lessons Through the Centuries, 200 words
Maybe, 420 words
Maybe One Day, 1,659 words
Never Seeing, Always Watching, 881 words
One Day, 100 words
Place the Stars, 953 words
Power Over Her, 1,339 words
Sarah's Christmas Miracle, 3,785 words
Sarah’s Home, 200 words
Shattered Glass, 433 words
A Strange Christmas Tree Topper Indeed, 1,955 words
That Which He Doesn’t Understand, 200 words
Their Happily Ever After, 274 words

Lady and the Tramp:


By the Numbers, 250 words

Multiple Pairings:

Tramp/Lady + Jim/Jane: Safe At Home, 549 words


Whenever She's Around, 100 words

Legends of Tomorrow:


Leonard + Lisa: Leo the Lion, 1,379 words


Every Damn Day of His Life, 1,527 words

Multiple Pairings:

Sara/Lindsay + Leonard/Mick: Lonely In Life, 500 words


Still Waiting and Searching, 250 words



Another Day, 762 words
Weekend Bonding, 200 words


Eliot: The Prize, 746 words
Eliot + Parker: Parker's Bear, 640 words
Parker: The Ghost, 653 words
Multiple Pairings:

Nate/Sophie + Hardison/Parker + Eliot: Those New Red Shoes, 879 words


Too Many Miles, 100 words


Making Parker Smile, 250 words

The Librarians:


Crazy, 1,473 words


Jenkins + Ensemble: A Thing of Freedom, 100 words

Multiple Pairings:

Flynn/Jacob + Flynn/Eve: (Images of) Orange Fanta and Ice, 300 words
Flynn/Jacob + Flynn/Eve + Jacob/Flynn/Eve: Taking the Next Step, 500 words

Lilo & Stitch:


The Most Amazing Woman, 476 words

The Lion King:


Always With Us, 2,053 words

The Little Mermaid:


Ariel: Of Both Worlds or Neither, 200 words
Sebastian + Ariel: Happiness Forgotten, 824 words


Multiple Pairings:

Henry/Walter + Walter/Martha: Wanted For Loving, 1,309 words


Decisions, 1,629 words

Looney Tunes:


The Beast, the Devil, or the Hunk, 636 words

Lord of the Rings:


Frodo + Sam + Gimli + Gandalf/Aragorn: Where There's Smoke, 364 words

Lost Girl:


Enough, 250 words
Not For Anything, 315 words
A Small Christmas Blessing, 1,309 words


For Bo, 278 words


A Valentine Reminder From Her Wolf, 1,332 words

Multiple Pairings:

Bo/Kenzi + Dyson/Bo: The Light in Their Darkness, 1,011 words

The Magnificent Seven:


Ready, 651 words
Safe From the Storm, 318 words


The Kid's First Rodeo, 200 words


Cutting Through the Paperwork, 200 words


Beautiful Day, 688 words
By His Fire, 463 words
Changing Status, 923 words
Frisky Colts, 809 words
A Game Unfit for the Gambler, 660 words
Half Empty, 100 words
Home, 816 words
Home and Family, 1,148 words
The Magnificent Seven, 939 words
More Than A Little, 1,634 words
A New and Beautiful Day, 810 words
Not Another Moment, 728 words
Rain Dance, 1,248 words
Silent Words, 100 words
Vin's Tribe, 1,091 words


Seven of Spades, 1,099 words


Chris + Buck + Sarah: Like the Sunflowers, 100 words
Chris + JD + Buck + Ensemble: Budding Family, 1,434 words
Ensemble + Inez + Nettie: Everybody's Lady, 2,052 words
Ezra: Ezra’s Home, 1,352 words
Ezra: Not His Mother's Son, 2,600 words
Ezra + Maude: Home To Stay, 1,500 words
JD: Everything, 200 words
Josiah + Ensemble: Sins, 2,348 words
Mary + Ensemble: Their Town, Their Dreams, 1,018 words
Orrin: Job Well Done, 710 words
Vin: A Hand in the Desert, 100 words
Vin + Chris + Nettie + Buck/Inez + Ensemble: The Unpredictable Lives of Cat Herders, 1,379 words


