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Bobo's Dream Girl

Title: Bobo's Dream Girl
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Midnight, Texas
Character/Pairing: Bobo/Fiji, Mister Snuggly
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: faerie_wish13: Summer and 1_million_words Monday Flash Challenge: Wildflowers
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 1,311
Date Written: 8 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

The Summer sun was blazing hot and high in the afternoon sky when he came across the field. Tall wildflowers swayed in the breeze, and he saw a bright, fast flash of orange among the tilting flowers. A cat leapt out of the flowers and caught one of the tall buds in his paws. He played with it, batting it about like a mouse, until he spotted a flying insect. He leapt after the bug, jumping completely up out of the flowers, grabbed the fly, and swallowed it whole.

The flowers seemed almost to part around him as he sat on a couple, licked his paws, and looked at the human watching him. He smirked up at him. “Why you staring at me, boy? We all know I’m not the one you want.”

Bobo blinked and was still contemplating the fact that the ginger tom could talk when the breeze around them seemed to change. The flowers still bent with it, but this time, colors stirred in the very wind. It swirled around them with flashing colors and daffodil puffs, and Bobo turned slowly, watching it until he spied another figure in the tall, seemingly never ending bed of flowers.

She turned and laughed in the breeze that lifted her long, dark hair. Her laughter was like the music, like the twinkling sound of Fairies might be if they existed -- and after all Bobo had seen since coming to Midnight, he wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the tiny, winged folk did exist. And if they did, Fiji, with her elegance, sweetness, and regalness would definitely fit in right amongst them.

Her name caught in his throat as he watched her dancing in the wildflowers. Her bare feet seemed to glide over the flowers, not crushing a single one beneath her. In fact, they seemed to glow brighter and healthier because of her presence there with them, much like he himself felt every time he was near her. There was something truly magical about his best friend, and not just because she was a Witch. She had a knack for healing, and her laughter and smiles were two of the best medicines he’d ever known.

He inched closer, almost afraid that if he moved, his living dream would break. He’d be alone with Fiji only in his lonely life as a friend, not beckoning to him as she seemed to be doing now. She smiled at him, and he felt his whole body warm. She held out her hands as she spun around again. Her dress was short and decorated with sunflowers, but the skirt still seemed to billow and swirl about her like the peasant skirts they both loved for her to wear.

He inched closer to her still. She didn’t shy away from him. She just opened her arms wider until the tips of her delicate fingers finally touched the backs of his coarse, rough hands. “Come to me, Bobo,” she whispered, her words sounding like a song on the warm air. “Dance with me. Be with me. Love me.”

He swallowed hard. “I already do, Fiji,” he said, and as he let her pull him to her, his lips were suddenly on hers. She didn’t shy away from his touch although she should. Heaven knew he could never deserve a woman like her. But instead she kissed him back with equal and growing passion. She placed his arms around her slender waist and began to sway with him there in the flowers on that bright, Summer day.

He expected the sun to turn black at any second or, at the very least, for her to turn and run from him. She was so beautiful, so sweet, so good. She was everything he could never deserve. But when she turned from him, it was only to place her back against his front, wrap his arms more tightly around her, and keep dancing. She turned again after a bit, lifted his face in her hands, and kissed him soundly. Her forehead lingered against his when the kiss was over, and she whispered words he’d longed to hear for so very long, “I love you.”

Birds suddenly flew up out of the field with a great, screeching noise. Bobo sat up, his dream over, but found himself still in Fiji’s bed, her arms just then sliding from him. His dream might have been over, but he was still living his dream, he realized, as she blinked up at him. “Is it time already?” she asked with a long, slow yawn. Only she could even make yawning cute, and he grinned down at her like the country buffoon he knew he was.

He should look at the clock, check the time, see exactly how many more minutes he could spend here with her in this dreamlike state. He should leave her bed, her side, and get ready for work. He shouldn’t even be here; he had no right to love someone as seemingly perfect as she was. Of course, he knew, after the events that happened last week, that Fiji was far from perfect. She, too, had her flaws, but she was still so much better than he.

For a moment, he remembered almost losing her forever because of the secret of his wretched family, but then he recalled that she, too, had secrets. He wouldn’t have blamed her if she’d left him because of his family, but her secret had made no difference in how he felt for her. He’d meant everything he’d said when they’d first made love together, and despite the horrors happening all around them at the time, making love to her had still been a dream come true. They’d been almost inseparable ever since, but he had been going in and doing his job.

She smiled up at him, looking up coyly from underneath her eyelashes. He knew she wasn’t used to flirting, but he could easily believe that she’d been taking lessons from Olivia if he didn’t know better. “Are you sure you have to go?” She reached up and stroked the stubble on his chin.

Bobo caught her hand, kissed its back, and then threaded their fingers together. “I should,” he murmured, but he was already sliding back down into bed beside her. “I don’t want to,” he added, “but I should.” He leaned closer and breathed in her scent; he swore he could still smell sunflowers plus vanilla, an assortment of herbs, and that sweet scent that was Fiji’s own personal aroma.

He rubbed his nose gently against hers. “Work can wait.” He kissed her then, long and deep, his free hand working its way back into her hair. If he had his way, he’d stay here forever and never leave Fiji’s loving arms. He had a business to run, but he was his own boss. Work could wait, he vowed again.

“Sheesh! Again, already?! Get a room, will ya?”

Fiji’s mouth left his in a cry. “Mister Snuggly!” she complained. “You get a room! This is my bedroom!”

“Hmph,” the cat muttered, whisking his tail from side to side as he stalked from his kitty bed through his mistress’ bedroom. “You never used to complain before he came along.”

Fiji lowered her head in embarrassment, her dark cheeks flushing darker, but Bobo just laughed. “I’m sorry -- “ she started to apologize.

Shaking his head, he told her, “No need. I love everything about you, Fij,” he said, looking up and into her dark, sincere orbs, “even the talking cat!”

She laughed, and again, her laughter sounded like music as he laid her gently back against her pillows and began to make love to her over and over. Work could definitely wait. He didn’t care if he ever saw that place or anything else beyond this room ever again as long as he had Fiji.

The End
Tags: midnight texas: bobo/fiji, midnight texas: mr snuggly
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