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Lex's Bright Future

Title: Lex's Bright Future
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Smallville
Character/Pairing: CLex (Clark/Lex)
Rating: G/K
Challenge/Prompt: fffc May Special Daily Challenge: Day 19: Beauty, Painting, Fireplace
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,050
Date Written: 16 May 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

He sits and watches in silent wonder as Clark just beams and watches the lights dancing in the fireplace. The boy has no idea of how beautiful he is. Lex glances up at the area above the fireplace, at the picture of where he stands beside his father, ready to take over the Luthor mantle. Even he can not remember how many times he has shot and otherwise destroyed the image of his father in that picture, and yet somehow every time his father comes to visit, Lionel finds the picture and has it fixed and rehung.

They have argued over that painting so very, very many times, but one day they won’t argue any more. One day this entire estate will be his, and his father will no longer be welcomed legally as well as morally. Lionel Luthor will be banned from his land, from his company, and from his life. The very moment that happens, Lex knows, he’s going to ask the beautiful, wonderful man beside him to move in with him.

But he’s going to do so much more than that as well. He’ll never just ask Clark to move in with him, but he is going to ask him to marry him. He has his mother’s ring. He could use that when the momentous occasion finally arrives, but he won’t. That ring, like so much else in Lex’s life, is marked by his father’s darkness and abuse. It’s meant to be a symbol of love, but it’s just yet another reminder of everything his father has destroyed in his life. He’ll keep the ring, but he’ll never use it.

Lex smiles secretively as he remembers yesterday’s trip into Metropolis. He made a very special purchase, and he can feel it pressing even now against his chest inside his shirt pocket. One day he’s going to place that ring on Clark’s finger. One day he’s going to tell him all the words that bubble up in his heart every time he watches him as he is now. One day he’s going to tell him exactly how much he loves him. He’s going to marry him and move him in with him, and this huge house that always feels so empty whenever Clark is not with him is finally going to feel like an actual home.

One day he won’t need an actual fire in this fireplace to keep away the cold, and when that day comes, he already knows what he’s going to do with the painting now hanging above the fireplace. He’s going to destroy it once and for all. He’s going to burn every single inch of it, and in his stead he’s going to hang a new picture, an actual photograph, not a painting for no painting could ever do the man he loves justice, of Clark and himself. That photograph, unlike the painting hanging above them now, will portray and predict all the happiness that Clark brings into his life. It will predict their true future, one paved not with his father’s power and hatred but made instead to shine nearly as brilliantly as Clark’s smile with his love.

“Take a picture,” Clark murmurs, blushing.

Lex blinks, caught unawares. His reverie shattered, he asks uncertainly and with uncharacteristic inarticulateness, “Huh?”

Clark is still blushing and keeps his head down. Shyly, he asks, “Are you just going to watch me all day?”

“I could,” Lex says, bursting into a huge smile. “I could watch you all day, Clark Kent, and it would be a day well spent.” Yet as he says the words he moves closer and gently, almost reverently, sweeps Clark’s bangs out of his bright, blue eyes.

“I’d much rather you hold me,” Clark whispers, still shy.

“I much prefer that as well,” Lex answers honestly. For the rest of our lives, he thinks, gently pulling Clark into his arms and pressing his lips to his. One day, he’ll have the courage and the eloquence to tell Clark everything he wants to say to him, but for now, he just lets his actions talk. It has been said many times, after all, that actions speak louder than words. Lex is no longer certain about that fact, but he is certain about his future. As long as he has Clark, their future is going to be brilliant and full of love, and soon, although never too soon, Lionel Luthor will no longer have any hold on him.

Yet as he kisses Clark, Lex can almost feel his father’s eyes upon him. He can feel Lionel’s distaste and his determination to destroy the only good thing Lex has ever had in his life that his father hasn’t been able to touch. “Hold on,” he murmurs, lifting his mouth abruptly from Clark’s.

He rolls smoothly to his feet, walks over, and lifts a fire iron. Tossing it up and down in his hand, Lex eyes the image of his father standing with his hand on Lex’s shoulder, a clear statement that he is to guide him all his life. Walking back to the fireplace, Lex carefully aims and uses the fire iron to knock the painting from the wall. Without speaking a word, he tosses the painting into the fire.

He lays the iron down beside the fireplace and turns back to Clark, whose mouth is hanging slightly agape. He starts to open his mouth further, to cry out in protest, but Lex places a single finger easily on his open lips. “Now,” he asks, his smile ending Clark’s protest, “where were we? Ah, yes. We were making our future for ourselves.”

He wraps his arms around Clark and continues kissing him while his father’s painting burns. Let his father search for his painting when he returns; it will him no good. Lionel Luthor is never going to control his life, or his future, again. Everything he does from this moment on will be crafted by the love he feels for the man he now holds against him. His pathway will not be darkened by hatred and anger. His future will glow brightly because of Clark’s love just as Lex’s brilliant smile against his lover’s lips now does. Yes, indeed, their future together will be the brightest light of Lex’s up-until-now dark life!

The End
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