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A Daughter's Sacrifice

Title: A Daughter's Sacrifice
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: X-Men Movies (Don't faint! It's for a challenge!)
Character/Pairing: Jean, Charles
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: superhero_land: Rewrite the Stars (If you join, be sure to tell them KatLeePT of Team Marvel sent YOU!)
Warning(s): AU, Character Deaths
Word Count: 624
Date Written: 18 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She had felt like this one time before, earlier on the lake, earlier when Scott had . . . when this thing, this monster, inside of her had killed her. She’d tried explaining to the Professor. He wouldn’t listen. Now it was happening again! It felt like there was a fire raging inside of her. She would claw her own skin off if she thought it would stop the madness, the pain, the terror . . .

“GODDESS!” she heard Storm cry somewhere in the chaos of the battle. Her best friends, her only friends, were fighting for their very lives all around her, and it looked to her like they were losing the battle. Worse of all was the fact that the Professor just would not listen to her. He was trying to do the impossible.

He was trying to do the impossible, Jean realized, because he couldn’t face what had to be done. None of them would, not even Logan. They loved her too much, and she had already killed today or, rather, this thing inside of her, this Demon or whatever it was had killed the man she loved. In a few more moments, if she didn’t do something, if the Professor didn’t stop trying to save her from the monster within her, and she knew he wouldn’t, she was going to kill again.

This time the monster within her would kill the man who was her closest friend, her closest confidante. Charles was even more of a father to her than her own daddy. He had been here for her her entire life. Tears flooded from her eyes. She wasn’t going to be with him in his death. She wasn’t going to cause his death!

She realized there was another voice screaming a second before she realized it was her own. Pain flashed over Charles’ face, and Jean immediately reached inside -- not inside of him, but inside of her own self, her own soul. This monster was coming from her, and she would end it. She closed her eyes and wept even as she fought.

She found the power. She embraced the power, and then she turned it in on itself, on herself. When the thing inside of her had killed Scott, it had happened so fast. She hadn’t had a chance to stop it, to even process what was really happening until it was gone, but this time . . . This time, as the whole world shook around her and she screamed and screamed, she had the upper hand.

Her eyes flew open, but they were no longer normal eyes, not even for a mutant. Flames leapt from them.

“JEAN!” Charles cried. He reached out for her. His mind attempted again to touch hers. Others were calling for her too. She heard Logan and Ororo, but then her voice drowned theirs out.

“NO!” She would not allow this monster to kill again, especially not to kill her friends, her family, her father. “NO!” She shattered from the inside out as the battle finally ceased and her friends cried all around her.

Charles’ face fell into his hands as he wept uncontrollably. “No . . . No . . . No . . . “ he kept repeating over and over again.

A chilling wind mingled with raindrops swept through what remained of the house. Logan howled as Ororo sobbed to her Goddess.

Across the room, feeling as though he was a thousand miles further, Erik watched Charles fall apart, though not literally as Jean had, as she had almost done to him. The girl had done what had to be done. “She saved you,” he whispered though he could not be heard. “She saved us all.” But it was Charles who his eyes lingered, and Charles whose life he would always be grateful Miss Grey had saved.

The End

Tags: x-men: jean
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