Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Batman Master Post


Time To Regrow, 250 words


Alfred's Best Birthday, 500 words
Old Dog, 500 words
The Old, The Young, & In Between, 500 words
Resignation Denied, 500 words


The Addled Bat, 1,281 words
Another Night of Heat, 1,088 words
A Cat’s Purr, 330 words
Catbird, 100 words
Catwoman, Heroine of Gotham, 10,756 words
The Catwoman's Arcadia, 656 words
Catwoman's Christmas Heist, 1,164 words
Damn the Details, 1,477 words
Friend or Foe, 415 words
Her Answer, 1,569 words
Her Bat, 1,914 words
Her Favorite Prey, 939 words
A Heroine's Secret Creditor, 440 words
Lies in the Storm, 2,050 words
The Man She Didn't Leave, 1,295 words
Only Human, 271 words
Only One, 200 words
Pairs, 388 words
Play Time, 656 words
Putty, 217 words
A Rare Night, 916 words
Shut Up and Be Mine, 1,468 words
Silly Bat, 432 words
Still A Mistake, 866 words
To Mend Broken Hearts, 1,921 words
Under His Influence, 200 words
A Very Happy Birthday For Missus Wayne, 1,207 words
Winging Into the New Year, 721 words


Cat and Kitten, 200 words
A Late Night Snack, 250 words
The Lap of Luxury, 442 words

Catwoman/Poison Ivy:

So Easy, 494 words
Their New Paradise, 1,633 words
Too Much Care, 1,873 words


Arizona + Catwoman: Going Back Home, 250 words
Batman/Catwoman + Poison Ivy + Harley Quinn: Twitters, Giggles, and Purrs, 457 words
Catwoman + Batman + Furbabies: Another Hero, 2,104 words
Catwoman + Cats: The Catwoman's Heaven, 441 words
Catwoman + Cats: Defenestrating Surprise, 1,675 words
Catwoman + Poison Ivy + Cats: Unexpected Recruit, 1,265 words
Gordon + Batman: A Moot Question, 279 words
Gordon + Batman: Silent Acknowledgements, 500 words
Killer Croc: Not A Hero, 930 words


A Serious Promise, 1,166 words

Multiple Pairings:

Batman/Catwoman + Poison Ivy/Harley: Batchicken, 1,095 words
Ivy/Harley + Joker/Harley: The High Road, 250 words
Ivy/Harley + Joker/Harley: Letting Her Go, 250 words
Ivy/Harley + Joker/Harley: The Reason Behind Her Smiles, 469 words


Ahead of the Pain, 1,072 words
What Isn’t Said, 1,251 words

Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn:

Again, 224 words
Another To Stay Forever, 665 words
Birthday Circus, 1,093 words
Blooming Love, 579 words
Budding Toward Healing, 2,447 words
Caught Up in Her Vines, 692 words
The Coming of Spring’s Clown, 867 words
The First Day (of the Rest of Their Lives), 1,297 words
For Their Future Together, 500 words
Growing Her Love, 780 words
Her Greatest Blessing, 1,325 words
Here We Go Again, 226 words
How Her Garden Grows, 793 words
Ivy’s Sunshine, 442 words
Ivy's World, 1,224 words
Joke Gone Flat, 322 words
Out of the Vines, 3,662 words
A Perfect Day, 100 words
Queens of the World, 1,061 words
Red, 250 words
Sweetly Breathless, 200 words
That Slow Healing Touch, 1,684 words
Their Spring, 1,204 words
Their Winter Wonderland, 1,463 words
Through the Storms, 237 words
Timber, 545 words
Time For Games, 1,594 words
True Paradise, 1,081 words
What A Way To Go!, 250 words
Work Before Fun and Games, 200 words

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