Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Stepping Toward the Future

Title: Stepping Toward the Future
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Generation X
Character/Pairing: Emma, Mild Sean/Emma, Everett/Monet, Adrienne, Ensemble
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: superhero_land: Rewrite the Stars (If you join, be sure to tell them Kat Lee of Team Marvel sent YOU!)
Warning(s): AU
Word Count: 1,075
Date Written: 15 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to Marvel Comics and Disney, not the author, and are used without permission.

“Em, ye’re nae giin’ tae di that.” The soft, Irish voice should not have startled her, but it did.

Emma flinched but kept her hands behind her back, out of her sister’s sight. “She killed Everett, Sean,” Emma said without turning around. “I’m going to give her exactly what she deserves.”

“No,” another soft-speaking voice politely disagreed, “you’re not.” Monet strode forward. “He was my best friend, Miss Frost, my . . . my first kiss. You’re going to let me do what needs to be done.”

Emma slid her gun back into its holster underneath her white leather jacket and turned to face Monet and Sean. Her ice blue eyes flashed back and forth between the two. “You want me to step down, Cassidy,” she nearly snarled, “and let a child do what I should be doing?!”

“She’s yer sister, Em,” Sean tried to reason with her.

“All the more reason why I should be -- “

“You know, this little family squabble over me is nice and all, but do you really expect me to just sit here and let you decide how you’re going to kill me?!” Adrienne laughed as she stood up and pushed away from her desk. “Emma, Emma, you of all people should know better! Do you really think Everett was my only way of reaching you?” She took a detonator device out of her top drawer and smiled at the mutants gathered in front of her. “I have entire school rigged to blow.”

“No,” Jubilee said, stepping up from around Monet. “You did, bitch.”

“Jubilation -- “

“Save the lecture for another time, Irish. She is what she is, and we are what we are. You cross one X-Man, lady, you cross ‘em all.” She folded her arms in front of her chest.

Standing beside her, Monet’s brown eyes widened as she heard a growl. She looked quickly behind Jubilee and released an audible sigh of relief when she spotted Wolverine. “You shoulda called, Irish.”

“We can handle our own, Wolverine.”

“We are our own. Generation X, X-Men, mutants. It doesn’t matter what you call us,” Jubilee retorted. “We’re all one big family, maybe not happy all the time, and maybe we don’t always get along.” She glanced at Monet. “But when you come at one of us, you come at all of us, and we never back down.”

“And we never let our own go without a fight,” Monet added, taking a step toward Adrienne.

“Careful now, children. You may think you have all the bombs -- “

“Oh, we have all the bombs,” Jubilee cut her off. “Wolvy’s nose doesn’t miss anything.”

“So now it’s time we settle the score.” Monet’s voice was almost eerily even.

Jubilee glanced at her. “M?”

“Sh. Don’t interrupt me, Jubilation.”

Jubilee rolled her eyes and started to make another retort, but Monet’s next words stopped her. “For Everett.”

Jubilee nodded. “For Ev.”

“Come on, Irish,” Wolverine spoke. “Girl’s got this.”

Jubilee hesitated a moment after Sean and Logan had left Adrienne’s office, but then she reached a hand out to Emma. The older mutant glared at her offered hand for just a moment, but then before Jubilee’s eyes, Emma’s own expression softened. For just a moment, she looked as ancient and weary as Jubilee had once thought her. Then she accepted her student’s hand and let her lead her from the office.

Monet, meanwhile, had locked eyes with Adrienne, and neither of them had moved. It was sometime after everyone else had left the office before they heard a wailing scream. Monet stepped calmly out of the office, Adrienne still screeching behind her.

“What did you do?” Emma questioned curiously.

“I left her alive,” Monet replied with an air of superiority.

“What did you do?” Paige whispered as the woman continued to scream and Generation X slowly began to walk away.

“Some stories are better not told, chica,” Angelo warned, drawing an arm around Paige’s waist and holding her close.

“I simply gave her a dose of her own medicine, as cliche as it sounds. Her mind is caught in an infinite loop where she sees what she tried to do to us happening to herself. Her family is falling apart. Her loved ones are dying. And there’s nothing she can do to save them.”

Monet looked up quickly as she heard Emma’s fleeting thought, I should have saved Everett.

“We all should have saved him, Miss Frost,” she said softly, sadly, “but we can not undo what has been done. What we can do is go forward and do the best we can with the time we still have on this Earth. We can stop menances like your sister, and like my brother, but not by making our own selves killers. There are always better ways.” She looked to Paige and Jubilee. “That’s one of the things the X-Men teach, isn’t it?”

Paige smiled softly. “You betcha.”

Jubilee glanced at Wolverine. “I don’t always agree that killing’s not the way,” she admitted, “but in this case, I think you dealt her a fair punishment. You sure she can’t break out of it?”


Emma smiled.

“What?” Sean asked.

“I think we’ve taught our students quite well despite everything.”

“I’d agree, lass, ‘cept that we have even more tae teach ‘em. Ye were nae plannin’ on giin’ anywhere now, were ye?”

They stepped out into the brisk evening, and Sean surprised Emma by holding his jacket open for her. Normally she would not have been caught dead in Boston Celts gear, but she couldn’t deny the fan holding it open with such a charming grin. “Not any time soon,” she replied, stepping into his jacket and letting him close it around her shoulders. She still wore her own jacket, but it did little good against the cold, Massachusetts Winter.

“Good,” he whispered against her ear as he buttoned his jacket around her, his emerald eyes twinkling, “because I t’ink th’ Massachusetts Academy an’ this whole lot, includin’ this ol’, stubborn buzzard, needs ye ‘round fer a long time tae come.” He thought of the ring in his pocket, the ring he’d carried for so long. It was time he sold it back to the shop. It was time he moved on with his life and let Moira go with whatever life she still possessed. It was time he planned for the future. It was time he stopped running and asked the White Queen out on a date.

The End
Tags: gen x: monet, gen x: sean/emma, gen. x: emma, gen. x: ensemble, x-men: emma
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