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Kat Lee

Her Greatest Blessing

Title: Her Greatest Blessing
Author: Kat Lee
Fandom: Batman
Character/Pairing: Ivy/Harley
Rating: PG/K+
Challenge/Prompt: fffc r18.09: Herbs
Warning(s): None
Word Count: 1,325
Date Written: 18 May 2018
Disclaimer: All characters within belong to DC Comics, not the author, and are used without permission.

She had a pair of big, bright blue eyes focused right on her. She was acutely aware of every move she made being followed by those beautiful, intent eyes and instinctively swallowed hard with self consciousness as she rose her own emerald greens to face them. Harley sat several yards away, her hyenas having dozed off on either side of her, intently watching Ivy.

She’d been watched like that before, Ivy knew, by both men and women who wanted her. She had been watched as though she owned the world and admired as if she was the most beautiful thing in it. But those looks of admiration had always come before because of the luscious body with which her mother had gifted her or, far more often, because of a certain mixture of herbs and chemicals she used that affected the sensual part of human beings’ minds and made them putty in her hands. She had never used that effect on Harley, however. Harls was staring at her purely because she wanted to, and Ivy found herself blushing under her intent scrutiny and lowering her eyes shyly back to the seedling in front of her.

She cupped her hand around the tiny, green bud, and the rose came to life, blooming in full right before her. What would have taken an entire season to complete took place in only a second. Ivy almost jumped when Harley started clapping. “Do it again! Do it again!” she cried.

“Harls -- “ Ivy started.

“Oh come on, Pamalamb! I love it when you make something out of nothing!”

Maybe she was making something out of nothing, Ivy reflected. Maybe the way Harley was looking at her had nothing to do with admiration of her beauty and was only her wide-eyed curiosity. She blushed again just considering the fact. Vines curled around her bare arms and legs, hugging her in silent reassurance. “I -- “

“Of course I’d watch you make dirt out of soil,” Harley interrupted.

Ivy frowned. “Soil is dirt.”

“Precisely, which means I’d be watching you do basically nothing, and I totally would.” Harley grinned broadly at her. “I’d watch you do anything, Red, or nothing at all.”

“Harley -- “

“Stop being so bashful. You know you’re beautiful.”

So that was it, Ivy thought. Harley was watching her, like practically every man she came across with this body, because she was beautiful. When Mother Nature had made her a new body, she had made her one with which to kill, not just through her powers but by her looks and the way simpering fools drooled over. In a way, it was disappointment, but it brought Ivy back to the reality of their situation. Harley was only admiring her for what Mother Nature had given her. She never would have looked twice at her if she’d still been the simpering, little flower girl she had been before her doting mother had resurrected her and given her new life and a new body.

“Of course you’d be beautiful no matter what,” Harley began to babble, causing Ivy to blink and look again at her in surprise. “You don’t have to show it off, you know, and you don’t have to play with life and death to make me see how beautiful you are. I can see it just with one look in your face and in your eyes, and I would no matter what the rest of you looked like. You could be dressed in rags, and you’d still be beautiful.”

“Harley -- “ Again, Ivy lowered her eyes from her and blushed, which appeared only as a subtle darkening of her green skin. “If you’d known me before -- “ she murmured before catching herself and pressing her lips closed to silence her admission. Harley could never have loved her or even admired her the way she had been before. She had been too quiet, too demure, too much of a mouse in a lion’s world as Selina would put it. She never would have caught the attention of someone with such a hard, hot bod and outgoing personality as Harley’s. Harley would have blazed right pass her and never once looked back at the simpering, demure nerd.

“I would have still loved you before,” Harley finished determinedly for her, her insistence making Ivy glance back up to face her again. She bounced to her bare feet and crossed through Ivy’s garden on the soft, green moss beneath them. Keeping eye contact with her, she vowed, “I would have loved you no matter what you looked like or how you acted. I would have loved you no matter who you were before.” Reaching her, she cupped Ivy’s face in her gloved hands. “And if I had somehow managed to be dumb enough to overlook you, that would have been my loss, and it would have crushed me just like one of those flowers I see you saving constantly on the sidewalks in the city when they don’t get enough water.”

Ivy did blush this time deeply, and Harley felt the heat rising in her cheeks against the gloved palms of her hands. “I would have loved you,” she said again, her complete lack of doubt shining in her big, beautiful, and honest eyes, “because we were meant to be together. Mother Nature may have saved you, but you saved me.” She pressed her lips to Ivy’s then, and the passionate kiss she gave her seemed to back up her words.

Simultaneously, it made Ivy realize something she had never truly considered before. Mother Nature had saved her. She had given her a new body, a new lease on her life, and a braver soul than ever before. She had opened her mind and spirit in so many, countless ways. But there had been times after that that Ivy, seeing all the horrors that mankind inflicted on those who could not save themselves from the horrid beasts, had felt cold inside. Many times, she had killed and not even considered any other avenue. She had killed and forgotten that life was supposed to have a sacredness to it, that all life was supposed to matter. She had killed and almost lost herself in the process.

But whereas Mother Nature had saved her body and soul, Harley Quinn had reached deep within her coldness, found the seedling of humanity as it was always meant to be from the very beginning inside of her, and resurrected it. She had found the goodness and warmth inside of Ivy when even Ivy had forgotten it existed. She had found the shreds of her humanity left inside of her and healed it until Ivy was no longer as ashamed as she had been for years to admit that she was, after all, human. Her human side was humanity as it had been meant to be all those eons ago when the Goddess had first created man and womankind. It wasn’t filled with hatred or tainted with greed. It was led by love, and Ivy realized, as she wrapped tendrils around Harley’s body and wrapped their bodies together, that Harls had to be right. They had always been destined to be together; they had saved each other after all.

Her Mother had many things in store for her, and She had blessed her many times over since her resurrection. The greatest blessing of all, however, had always been love. No matter what paths their lives may have taken, Ivy would have always been led to this beautiful, passionate woman in her arms. They would have been led together, because they belonged together. And what the Goddess puts together, no man may tear asunder, she thinks, deepening their kiss and gently pulling Harley down into a bed of roses, her bed of roses which she would always share, along with everything else she possessed, with this beautiful, loving woman, the soul mate her Mother had blessed her with since the very beginning.

The End
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