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Update & a Yay!

I need to do this more often, I know. Journals are for making journal entries, of course, after all, are they not? :)

First of all, I am continuing to mend well although I found out today that the doctor definitely had to cut more than he had originally intended. (And have I mentioned before that the doctor reminds me of Mister Feeny? I never realized it until the day of the op, when he was hovering about, waiting for those big, muscular anesthesiologists to get my IV in so he could do his job. Drew, on the other hand, saw it the moment he went out to talk to her, which was the first time she'd actually seen him.) I've managed to take a bath every day, although it tires me out to do so. Today, I actually managed to feel more (and thereby wash more) of the incision area. He had originally intended to make two small cuts. Well, it seems I've been sliced and diced from the left side of the part of the stomach that hangs over the, huh, womanly area to almost the very center. No wonder it's been kicking my butt!

But I AM going to go back to work this coming Friday, one way or another. I'm not about to keep letting poor Mel catch all the Hell she's been catching while I've been away. I knew it was going to be hard on her, but there's no excuse for just how bad it's been! We've talked the last two days, and today the poor dear was telling me about how she had to call for help out of the office and the A.M. got mad that she had to -- but the line was halfway down the freaking candy aisle! Which, let me tell you, is a loooooooooong line 'cause we have several displays and the entire fountain area before you even get to the aisles!

Drew, bless her heart, continues to do the best she can at doing everything the two of us usually need/have to do by herself. This is no easy task, I know, as I've made mention of before, and it's made worse by the fact that she's still having to go get IV treatments twice a day and is also having another serious bout with her TMJ. I admire my poor darling's strength; I really do. But we ARE continuing to see improvements with her feet, thank the good Lord. I haven't felt up to snapping new pics when I do her bandages yet, but the swelling has gone down considerably, the toe next to where the big toe was taken off before that looked so bad is almost normal (IS normal again for the way it's been since the big toe was cut off), the one hole that they're probably still going to have to drain is almost closed entirely despite the area around it still being puffed up considerably, and the bigger hole has again gone down in size!!! So the treatments definitely appear to be working but please continuing praying, well wishing, and all the rest of everything y'all have been doing to pull for us!!! God still works miracles to this day!!!!

And now for the YAY! -- I am SO very proud of one of my girls, little Maxine. Some of y'all might recall that I spent the better part of a morning last year in the woods near the house and the better part of a different afternoon also in the woods, working on saving two kitties who the dogs did not yet understand they'd best leave alone. One has been going out regularly since, but the other has just recently gotten to go out. She's the one we weren't sure about letting out but who got out and, unlike Nicholas, actually CAME TO ME the moment she saw me outdoors. We've let her out a couple of times since, and she's been coming in like a good girl.

But she didn't come home the day of my surgery when I wasn't able to go out and call her. The next evening, I managed to pull myself together and go out calling her. She wouldn't answer her name or kitty kitty but answered my meow. (Billy Diego aka Cabbit, another Manx, is another who answers my meow better than he does anything else.) Well, today was the first day we've let her out since, and she wasn't coming. I was getting concerned, started to head down to the old house which is where I picked her up at the last time. I'm about halfway there when I hear this urgent meow answering mine. I look, and there she is running across the road coming as fast and as hard as she can straight for Momma! I don't like that she was across the road, but that WAS a very good feeling indeed!!! She's one of Momma's few girls (Drew usually gets the females, for some reason), that's for sure!!!!! =)

And in other YAY! news, I managed 5k wordage this morning and am about to go try tackling some more words!! Wish me luck! And thank you, all, for all y'all do!!

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