Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Dessert Battle

Title: Dessert Battle
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Gotham
Character/Pairing: Alfred, Cat, Bruce
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: comment_fic: Gotham (TV), Alfred Pennyworth & Selina Kyle, health food requested by profshallowness
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 200
Date Written: 13 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.


“But -- “


“You could at least try it.”


“Very well, but there’s no dessert until your plate is clean, young lady.”

“One, you’re not my dad. Never had one, don’t need one now.” Selina arched an eyebrow. “And secondly, do I look like Brucie over there?” Irritated, she jerked a thumb at the boy who she still refused to call her boyfriend, no matter how deeply she had come to care for him in the last few years. “You can’t lure me with chocolate cake.”

“No, but I know what I can lure you with.”

“Oh, really?” Selina shoved her chair away from the table, making sure to scrape its legs audibly across the floor, folded her arms above her chest, and glared up at the butler.

“Yes.” Alfred opened the freezer door and withdrew a pint of milk. He fetched a silver cup that looked more, to Selina’s widening eyes like a chalice, poured the milk into it, and placed it in front of her plate where it shimmered tantalizingly.

“Fine, but you know where you can shove your celery.”

“Of course, milady.” Alfred smiled smugly as she nipped the celery.

Bruce hid his smile behind chocolate.

The End
Tags: batman: alfred, batman: batman, batman: catwoman
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