Nathan’s Beast, 500 words
When the West Is Wild, 553 words

The Magnificent Seven Cats:

Ezra + Maude: Do The Right Thing, 200 words

Multiple Pairings:

Buck/JD + Chris/Vin + Josiah/Nathan + Ezra/Inez: A Magnificent Valentine Display, 627 words



Loving and Ruling Together, 773 words


His Queen, 622 words
She Will Be Loved, 1,175 words
That Forbidden Feeling, 1,461 words

Midnight, Texas:


Bobo’s Dream Girl, 1,311 words
Not A Traitor, 894 words


Finding Happiness, 1,336 words
Giving Him Her All, 1,022 words

Modern Family:


A Clown's Christmas, 500 words
Crazy Ideas and All, 1,860 words
A Forever Kind of Happy, 1,623 words
Her Brother and His Lover, 1,655 words
Wonderful To Him, 1,264 words


Her Lover By Any Name, 250 words


A Forever Kind of Love, 2,241 words

Monster High:


Gold, 200 words
Out of the Bag, 250 words


Mine, 932 words


Their Type, 250 words


Clawdeen + Clawd: Howls and Big Brothers, 1,720 words

Night at the Museum:</u>


Partners, 515 words

Nina Bangs’ MacKenzie Vampires Series:


Ganymede/Sparkle: Desire of a Cosmic Troublemaker, 1,189 words

Once Upon A Time:


Like Mothers, Like Sisters, 604 words


Her Only Flower, 1,960 words


Beautiful Face, 250 words
Game On, 250 words


Breath Stealers, 573 words
The Fairest in the Land, 519 words


Coming For You, 250 words


Roaring, 2,226 words


Celebration, 240 words
Following the Bear's Trail, 153 words
The Luckiest Boy Ever, 409 words
(Not Exactly) Sugar Plum Visions, 250 words
Operation: Proposal, 1,295 words
Passionate Power, 167 words
A True Fortune, 1,549 words
Two Halves of One Whole, 295 words


Broken Paradise, 246 words
Don't Stop, 249 words
A Leisurely Rise, 250 words
Not Tonight, 250 words
Snow's Princess, 250 words
Time To Play, 1,030 words


Charming + Hook + Grumpy: Royal Flush, 100 words
Henry + The Apprentice: His Heir: 756 words
Mary Margaret + David + Ruby + Leroy: Not Alone, 747 words
Regina + Zelena + Ensemble: Regina's Best Halloween Ever, 2,577 words
Snow + Dwarfs: Busy Season, 304 words
Tiny + Ensemble: A Gigantic Case, 200 words
Zelena + Robin: Her Most Special Prize, 622 words


Dreamy Again, 2,205 words
A Happy Birthday For Grumpy, 1,079 words

Henry and Regina:

For His Mothers, 1,210 words
The Future King, 717 words
Henry's Family, 1,337 words
If Not For You, 1,105 words
A New Family, 928 words
Regina's Home, 1,477 words
Without Him, 1,213 words


A Captain Stricken, 401 words
Confessions Over Chocolate, 1,757 words
Killian's Dream, 652 words
Make It Forever, 1,321 words
A New Bear in the Woods, 953 words


Hook/Emma/Regina: Emma’s True Happy Ending, 500 words


Unspoken Promise, 250 words

Multiple Pairigs:

Charming/Snow + Hook/Emma + Grumpy + Ensemble: Charming's First Father's Day, 1,097 words
Emma/Regina + Charming/Snow: Planning Operation Graduation Family, 965 words
Emma/Regina + Charming/Snow + Ensemble: Day of Change, 1,323 words
Emma/Snow + Grumpy/Astrid: A Good Turn, 434 words
Henry/Grace + Emma/Regina: Sheriffs and Queens, 197 words
Hook/Emma + Robin/Regina: A Magical Easter Egg Hunt, 954 words
Rumplestiltskin/Belle + Belle+/Ruby: Beginning A New Story, 1,321 words
Rumplestiltskin/Belle + Will/Anastasia + Will/Belle: Full of Love, 914 words


