Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Surgery Went Good!

Finally back home. They say I should feel a lot less pain in 2-3 days. I'm already feeling a difference in my back. Oh, and evidently, I've had this thing since I was born, and it's just been getting bigger until today. Thank God everything's gone as it should so far!! Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes!! I'm blessed with friends near and far who really know how to make a gal feel loved!

Probably the worst part so far was them trying to get an IV in me. I have deep-seated, rolling veins and usually flush liquids like crazy whenever I'm going to have blood drawn, but I didn't have anything hardly after 5pm yesterday. After two nurses gave up, I had two strong, beefy anesthesia guys working my arms simultaneously, sticking needles in and out and trying to find a vein that would accept and keep the IV.

No problems AT ALL with the anesthesia, thank God.

Stomach's hurting, but that's to be expected and will probably be worse tomorrow.

There was something else I was going to mention but honestly don't remember what it was right now. I'm not sleepy, but I'm so, so very tired.

Thanks again, all of you, for all you do for me!! <3
Tags: real life, real life: ol friends are the best
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