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My Fandoms

Here, finally, is my effort to make a full list of my fandoms. I've broken the fandoms down into three sections: my all-time favorite fandoms, fandoms in which I have a moderate/passing interest in, and fandoms that, whereas I loved them at one time, I'm simply not that big on them these days. Fandoms are listed alphabetically in each category. Characters and couples listed in bold are my favorites. Plus (+) Signs are to indicate friendship or family relationships, slashes (/) to show romantic interests, and +/ or /+ stands for either or, meaning I'll happily take or write any relationship between those characters.

If you think I've missed a fandom or a character, please don't hesitate to ask! I have so very many it's far too easy to lose someone along the way!! :)

All-Time Favorites:

Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: Ace+Animals, Ace/OFC Kat O'Hara, Ace, Ace+Spike

Angel: Angel/Cordelia, Angel/Spike, Cordelia, Lorne, Doyle, Doyle+/Cordelia, Doyle+/Angel, Spike, Wesley, Cordelia+Her Guys, Dennis, Dennis+/Cordelia

The Aristocats: Thomas/Duchess, Marie, Berlioz, Toulose, Any combination of Thomas+Duchess+Kittens, Scat Cat, Scat Cat's Gang, Scat Cat/+Thomas, Any combination of Scat Cat+/Thomas+Catnip, Roquefort+Kittens, Billy Bass, Napoleon, Lafayette, Napoleon/+Lafayette

Batman: Batman/Catwoman, Catwoman, Catwoman+Cats, Batman+/Alfred, Catwoman+Alfred, Alfred, Batman/Nightwing, Nightwing/Oracle, Batman/Gordon, Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn, Ivy+Plants, Harley+Hyenas, Poison Ivy, Catwoman+/Poison Ivy, Catwoman/Eiko, Gordon/Harvey

Boy Meets World: Feeny/Eric, Feeny, Shawn, Cory/Shawn, Shawn/Cory/Topanga, Cory/Topanga, Topanga, Maya/Riley, Maya, Jack, Lucas/Riley

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike, Cordelia, Faith, Giles, Spike/Buffy, Giles/Buffy, Spike/Dawn, Spike/Cordelia, Spike+/Faith, Giles/Spike, Buffy/Faith, Faith/Dawn, Dawn, Kennedy/Willow, dead!orghost!Tara/Willow, Spike+Joyce, Giles/+Joyce, Kendra, Clem, Spike+Clem, Buffy/Willow

California Dreams: Jake/Lorena, Jake, Lorena, Sly/Tiffani, Sly, Sly/Alison, Jake/Mark, Tony/Sam, Sam

Catwoman: See Batman.

Excalibur: Shadowcat, Shadowcat/Phoenix, Nightcrawler+/Shadowcat, Meggan, Captain Britain/Meggan, Pete Wisdom/Shadowcat, Shadowcat+Lockheed, Wolfsbane, Douglock/Wolfsbane

Generation X: White Queen, Banshee, Banshee/+White Queen, Jubilee, Jubilee + Wolverine, Skin+/Jubilee, Chamer/Husk, Husk+Family, Chamber, Skin, Chamber+Skin, Synch+/Jubilee, Jubilee+/M, Jubilee+/Husk, White Queen+Students

Golden Girls: Blanche/Dorothy, Blanche, Miles/Rose, Sophia, Rose+Animals, Dorothy, Rose, Angelo

Gotham: See Batman.

Labyrinth: Jareth, Sir Didymus, Jareth/Sarah, Worm, Jareth+Worm, Jareth+Didymus, Hoggle, Sarah+adult!Toby

The Magnificent Seven: Ezra, Vin, Josiah, JD, Chris/Vin, Ezra/Inez, Chris/Ezra, Josiah/Nathan, Buck/JD, Chris/Buck, Inez, Nettie, Nettie+Vin, Casey, Maude, Josiah/Maude, Ezra+Maude, Rain, Nathan+Rain, Any combination of the guys and Inez, Mary, Nettie, Casey, or Gloria as FRIENDS

Midnight, Texas: Lemuel/Olivia, Lemuel, Olivia, Fiji, Bobo/Fiji, Mister Snuggles, Emilio, Joe/Chuy, Xylda, Manfred+Xylda

Pocahontas: John Smith/Pocahontas, Pocahontas, Pocahontas+Meeko, Pocahontas+Animals, Meeko, Meeko+Percy, Pocahontas/Nakoma, Thomas/Nakoma