Dorothy's Treasure, 951 words
Gold Not Needed, 302 words
Life, What A Crazy Thing!, 1,558 words
Staying Put, 354 words
Tonight, 250 words


Across the Miles, 247 words
The Big Bad Wolf's Happily Ever After Ending, 1,120 words
For Her Little Wolf, 500 words
A Happy Wolf, 1,375 words
Her Dearest Friend, 222 words
Howls I'll Never Say, 278 words
In Their Eyes, 608 words
One Magical Night in a Forest, 4,314 words
Never Let Go, 1,389 words
What A Wolf!, 1,019 words
What She Really Wants: Drabble One and Drabble Two, 382 words
Woman and Beast, 261 words

Red/Snow and Other Pairings

+ Charming/Snow: In Their Dreams, 500 words
+ Charming/Snow: Soul in Soul, 1,888 words
+ Charming/Snow + Grumpy + Granny: Their Princess' Happiness, 2,628 words
+ Red/Dorothy: Beautiful Music, 1,274 words
+ Red/Mulan: In the Werewolf Moonlight, 1,386 words
Red/Snow/Charming + Robin/Regina + Hook/Emma + Robin/Regina/Emma/Hook: Ruby's Wildest Idea, 2,355 words
+ Granny/?: Two Broken Hearts, 310 words
+ Mulan/Aurora: The Hunt Continues, 250 words
+ Robin/Regina: Kiss and Tell, 1,664 words


As the Shadows Frown, 879 words
By His Side, 1,835 words
A Father's Love, 1,350 words
Splashes and Sparkles, 999 words
Things of the Past, Ways of the Future, 472 words
The Woman He Deserves, 1,366 words


All Lost, 244 words
Anything But Whole, 917 words
Beauty and Her Beast, 73 words
Beauty's Betrayal, 490 words
Come Home, 1,290 words
Drinks Between Friends, 824 words
Free In You, 651 words
For Belle, 923 words
God Help Her, 515 words
Her Own Rumplestiltskin, 1,333 words
A Little Bit, 1,225 words
Little Lost Love, 1,172 words
Lost It All, 100 words
A Love Steadfast But Impure, 1,512 words
Never Stop, 1,276 words
No Answers, 2,308 words
No Lies This Time, 471 words
Not Quite Unloved, 768 words
Nothing More, 1,030 words
Power in a Name, 1,000 words
Realization, 347 words
Revenge Against Love, 463 words
Rumplestiltskin's Beautiful Mouse, 1,372 words
Rumplestiltskin's Happily Ever After, 1,634 words
Rumplestiltskin's True Love, 1,208 words
Their Magic, 334 words
Those Are The Times, 322 words
Treasures of a Bookworm's Heart, 1,558 words

101 Dalmatians:

Multiple Pairings:

Pongo/Perdita + Lucky + Mooch/Two-Tone + Ensemble: For Them All, 936 words


Femme Slash:

At Last, 304 words
Go With You, 328 words
Her Siren, 250 words
Home, 300 words
Malware and the Princess, 3,660 words
Marks, 193 words
The Tale of Jac and Gwen, 2,471 words


All His Children, 5,516 words
Back to the Grind, 1,004 words
A Batty Member of the Family, 6,314 words
Beauty At Last, 100 words
The Chronicler, 2,276 words
Closed Eyes, 470 words
Dealing with Naughty and Nice, 2,165 words
Dear Human, 1,132 words
Ever Untouched, 100 words
Excerpt, 633 words
The Fading of His Light, 5,047 words
Fishing, 100 words
From Their View, 864 words
The Golden Sea (To Come), 2,349 words
The Growing of Christmas, 2,712
Happy At Last, 1,438 words
Hers, 100 words
Journey For A Little While Longer, 100 words
Little Bunny Lover Foo Foo, 2,922 words
Love One Another, 861 words
Maybe Then, 790 words
One More Child’s Happiness, 1,658 words
One of Many, 1,122 words
One Special Kitty, 3,806 words
One Way Home, 7,710 words
One Witch’s Holiday Wish, 1,548 words
Paradisum Sanctum, 3,510 words
Protector of the Forest, 2,122 words
The Rainforest Way of Life Episodes, 632 words
The Rainforest Way of Life Secondary Characters, 905 words
The Rainforest Way of Life: Summary, 560 words
The Tale of Saint Ollie, 3,675 words
Their Missions, 1,272 words
To Gain A Friend’s Pardon, 5,477 words
To Protect True Innocents, 1,461 words
To Lay with the Lion, 3,052 words
A True Christmas Miracle, 2,366 words
The True Story of Hansel and Gretel, 3,015 words
A Writer’s Release, 754 words
You Didn't See Me, 100 words


