Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Letting Go

Title: Letting Go
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Boy/Girl Meets World
Character/Pairing: Eric/Feeny, Cory/Topanga, Shawn
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: slashthedrabble 489: Teacher
Warning(s): Character Death, Future Fic
Word Count: 558
Date Written: 15 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

He had dreaded this day happening. He had hoped it would never come while always knowing it would. It had to. As Mister Feeny would say if he had not been laying cold and still in the coffin just a few feet away from Cory, it was all part of growing up. Topanga’s arms slid around him from behind as she hugged him. She looked helplessly up at him. She just wanted to make things better, but there was no way the situation could be made better.


Cory closed his eyes and wrapped his arms tightly around his wife, who shed silent tears.

“Fee-hee-heenay! Fee-hee-heenay! Come on! Get up out of that coffin! Dude, you’re not kidding anybody!”

Cory shook himself. He smoothed his hands over Topanga’s arms and squeezed her shoulders before stepping away from her. He turned to look at his brother, who was snatching appetizers off of someone else’s plate as they passed by him. “Dude, this is a chill party! You really should stop playing dead so you can enjoy it!”

Cory’s face blanched at those words. He opened his mouth and shut it again. He wished to God Shawn was there with him instead of halfway around the world, still trying to reach them in time for the funeral. When Eric started shoving the appetizers into the coffin, dangling them tantalizingly in front of Feeny’s still, cold mouth, Cory finally forced himself to move.

He rushed across the room, grabbed his brother’s shoulders, and yanked him forcibly away from the coffin. “Eric!” Cory snapped while glancing around the room. Eric had drawn plenty of attention, but thankfully Cory didn’t see his wife, daughter, or her friend anywhere. He could only imagine what seeing her uncle playing with a corpse could do to his sweet Riley.

“Eric, get a hold of yourself!”

“Cor -- “ Suddenly, Eric’s smile was gone. Tears filled his eyes, and he blinked rapidly to keep them from falling. “He -- He was the best teacher ever!”

“Yes,” Cory agreed patiently, “he was.” Then the truth hit him as he thought of all the times he had seen his brother with his favorite teacher, a man who had arguably been even more of a father to him than his own, dear dad. He recalled their exchanges and remembered how Eric had sang to him at graduation and even laid down in his lap. He looked into his brother’s tear-filled eyes as Eric shook and trembled in his arms. “He was more than that to you, wasn’t he?” he whispered.

Eric nodded. His mouth opened. He tried to speak, but he couldn’t. Finally he just wailed long and loud. Cory pulled him into his arms. “It’s okay,” he said, chastely kissing the top of his brother’s shaggy head. “It’s okay. Let it go.”

Eric wailed, and as he did, Cory wondered what was to become of them now. Now they were truly adults. Now they were truly lost. His brother was a widower, and no one would ever know how much he had loved Feeny except -- Cory blinked through his own tears as he saw Topanga and Shawn moving rapidly closer. Without saying a word, they sat beside him and held his brother as he cried. Okay, so maybe Cory wasn’t the only one who had seen Eric’s love for Feeny after all.

The End
Tags: boy meets world: cory/topanga, boy meets world: ensemble, boy meets world: feeny/eric
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