Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

A New Kind of Love Story

Title: A New Kind of Love Story
Author: Kat Lee
Fandoms: Cinderella/Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Character/Pairing: Lucifer, Salem
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: ficlet_zone 3: Jimmy Buffett Song Titles: A Love Song (From A Different Point of View) and Wonderful World of Make Believe: A New Cinderella Story
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 911
Date Written: 15 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

“If you ask me, if the other kingdom attacks, she’ll get everything she deserves.”

“You sound like you’re not exactly fond of our new Queen.”

“She’s not my Queen.” The figure in the shadows sniffed disdainfully. Sharp claws kneaded the seat below him. “She’ll never be my Queen. She’s still just a little girl playing at being a grown up and who’s managed to make a few lucky choices for herself.”

“Really? I’m sure the kingdom would find that theory quite interesting.”

“It’s not a theory, stranger. It’s the facts. You see none of you know her as I do.”

“You know her?”

“Oh, yes, quite purrsonally. You see, my mistress took her when she had nowhere else to go.” His bushy tail struck the stool beneath him for emphasis. “She took her in when she didn’t even own the cinders on her little face, and yet how was her kindness rewarded? Cinderella, as you lot call her, cast her and her daughters out of the kingdom. She never cared about them; she only cared for what they could do for her. Once she achieved higher than they could offer her, she banished them.”

“An interesting story -- “

“So’s yours.” Green eyes gleam at him from the darkness. “I’ve heard about you, Salem Saberhagen. I heard you already tried to conquer the worlds once, and you were a man when you tried it before -- “

“Not a man,” Salem interrupted with a disdainful sniff. “I was a Wizard, one of the most powerful Wizards ever born.”

“And now you’re a cat. Same as me.” The thick, bushy tail swept through the shadows again. It tapped the wall behind him for emphasis this time. “What makes you think you have anything to offer me, or us?”

“Because, my dear fellow, I have connections. I may no longer have my magicks, but I have connections in all the right places. We are growing again, gathering together once more -- “

“For what?” The other cat laughed. “To see if they can turn you into a frog instead of a cat?”

“Does it matter what I am or am not as long as I can give you revenge for your mistress?”

“No.” He thought about the situation for a moment as he padded around in a circle on the stool. Finally he laid down and licked an ebony paw. “No, I suppose it does not. What matters most is we make that little bitch pay. Do you know she favors mice over us? Rodents! She lets rodents live in the palace with her while we cats are forced to scrounge on the streets like common mutts for whatever bits of food the humans have not already gulped down!”

“When we move this time, my friend, it will be the humans begging for scraps from us, and all those who have been unjustly wronged will have their vengeance. Serve me well, Lucifer, and you may yet have what you want most -- “

“And what do you think that is?”

“What every cat wants.” This time Salem’s long, jet black tail struck the air. “To rule over all you survey. To be your mistress’ King. To have her lick your boots instead of kicking you with hers. You speak ill of Cinderella, and you have every right to, but your mistress was no Saint. She never treated you the way you deserved.”

“No,” Lucifer agreed, kneading the seat beneath him and swishing his tail, “you’re right. She didn’t.”

“Stick with me, my friend, and you’ll go far. Do as I ask, and by this time next year, they won’t be talking about the love story of the common chimney sweeper’s daughter who made the Prince fall in love with her. They’ll be talking of the cat who overthrew the royal couple and whispering your name in fear.”

Lucifer grinned, and his fangs seemed to glow in the tavern lit only by the dying fireplace. “Now that,” he said, kneading eagerly, “is the kind of love story I like to hear!”

“And hear it you shall. Just remember who you spoke to this night and in this place, and remember to come running when I call for your aid.”

Lucifer cackled. “I see now why you have so many followers, Salem.”

Salem winked as he padded over to the fireplace. “To Hell and beyond,” he chortled darkly. “Soon, the Witches’ Council won’t know what hit them, and neither will your Cinderella or your mistress! We will rule it all, Lucifer!” He jumped into the fire and vanished, leaving the fat, tavern cat to ponder his words.

Lucifer’s ears laid back against his head as he heard laughter. He picked up a bone from beneath his stool and threw it with expert ease, striking the dog unconscious. “Shut up, mutt,” he growled, shifting his weight on his stool and slashing the air again with his tail. “It can happen! It will happen! Cats will one day rule you all!” He settled down to dream fat and sassy dreams like he hadn’t had since the days when he had picked on the girl with soot on her face from his mistress’ fireplace. Oh, yes, let Cinderella think she had everything she’d ever wanted! Soon, very soon, she’d find out who her true Master was! Soon, very soon, he would rule them all!! He laughed until he dozed, having good dreams for the first time since his beloved mistress had been ran out of town.

The End
Tags: cinderella: lucifer, crossover, crossover fic, sabrina teen witch: salem
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