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Good News, Bad News, & Some Advice

Got in fine from the post-op yesterday but was far too wiped out to be able to make a most. I DID manage about another k in words, but that was IT for me last night. So here we go . . .

The absolute best thing that has happened to me in several days is that when I went out to get the kids in yesterday evening while Drew was gone getting her IV, I SAW NIKKI!!!!!!!!!! He's doing fine, but he still runs like the wind whenever he spots a human. :( I don't know how to help him realize it's me, but I'd really like to get him back safely inside the trailer. The best I can figure from the way he ran from the dogfood (which has catfood mixed in) and immediately disappeared is that he's living up inside the bottom of the trailer right now, so at least he's safe, but I know he can't be happy from how skittish he's acting. And there is NO WAY I can possibly get underneath the trailer right now.

I've got a picture that I'm hoping my webcam will allow me to scan better than my phone would. I want to show it to y'all, but I warn you it is NOT for the faint of heart or easily squeamish of stomach. It does, however, make a heck of a lot of sense of everything I've endured so far this year. Unfortunately I left it in the car, Drew's not home yet from her morning IV, and I am NOT about to go out there after it right now.

The doctor didn't seem to want me to go back to work yet, but he also didn't want to argue with me against it. But I know I'm not ready, as much as I wanted to, said I would, and honestly planned on being back Friday. So we made a compromise. I go back Sunday, work two days, off two days. That way, if I need to, I can fly straightaway to him when I get off Monday.

I was concerned about how my work team/family would take the news, especially Mel who's been having to endure so much by herself. They all made it crystal clear that their top concern is as it should be (and I'm not just saying this because it's me): they want me to get well. Mrs. O actually said I better get my butt back home and in the bed, stop worrying about them, and just LAY LAY LAY. And she said I better take it extremely easy when I do go back. She knows I'm one of those people who have a mindset of GO GO GO (thus the LAY LAY LAY). I never should've worried about upsetting them. I really do have a good group right now. I'm blessed by many of them, especially O and Mel. <3

I am tired already of hurting, though. I couldn't take the medicine the hospital gave me; it made me sick. So instead I've been taking three Tylenol Extra Strength every three and a half hours, which is way more than I should be taking. It's been helping a lot up until last night. I could not sleep last night for the pain. I ended up upping the dose to four, and that's helping, but O brought out something that's made me think. They should be able to prescribe me something else, something I can take and something that will help me more than this OTC med is. That's where part of the advice comes in. What do y'all think about taking four Tylenol Extra Strength every three and a half hours versus the prescription medicines with which y'all are familiar? Is there something in particular you would recommend? I've still gotta get the name of the one they put me on. Another prescription I've had in the past for pain was prednisone, but that did absolutely NOTHING for me.

The other thing I was going to ask y'all for advice on is Nikki. Any ideas as to how I might be able to get him to come to me? I've tried everything I know to try, and I'm so limited right now. Drew getting him is completely out of the question; she couldn't even touch him when he was inside.

Another good thing that came from last night is little Kenzi was the only one who was unaware that Mommy couldn't sleep because of the pain I was in. She kept coming to me and cuddling with me, but she also wouldn't stop nipping me! But yeah, I finally bonded with her last night. <3

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