Sabrina The Teenage Witch: Salem, Sabrina, Harvey/Sabrina, Zelda, Sabrina/Libby

Saved by the Bell: Jessie, Slater/Jessie, Tori, Zack/Tori, Zack/Kelly, Lisa

Smallville: Lex/Clark, Lex, Clark, Martha, Lex+Martha, Jonathan/Martha, Clark+Chloe, Jimmy/Chloe

Step By Step: Rich/Dana, Dana, Rich, Cody, Al, Jean-Luc, Fabio, Karen, Carol, Frank/Carol, Carol+Jean-Luc, Jean-Luc/Fabio, Cody/Dana, Cody/Karen, JT/Sam

Supernatural: Dean+/Sam, Dean, Sam, Crowley, Dean/Crowley, Rowena, Wee!Chesters, Any combination of Bobby+Winchesters, Bobby/John, Rowena+Crowley, John/Mary, Castiel, Jody/Donna, Alex, Claire+Castiel, Dean+Claire, Any combination of Jody+Donna+Alex+Claire, Dean+/Baby, Charlie, Dean+Charlie, Dean/Benny, Dean+/Castiel

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Splinter+Tots, Splinter+Turtles, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, Michelangelo+Pizza, Donatello/Michelangelo, Raphael/Casey, Donatello/Raphael, Leonardo/Raphael, Venus de Milo, Splinter+Rufus, Splinter+April, Splinter

Xena Warrior Princess: Xena/Gabrielle, Xena, Gabrielle, Autolycus, Hercules+Xena, Iolaus+/Gabrielle, Aphrodite, Ares, Ares+Xena, Ares+Gabrielle, Aphrodite+Gabrielle, Aphrodite+Xena, Ares/Aphrodite, Cupid, Joxer, Joxer+Gabrielle, Argo, Xena+Argo, Tara, Salmoneous

X-Men: Beast/Iceman, Professor X/Magneto, Wolverine/Storm, Wolverine/Sabertooth, Storm/Shadowcat, Storm/Rogue, Shadowcat/Prestige, Nightcrawler+/Shadowcat, Nightcrawler/Beast, Nightcrawler/Wolverine, Nightcrawler/Storm, Beast/Storm, Wolverine+Jubilee, Jubilee+Shogo, Wolverine+Shadowcat, Wolverine/Jubilee, Wolverine+Cannonball, Jubilee+/Skin, Banshee+/White Queen, Cyclops/White Queen, White Queen, Storm, Shadowcat, Jubilee, Beast, Magneto, Professor X, Iceman, Iceman+Parents, good!Sabertooth, Shadowcat/Magik, Colossus+Magik, Iceman/Judah, Professor X+Jean, Storm/Jean Grey, Jubilee/Pixie, Jubilee+/X-23, any combination of Wolverine+Jubilee+Gambit+X-23, Shadowcat+Lockheed, Nature Girl, Nature Girl+Animals, Lockheed, Joseph, Joseph/Rogue, Mystique, Mystique/Destiny, Bishop+Shard, Namor/White Queen, Namor, Storm/Callisto, Pixie, Polaris, (Arch)Angel/Psylocke, Polaris+Magneto, Any combination of Magneto+Scarlet Witch+Quicksilver, Wolfsbane, Gambit+/Storm, Storm/+Rogue, Rico, Rogue, Iceman+Rogue, Sabertooth/Mystique, Cannonball, Wolverine/Cyclops, Wolverine+/Banshee

Moderate Fandoms:

The Addams Family: Gomez/Morticia, Any combination of Lurch/Thing/Fester, Morticia, Wednesday, Thing, It, Gomez, Lurch

Beauty and the Beast: Beast/Belle, Cogsworth/Lumiere, Beast, Mrs. Potts+Chip, Mrs. Potts+Any, Lumiere, Sultan, Maurice/Mrs. Potts

Cars: Lightning/Mater, Mater, Doc, Lightning/Doc, Chico/Ramone

Charmed: Prue/+Piper, Piper, Prue, Cole/Piper, Leo/Piper, Cole/Prue, Kit, Any combination of Prue+/Piper+/Phoebe, Andy/Prue, Mark/Piper, Cole, Victor/Patty, Patty, Penny

Cinderella: Cinderella/Other Disney Princesses, Jacques/Gus, Gus, Lucifer

Despicable Me: Minions, Any combination of Gru+Margo+Edith+Agnes+Lucy, Gru, Margo, Edith, Agnes, Agnes+Lucky