Danger in the Home, 1,984 words
Dreams of Purrfection, 1,012 words
The Greatest Gift, 1,449 words
Halloween Hitchhiker, 3,015 words
A Healing Halloween, 6,241 words
They Fell Together, 198 words
The Kittytown Knights, 3,437 words
The Time of Our Lives, 903 words


Benjamin Franklin Sorted into Ravenclaw, 316 words
Walt Disney Sorted into Hufflepuff, 646 words
Why I Hate the X-Men Movies, 1,071 words

Multiple Pairings:

Kittytown Knights: A Little Magic (and A Lot of Love), 3,986 words
Love Is, 369 words


Waiting For My Queen, 331 words


His, 228 words

Penguins of Madagascar:


Private + Skipper + Ensemble: Friends or Lunacorns, 668 words


Kaboom, 500 words


My Dear Kowalski, 300 words


Home Is Where The Unit Is, 417 words

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:


Missing His Goddess, 100 words

Peter Pan:


Peter: The Truth Within, 200 words
Peter and Original Characters: One Dark Night In London, 1,141 words
Wendy + Peter: Lost Girl, 1,299 words


With or Without, 1,931 words

Pirates of the Caribbean:


All He Ever Really Needed, 1,023 words
The Captain's Favorite Treasure, 1,181 words
A Christmas On the Ocean, 1,176 words
A Condemned Man, 593 words
Crow's Nest Ahoy, 311 words
Everything, 1,244 words
For Another Day, 1,040 words
Good Fortune, 1,173 words
His World, 1,430 words
I Kissed A Girl, 307 words
Like A Dream, 1,453 words
Love Steers True, 1,549 words
O Captain! My Captain!, 202 words
Pirate In Love, 629 words
A Pirate's Lonely Heart, 1,546 words
A Pirate's Tears, 1,386 words
Rain, 1,043 words
The Rest of the Story, 1,132 words
Sealed, 953 words
A Silent Toast, 200 words
Wherever Jack Leads, 1,077 words



Grandmother Willow + Original Characters: The Protection of a Kind, Old Grandmother, 1,956 words
Grandmother Willow + Pocahontas: Freedom, 200 words
Nakoma + Grandmother Willow + Pocahontas: The Princess Is Gone, 95 words

John Rolfe/Pocahontas:

Taking His Princess Home, 1,701 words

John Smith/Pocahontas:

One Love (To Change It All), 995 words
Return to the Hate, 1,345 words
Voices in the Wind, 796 words


Perhaps In Another World, 1,309 words
Without Her, 250 words

Power Rangers:


Never Say, 100 words
Untitled Sentence Fic, 71 words


All Work and No Play…, 250 words
Better with Her, 400 words
Cat and Bird, 250 words
Jump, 250 words
Legends in Their Own Time, 1,793 words
Let Them Hate, 250 words
Nightmare, 200 words
A Proud Freak, 200 words
Something Special With You, 303 words
Their Dearest Friends, 250 words

Multiple Pairigs:

Zack/Trini + Billy/Jason: A Helpless Pair, 200 words


Trini’s Home, 200 words

Prison Break:


Finally Fulfilled, 1,668 words

Real People:


General Robert E. Lee: At the War’s End, 3,142 words

Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom:

One of These Days, 400 words

Kate McKinnon/Leslie Jones

Bust A Dream, 250 words

Rise of the Guardians:


Jack: But For Love, 1,645 words



Behind the Glasses, 150 words
The First Battle, 250 words
We Shine The Brightest Together, 957 words
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