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Kat Lee

Giving Him Her All

Title: Giving Him Her All
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Midnight Texas
Character/Pairing: Lemuel/Olivia
Rating: PG-13/T
Challenge/Prompt: beattheblackdog 114: Deal and fffc r18.11: Symbiotic
Warning(s): Spoilers
Word Count: 1,022
Date Written: 7 June 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to their rightful owners, not the author, and are used without permission.

Sometimes she wonders if their relationship is at all symbiotic or if she’s just taking advantage of Lemuel and his ability to take everything she can dump on him. It feels so good to finally have a means to release all her sorrow and pain. She’d thought that killing the men who had caused it in the first place would do the trick, but there wasn’t a night that went by when she closed her eyes that her mind did not flash back on her childhood and the atrocities she’d suffered -- not until Lemuel had come into her life, that is.

Now she lays in their bed watching him in daylight while shadows dance through their secluded room and doing what she does far too well though she’d never admit it, overthinking everything that’s gone on between them. He’s a Vampire, but that doesn’t bother her in the least. In fact his ability to feed off her pain is a good thing, one of the things that makes her think they may actually last for a while. And she is feeding him, she thinks in defense, so it’s not like he’s getting nothing out of their relationship.

Still she’s not used to a man being gentle with her, or being able to take everything she can dish out and then some. She leans down and kisses his bare, dark knuckles. She enjoys fighting with him almost as much as she enjoys making love to him, but nothing can compare to the feeling he gives her when he takes another bout of her emotions from her. There are times, in his arms, when she thinks she may finally be free one day.

But then she remembers that her father is still hunting her. He’s still tracking her, and one day he’s going to find her again. One day she’s going to have to leave Lemuel and go back on the run. She’ll never be her daddy’s little girl again, and she’ll never let the bastard use her. That has to be the reason why he’s after her.

There’s no way he truthfully regrets anything he allowed to happen to her when she was a child. He doesn’t regret not being there for her or giving her up to her stepmother, who sold her out repeatedly. He doesn’t care about her. He cares about what she can do for him. The only reason he wants her is because he wants her to become his hired gun, and that’s never gonna happen. She’s never going to be caught in the same room with that loathsome bastard again. She’ll never --

Her thoughts stop as Lemuel’s blue eyes flash open in the darkness. His eyes are so bright that they’re literally piercing. She shivers inside, feeling as though he can see through her to her very soul, and yet for the first time being seen for what and who she truly is does not feel like a bad thing. It doesn’t scare her. Trusting him doesn’t scare her. Perhaps it should -- he is a Vampire, after all --, but it doesn’t. She already trusts him, in the short time they’ve known each other, far more than she’s ever trusted any other man she’s ever known. In fact, he’s the only man she’s ever trusted, the only man she’s ever allowed to get so close.

“You’re building again,” he murmurs, his voice rasping. For a moment, as she inclines her head in a single nod of mute admission, she wonders if he’s too tired, but then a fang-filled grin flashes across his handsome face. He’s not too tired. He has a hunger which never seems sated, another reason why perhaps she should fear him.

But still she doesn’t. She needs a man like him, a man who can take everything she has which she needs to be rid of and never have enough, especially as she fears her pain and sorrow will never end. There were so many nights she lay, tortured, in another man’s arms, but today she’s touched so differently by Lemuel. He never hurts her unless she asks him to. Instead he’s always there to take as much of her pain away as he can, and it does help him. She’s seen how he enjoys feeding off of her; she’s not the only one getting something good out of this deal.

Still there’s a part of her, just as there’s a part who wonders if she should be afraid, who wonders if this man could be the Prince of whom she’d once dreamed, back before she’d given up her dreams entirely. She used to dream, when she was real little, of a good man sweeping into her rescue, a Prince who would stop at nothing to defend her from her stepmother, her stepmother’s endless list of clients, and her heartless father who’d first given her away to them. Lemuel is no Prince -- he’s a Vampire --, but he makes her feel like a Princess. He makes her feel treasured, the way his mouth and hands seem almost to revere her with honor every time they make love.

“It’s okay,” he whispers now to her, his arms once again encircling her. He touches her back and holds her gently against him. She could break free from him, if she wanted, with a single twist of just about any part of her anatomy, but she doesn’t want to. She wants to be here, with him. She wants to give herself to him, and she does, feeling once again that maybe the world is a little bit of a better place. It certainly looks far better from his arms and from his bed than it ever has before. She wonders how long she dares to stay with him and wishes she could stay forever, though she knows she can’t, just before her thoughts again stop altogether in the waves of passion and release he creates for her. He is the first man, and the only one, to whom she’s ever given herself completely over, and yet, Olivia realizes, she’s never felt freer in all her long, miserable life.

The End
Tags: midnight texas: lemuel/olivia
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