Earth Girls Are Easy: Mac, Wiploc, Zeebo, Bambi, Mac/Valerie, Wiploc/Candy

Elvira, Mistress of the Dark: Elvira, Gonk

Full/Fuller House: Jesse, DJ, Any combination of Jesse/+Danny/+Joey, DJ/Kimmy, Steve/DJ, Fernando, Matt/DJ

Guardians of the Galaxy: Rocket, Rocket/+Groot, Gamora, Drax, Peter/Gamora, Yondu+Peter, Nebula/Gamora

Hocus Pocus: Binx, Binx/Dani, Sarah, Billy/Sarah, Max/Alison, Winifred+Book, Book

House of Mouse: Walt+/Mickey, Mickey/Donald/Goofy, Max, Goofy+Max, Any of my other Disney couples (see other Disney fandoms for those listings)

The Lion King: Simba/Nala, Nala, Simba, Timon/Pumbaa, Pumbaa, Mufasa, Sarabi, Mufasa/Sarabi, Rafiki, Kovu, Kovu/Kiara

Modern Family: Cam/Mitch, Jay/Gloria, Gloria, Cam, Alex, Phil/Claire, Claire+Mitch, Haley, Manny, Dylan/Haley, Cam+Gloria

Once Upon A Time: Red, Regina, Rumplestiltskin, Red/Snow, Rumplestiltskin/Belle, Robin/Regina, Daniel/Regina, Emma/Regina, Charming/Snow, Henry, Regina+Henry, Emma+Henry, Any combination of Regina+Henry+Emma, Mulan, Mulan/Rapunzel, Red/Dorothy, Mulan/Red, Gepetto, Gepetto+Pinocchio, August/Emma, Mad Hatter, Hook/Emma, Hook, Lily, Lily/+Emma, Grumpy, Grumpy+Snow, Snow+Dwarfs, Grumpy/Astrid, Robin, Snow, Lumiere, Grumpy+Belle, Roland, Robin+Roland, Regina+Roland, Henry+Roland, Regina+Zelena, Archie, Archie+/Red, Archie+/Gepetto, Archie+Regina, Archie+Henry

Peter Pan: Hook, Hook/Smee, Wendy/Tiger Lily, Tiger Lily/Tinkerbell

Pirates of the Caribbean: Jack/Will, Jack+Gibbs, Jack+Pearl, Ragetti/Pintel, Cotton, Marty, Cotton+Parrot, Davy Jones/Calypso

Puss In Boots: Puss, Puss/Donkey, Kitty, Puss/Kitty

ReBoot: Matrix/AndrAla, AndrAla, Mouse, Ray/Mouse, Phong, Frisket, Matrix+Frisket, Dot+Matrix, Captain Capacitor

Rise of the Guardians: Jack, Santa, EB, Sandy

Scorpion: Toby/Happy, Sly, Cabe, Happy, Walt+Raph, Walt/Paige, Toby, Walter, Raph, Paige, Cabe+Raph, Cabe+Sly

Shrek: Puss/Donkey, Donkey+/Shrek, Shrek/Fiona, Fiona, Doris, Puss, Donkey, Gingy, Wolf, Snow

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Snow/Other Disney Princesses, Grumpy/Snow, Dopey/Snow, Charming/Snow, Any combination of Snow+Dwarfs

Supergirl: Alex/+Kara, Alex/Maggie, Alex, Alex+/J'onn, Kara, Winn, Winn+/Kara, Jimmy, Cat, Cat/Kara, Mon-El+/Kara, Maggie, Lena, Lena/Kara, Lyra, Winn/Lyra, Jimmy+Kara, J'onn+Kara

Winnie the Pooh: Rabbit/Tigger, Tigger, Pooh, Pooh/Piglet, Owl, Tigger+Roo, Tigger+Kanga

Older Fandoms:

The Adventures of Brisco County Junior: Brisco/Bowler, Brisco+Comet, Comet, Brisco, Bowler, Socrates, Brisco/Scorates

The Adventures of Peter Rabbit: Peter+/Lily+/Benjamin, Peter/Lily, Benjamin, Benjamin/Peter

Aladdin: Rajah, Jasmine, Rajah+Jasmine, Aladdin/Jasmine, Aladdin, Aladdin/Genie, Genie/Carpet, Genie, Aladdin+Abu

Alice in Wonderland, Burton: Cheshire, Cheshire/Hatter, Hatter, Hatter/Alice, White Queen+/Alice

