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In Good Company

The year was 1983. I was one of the lesser important things that came out that year.

Several great actors were also born that year, including Ryan Merriman, who I first fell for with Luck of the Irish but had no idea he'd turned into such a LOOKER until I made his college, and Jamie Chung, who definitely proved herself to be a bright star to follow as Mulan in Once Upon A Time.

Michael Jackson came out with the famous moonwalk.

Seat belts, which would later become very important in my life, were made mandatory.

In 1983, it first became mandatory to wear seatbelts in the front seat. Many people are going to read this and wonder why on Earth I feel that seatbelts are so important. The answer is simple: If I’d only known that as a child and adhered to the law, my life would probably be a heck of a lot better. You see, I’ve been in two wrecks already in my life, one when I was in a seatbelt and one when I was not, and I have to say: There IS a heck of a lot of difference in wearing them and not wearing them!

In both wrecks, the cars were totaled, and in both, it was not Drew’s fault, though she was driving. In the second, we were able to literally walk away from the wreck although the pain came back to bite us later and kept me down for a long time. But in the first, it was nothing more than a miracle that we lived through it! Among the scars that riddle my body is one on my forehead that Drew and my Mother both like to consider the handprint of God from where He kept me from going through the windshield. There was absolutely no reason why otherwise that I did not end up a big, bloody splat on the pavement.

As for Drew, the doctors said she wouldn’t walk again, but thank the good Lord again, she proved them wrong. The last six of her vertebrae were fused together, and although we know several others who had similar operations at that time, she is one of only two people who is actually walking. She and the other person were both operated on by one very talented doctor who has since, unfortunately, retired.

They had to cut us out of that car with the Jaws of Life. The other family who were involved were driving drunk on a Sunday afternoon and in our lane. They were unhurt except for the baby who had a small cut on her forehead. We, on the other hand, almost died. In the other wreck, again, the other person was unharmed, but it took her a MILE up the road to stop her vehicle! She’d hit us, because she hadn’t seen us in time and had been talking on her cell phone when leaving a WalMart. The biggest difference in the two scenarios other than how we were affected? In the first wreck, we weren’t wearing our seatbelts; in the second, we were. I’ll never forget how important they are again, and I will never drive anywhere without every passenger in my car safely buttoned in! Remember your seatbelts, people: they really do save lives!

And last, but most importantly of all to me, the Internet came to be!

The biggest modern invention that has an impact on my life, and probably on the lives of a lot of my dearest friends, is, without a doubt and excluding those items which we all now take as necessities like running water, electricity, refrigeration, and certain medicines, is, without a doubt, the Internet. I had no idea how fitting this was until I looked up to see exactly what milestones had been made in my year. On the very first day of the year of my birth, migration of the ARPANET to TCP/IP was completed, forming what most considered to be the first true Internet, allowing writers and fans of all styles to come together, and giving me access to a world that actually includes people whose twisted minds are very similar to my own and where I have been blessed to form many of the relationships I’ll always hold the dearest.

Without the Internet, my social life would be gladly limited to work, because I do NOT mingle with most of the human species, but out here, we go beyond the human species. Out here, thanks to the Internet, I have a world of like-minded individuals in which and in whom I can believe. Thanks to the Internet, I have the world that matters most to me right here at my finger tips! Without the Internet, my life would be very boring indeed, but as long as I have ‘Net access, I have everything that I could ever want right here at home -- I have you all! <3

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