Kat Lee (katleept) wrote,
Kat Lee

Now Accepting Prompts

I've had two friends point out something that I know is true: I need to get back to writing. I need to try to get back to things being as normal as possible, and we all know how I usually go after those words. But I can't seem to want to get involved in the comms right now. I can't even get excited about those challenges I was planning to start in July after the operation, or in movies I've been waiting for to come out (Jurassic Park 2, Incredibles 2). Right now even the thought of Chinese doesn't excite me, and that's saying something, considering that Drew and I would live on it if we could.

So I'm hoping if I rely on some of my all-time favorite couples, maybe it will do some good. Drew wants me to stay home Tuesday morning while she's doing her IV and all and get some rest and some writing done, and I know I need it. So here's the thing: From now through Tuesday, I'm accepting prompts. I will consider any prompt y'all want to give me that you know (or hope) that I write for. Most especially, I'm looking for prompts concerning:

X-Men comics! pretty much anything, any couple, any pairing except maybe not so much Scott or Jean centric
Disney -- I write for a huge variety of pairings and fandoms here. Check the tags, or just shoot me something out.
Batman's Batman/Catwoman
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Faith, Faith/Buffy, or Faith/Dawn
Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Spike/Buffy
Once Upon A Time's Emma/Regina (Not too big on this one currently, but I'm including it for one special someone. She should know who she is.)
Once Upon A Time's Red/Snow
Saved by the Bell's Slater/Jessie
Smallville's Clark/Lex
Supernatural's Dean/Crowley

There's only one catch: I'm not PROMISING that I can fulfill the prompts any time soon. I'm hoping to. I'm really, really hoping to. But it all remains to be seen.
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