Alice in Wonderland, Classic Disney: Dinah, Alice, Hatter, Cheshire

Allegiance: Mark/Katya

Animorphs: Tobias/Rachel, Rachel, Tobias, Jake/Cassie, Cassie+Animals, Marco, Ax

Archie: Betty/Veronica

Avengers: Doctor Strange, Tigris, Beast, Valkyrie, Hawkeye/Black Widow, Captain America, Captain America/Iron Man, Iron Man/Hulk, Thor, Thor/Loki, Loki, Doctor Strange/Tigris, Tigris+Catnip, Quicksilver+/Scarlet Witch, Any combination of Quicksilver+Scarlet Witch+Magneto+Polaris, Black Widow, Iceman

Bambi: Bambi/Flower, Bambi, Flower, Thumper, Owl

Barbie Movies: Wolfie, Seraphina, Wolfie/+Seraphina, Merliah/Kylie, Bumble, Miette, Roselli, Sagi, Tika, Azul, Sagi/Azul

Batman and Robin: Robin/Batgirl, Robin, Batgirl, Batgirl+Alfred, Batman+Alfred, Any family combination of Batman+Robin+Batgirl+Alfred, Poison Ivy

Becker: Becker/Linda, Becker, Linda, Bob, Bob/Linda, Becker/Bob, Becker+Jake

Beetlejuice: Beetlejuice+/Lydia, Lydia

The Beverly Hillbillies: Elly, Granny, Elly+Animals, Jed

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: Papi/Chloe, Papi, Delgado, Delgado+/Chloe, Montezuma

Bewitched: Endora, Samantha, Maurice, Maurice+/Endora

Bible: Jesus/Judas, Noah, David versus Goliath

Big Wolf On Campus: Tommy/Merton, Merton, Tommy/Stacey, Tommy, Stacey

Birds of Prey: Helena, Barbara, Helena/Barbara, Barbara/Dinah, Jesse/Helena

Blades of Glory: Chazz/Jimmy

Bravestarr: Bravestarr/3030, 3030

Bucky O'Hare and the Toad Wars: Bucky/Jenny, Jenny

Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Wheeler/Linka, Linka, Gaia, CP/Gaia, Lee

The Cat Returns: Baron

Chronicles of Narnia: Aslan, Tumnus/Lucy, Lucy, Susan, Mr. and Mrs. Beaver, Reepicheep

The Crazy Ones: Simon, Sydney, Simon+Sydney

Darkwing Duck: Darkwing/Morgana, Darkwing/Launchpad, Darkwing+Gosalyn, Gosalyn/+Honker

Dawson's Creek: Pacey/Andie, Andie, Jack+Andie, Jack/Doug, Grams, Pacey, Dawson/Joey, Jack+Jen

Defenders of the Earth: Keesa, Mandrake/Jedda, Rick/Jedda, Jedda, Jedda+Phantom, Mandrake+KShin, KShin+Zuffy

Desperate Housewives: Gabrielle, Bree/Gabrielle, Bree, Tom/Lynette, Bob/Lee, Lee

Dinosaurs: Robbie, Charlene, Earl/Fran, Baby

Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman: Sully, Colleen, Sully/Mike, Matthew, Loren+Brian, Horace, Timothy, Timothy+/Mike, Horace, Horace/Myra, Cloud Dancing, Robert, Grace, Robert/Grace, Dorothy, Loren+/Dorothy, Wolf

Downtown Abbey: Bates/Anna, Cybil, Tom/Cybil, Cora, Dowager Countess Violet, Isobel, Carson, Mrs. Hughes, Carson/Hughes, Molesley/Phyllis, Mrs. Patmore, Molesley, Edith, Mary

Due South: Diefenbaker, Benton/Ray V., Benton, Bob, Francesca

Father of the Pride: Sierra, Sarmoti, Larry, Larry/Kate, Larry+Snack, Siegfried/Roy

The Flash: Cisco, Caitlin, Cisco+/Caitlin, Barry+/Joe

Frozen: Elsa/Anna, Elsa, Sven, Sven+Kristoff, Olaf, Kristoff, Anna

Garfield: Garfield, Odie, Garfield+Odie, Garfield+Other Animals like in Garfield 2 where he leads them in making the lasagna

Gargoyles: Goliath/Elisa, Hudson+Any Gargoyle or Elisa, Broadway, Brooklyn, Bronx, Lexington, Pretty much combination of the Gargoyles family

Ghostbusters: Peter/Janine, Egon/Janine, Egon, Peter+Slimer

Ghostbusters 2016: Erin/Abby, Jillian/Patty, Erin/Jillian, Erin/Patty

Girl Meets World: See Boy Meets World in All-Time Favorites.

