Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Buffy Comm Coming!

I've been working on this in semi-secret for some time now and decided this morning that I will post to see if anyone would like to help me with some of the posts. We have several wonderful Buffy comms, and it's still an active fandom, but as far as I am aware, there is no single comm on LJ that welcomes ALL the characters year round unless, like with the delectable nekid_spike, it's one or two days of the month.

I plan on running a monthly challenge that's open to fic or art and a biweekly drabble challenge, but I would also like to incorporate a Pic a Day thing and some kind of icon challenge. These two are the ones I could most use volunteers for, although if someone would like to helm one of the other challenges too, I'll be happy to consider it. What I'm thinking is we could maybe take turns on the Pic A Day thing; there are several comms where one person runs the daily posts one week, one person does it the next week, and a third person runs the third week. An icon challenge is something I would like to be able to offer, but I have NO experience in running icon challenges and very little experience in making them and am afraid I couldn't offer a fair challenge in that category.

So . . . Would anyone like to help?

Feel free to pass this among your friends too!
Tags: pimping, real life: ol friends are the best
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