Happy Days: Fonz, Fonz/Rich, Chachi, Joanie, Chachi/Joanie, Marion, Fonz+/Marion

Harry Potter: Albus/Severus, Hagrid, Hagrid+Animals, cat!Minerva, Dumbledore+Students, Albus+/Minerva, Harry/Hermione/Ron, Ron/Hermione, Harry+Hagrid

He-Man: Cringer, Battle Cat, Adam, Adam/Aurora, Cringer/Swiftwind, Glimmer

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys: Hercules/Iolaus, Autolycus, Iolaus, Hercules, Salmoneus, Hercules+Xena, Iolaus/+Gabrielle

High School Musical: Chad/Ryan, Ryan/Sharpay, Sharpay, Ryan

Hot In Cleveland: Elka, Victoria/Elka, Victoria, Santa/Elka, Melanie

Hotel Transylvania: Dracula, Dracula+Mavis, Mavis, Jonathan/Mavis, Frankie, Any combination of Dracula+Frankie+Wayne, Frankenstein/Eunice, Griffin

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Esmerelda

I Dream of Jeannie: Jeannie, Tony/Jeannie, Tony/Roger

The Jungle Book: Bagheera, Bagheera/Baloo, Any combination of Bagheera+Baloo+Mowgli, cub!Shere Khan

Jungle Cubs: See The Jungle Book.

Justice League: Clark/Lex, J'onn/Hawkgirl, Batman/Catwoman, Solomon+Hawkgirl, Cheetah/Wonder Woman, Cheetah/Catwoman

Kim Possible: Drakken/Shego, Ron/Kim, Kim/Shego, Wade, Ron+Rufus, Rufus

Kung Fu Panda: Tigress, Po/Tigress, Po+Shifu, Shifu, Po, Po+Mr. Ping

Lady and the Tramp: Tramp/Lady, Scamp/Angel, Lady, Si+/Am, Trusty/Jock, Jock, Lady, Tramp, Peg, Peg/Lady

Legends of Tomorrow: Leonard, Mick, Leonardo/Mick, Martin, Sara, Martin/Jax, Ray/Kendra, Kendra, Leonard+Sara, Mick+Sara, Sara/Lindsay, Leonard+Lisa

Leverage: Eliot, Sophie, Parker, Sophie/Parker, Eliot/Alec, Nate/Sophie, Eliot/Sophie, Alec/Parker, Nate/Eliot

The Librarians: Jacob, Jenkins, Ezekiel, Jenkins/+Cassandra, Eve/Cassandra, Jacob+Eve, Flynn/Eve, Jacob/+Flynn, Any combination of Flynn+/Eve+/Jacob, Judson, Charlene, Judson+/Charlene, Cassandra/Estrella, Estrella

Lilo & Stitch: Lilo+/Stitch, David/Nani, Jumba/Bleakley, Nani+Lilo

The Little Mermaid: Flounder, Sebastian, Ariel, Triton, Scuttle

Lord of the Rings: Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, Aragorn, Frodo/Sam, Frodo, Sam

Lost Girl: Kenzi, Bo, Trick, Kenzi+/Bo, Dyson/Bo, Dyson, Hale

Maleficent: Maleficent, Diaval, Diaval/Maleficent, Maleficent/Aurora

Monster High: Clawdeen, Cleo, Frankie, Clawdeen/Cleo, Cleo/Deuce, Draculaura, Abbey, Abbey/Lagoona, Clawd, Clawd+Clawdeen, Gil/Lagoona, InvisiBilly/Frankie, Jackson/Frankie

The Munsters: Lily, Grandpa, Eddie, Grandpa+Lily

The Muppets: Kermit/Piggy, Fonzie, Kermit, Piggy

My Little Pony: Twilight+Spike, Twlight, Spike, Rainbow Dash, Dash/Applejack, Rarity, Fluttershy, Fluttershy/Dash, Shining Armor, McIntosh, McIntosh+Applejack, Granny+Applejack, Granny+McIntosh, Zecora, Pinkie+Maud, Maud

The Nanny: Fran, Niles, Maxwell/Fran, CC/Fran, Niles/CC, CC

New Mutants: Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Moonstar, Moonstar/Wolfsbane, Warpath, Rictor/Sunspot, Rictor/Shatterstar

Night at the Museum: Jedediah/Octavius, Jedediah, Teddy, Larry, Larry/Teddy, Teddy/Sacajawea, Sacajawea, Rexie, Attila, Cecil, Gus, Larry+Nick, Ahkmenrah, Ahkmenrah/Larry

Nina Bangs' MacKenzie Vampires Series: Ganymede, Ganymede/Sparkle

Nine Lives of Chloe King: Alek, Alek/Chloe, Paul/Amy, Jasmine, Meredith, Meredith+Chloe

Oliver & Company: Oliver, Dodger, Tito, Einstein, Dodger/Rita, Tito/Georgette, Fagin+Dogs

101 Dalmatians: Pongo/Perdi, Perdi+Pups, Roger/Anita, Lucky

Penguins of Madagascar: Julien, Rico, Private, Kowalski, Julien/Rico, Julien/Kowalski, Skipper/Private, Julien/Skipper, Mort, Julien/Mort, Mort/Julien's Feet, Skipper/Kowalski

Power Rangers: Kim/Trini, Billy/Jason, Jason/Kim, Zack/Trini

Real People Fiction: David Bowie/Mick Jagger, Taylor Swift/Any Female, Holly Marie Combs/Shannen Doherty, Rue McClanahan/Bea Arthur, David Boreanaz/Charisma Carpenter, George Washington, David Bowie, Charisma Carpenter, John Addams, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Benjamin Franklin, John Addams/Thomas Jefferson, John Addams/Benjamin Franklin, Pocahontas, Captain John Smith/Pocahontas, Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp/Tim Burton, Johnny Depp

Red: Ivan/Victoria, Victoria

Riverdale: See Archie.

Scooby Doo: Velma/Daphne, Scooby, Scooby+Shaggy

She-Ra, Princess of Power: Swiftwind, She-Ra, Catra, Adam/Aurora, Swiftwind/Cringer, Glimmer, Frosta, Bo, Bo/Glimmer, Bo/Aurora

Sherlock: Sherlock/Watson, Sherlock, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, Any combination of Sherlock+Watson+Mrs. Hudson

Sleeping Beauty: Phillip/Aurora, Samson, Phillip, Phillip+Samson, Any combination of the Fairy Godmothers, Aurora+Animals

Sleepy Hollow: Frank, Ichabod, Jenny, Abbie, Frank/Jenny, Jenny+Abbie, Ichabod+/Abbie, Ichabod/Katrina, Frank+Macey

Special Unit 2: Carl, Nick/Kate, Nick, Kate, Chief

Sons of Thunder: Carlos, Carlos+/Trent, Trent, Carlos/OFC Trina Malloy, Trent+OFC Trina Malloy

Stalker: Beth, Jack, Jack+/Beth

Tangled: Flynn/Rapunzel, Rapunzel+Pascal, Rapunzel+Thieves, Rapunzel, Flynn, Pascal

The 10th Kingdom: Wolf, Tony, Wendell, Tony/Wendell, Radish

Walker Texas Ranger: Gage/Sydney, Sydney, Gage, CD, Walker+/Trivette, Walker, Carlos, Trent, Carlos+/Trent

Wizard of Oz: Any combination of Scarecrow+/Lion+/Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, Scarecrow/Dorothy, Toto, Dorothy+Toto

X-Factor: Sabertooth, Mystique, Sabertooth/Mystique, Forge/Mystique, Mystique/Destiny, Mystique, Valerie, Shard, Wildchild/Shard, Polaris, Havok/Polaris, Shard+Bishop, Polaris+Magneto, Quicksilver+/Scarlet Witch, Wolfsbane

X-Force: Domino, Siryn, Cable/Domino, Meltdown, Cannonball/Meltdown, Shatterstar/Rictor, Shatterstar, Siryn+Banshee, Warpath, Warpath/Siryn

X-Men: Evolution: Nightcrawler, Nightcrawler/Shadowcat, Wolverine+Shadowcat, Wolverine/Storm, Professor X, Professor+Students, Professor X/Magneto, Storm+Students, Storm+Shadowcat, Avalanche/Shadowcat, Shadowcat, Wolfsbane, Magma, Rogue, Any combination of Rogue+Mystique+Nightcrawler, Gambit/Rogue, Boom Boom, Any combination of the X-Girls, Beast

Zoolander: Hansel/Derek, Bowie, Fabio

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