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So far this month has started off a real bitca.

May 1

And I could be a real bitca and rehash all the bad crap that's been happening. I've got crap hitting me at work, crap hitting me at home, and crap hitting my health. Don't even get me started on the financial side!! But my writing is supposed to be for fun and supposed to be a release and this journal is supposed to be here in later years to help me remember the GOOD things, not the bad.

So f--- it! F--- all the bad stuff! And we're going to make the Devil even more mad by focusing on the GOOD here in the journal from here on out. This means there will be some days that I won't post, but when something good happens that I want to share with y'all, it will be in these monthly posts.

Good for the last several days? Most of the pink eye is finally getting handled. Only Harley, Elliot, and Hedwig are still having some issues with it. The kittens are getting more comfortable with us, and despite our number going up, it hasn't gone down yet except for poor Merlyn. And there was nothing more we could do there. God helped him the only way he was still able to be helped.

But good, good, good . . . I started out the month writing wise with 4k yesterday, and I'm quite pleased with that. I also feel a lot better about my writing goals ever since I pulled up the 2015 writing goal post from 1_million_words and saw that I managed over half a million words last year despite my goal only being 1k a day, so I'm going back to that. I've felt a great deal lightened up ever since.

Drew's feet are continuing to improve, and I saw something the nurses did differently with the Prisma yesterday than what I've been doing. I'll be replicating that going forward, and hopefully it will bring better results from the hole that's almost closed as well as continuing to improve the other hole. I ended up driving both to and from Montgomery yesterday and was exhausted by the time we got home BUT I got more words in before we left that morning and actually pulled it off without sleeping forever last night and this morning and still being exhausted. I'm tired, don't get me wrong, but I'm not DEAD EXHAUSTED like I've been being.

We also let ourselves enjoy lunch out today, and that was nice. And that's about all the good I can think of right now except for y'all, my friends. Yesterday on the ride home I was thinking about my sister down in Florida, my ladies over across the pond, my girl in California, and my girls up North. I felt y'all's love. Don't know which ones of y'all were thinking about us at the time, if any of y'all were, but I dang sure felt you. And it made the ride home that much easier, despite the fact that I had to fly to get here before sunset and get the babies in safely.

Which brings me to two other good points: Abraham's injury is almost healed up completely, and it was kind of odd the way everything flowed so smoothly yesterday. Every light we needed to pass through changed for us to be able to do so or stayed green long enough for us to pass under it. It was really the smoothest and safest ride we've had yet, and I know God and y'all were with us. Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!

Also, Patrick is doing a lot better and starting to fill out nicely. He's also graduated from Fancy Feast to Friskies. And there was one other thing that came to me while I was setting the tags, but I'm tired. Maybe tomorrow. Love and ***HUGS***!!

What I was trying to think of yesterday was the fact that I FINALLY changed my oldest NeoPet, CaptainWillSparrow, from Pirate to Spotted. This was DEFINITELY a change for the better, as was my transforming LCFrost earlier last month from Bori to a Striped Eyrie. It's amazing how great some of the more "basic" colors look! I'm very happy with my NeoPets right now.

And I'm also happy for Marilyn. A man from her past has come back into her life. She spent last weekend with him and is already looking forward to spending the coming weekend with him. I hope he will prove to be the happiness she needs and deserves, although I most certainly will miss her. <3

It's also a very nice feeling to know that so many of my dear ones are praying for me and for Drew as well and, of course, the babies. :) Thank you, all, for the prayers and good wishes! Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!!

It's always a good feeling to be reminded that your friends love you. I was reminded of that several times today, this morning with Laura's E-mails, this morning and again this afternoon talking earnestly with Marilyn, and sharing secrets with Mel today. Mike and O were there for me in little ways, O even touching my shoulder once while she was behind me. And of course all my people online who have been sending me well wishes and prayers lately. Thanks and love to you all!!! I WILL get caught up on those E-mails one of these days!

It is also kind of a good feeling to come home and almost step on the shredded remains of a dead snake! They're crawling all right, but this is a reminder that my babies have a protector even when the humans aren't home and that Xena's not about to let any of them be hurt by any blooming snake! Xena, Warrior Snake Killer Pupess strikes again!

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!

Things could have gone A LOT worse today than they did!! In fact, I think we're rather blessed by the way things, and we, came together. Little Miss Sassy was on break. I was helping Marilyn fixing plates in the deli while Mel tried to keep the line at the cash registers from getting too long. Then this guy started paying way too close attention to the register. I finished the plate I was working on and immediately made a beeline to see what his problem was. He asked if we had matches. I explained we didn't and that the cheapest lighter is like $1.39. I admit, although I try hard not to judge by appearances, I would have probably looked twice at him regardless, but the way he was looking around at the registers had Mel and I both unnerved. I wasn't about to leave her, and we'd gotten the deli caught up. I sent Marilyn to the cooler to get Mikey because I knew he wouldn't hear the intercom.

The guy in question did go outside, but he continued to hang around and walk around. He circled the store AT LEAST once. He walked a good ways into the diesel parking lot. He even went BEHIND the store. I had Mikey watching all of this and had already called the cops. The plan was, if he came back in, -- and I'm the one who set this into motion and volunteered myself --, Mel was to take Little Miss Sassy and Marilyn into the office, lock the door, and call 911.

Long story short, the guy DID finally leave. He met a car that pulled up at gas pump 3, put something in the backseat, walked around a while more, and finally left with them. We were fine. The cops didn't show up for another ten minutes! But I have a strong feeling he saw the way we pulled together and decided he'd rather try his luck elsewhere. I'm proud of our team, honored to be a part of it, and touched both by my girls' willingness and eagerness to obey me and Marilyn's determination to stick by my side no matter what happened!!

So yeah, it could've been bad, but it wasn't. It was good! :)

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!

May 6
May 7
May 8
May 9
May 10
May 11

Last week ended up kicking my ass. It was something every day last week -- almost stepping on Xena's first killed snake of the season on Friday, the guy who we're still sure was trying to case us on Saturday, a NAKED MAN in a truck in the parking lot on Sunday (PLUS an Elvis impersonator who looked more like King Radish from The 10th Kingdom and another celebrity who felt the need to tell me he was an extra in the John Wayne movie, The Green Berets), and an old, white, rich woman wanting to kidnap Mikey on Monday. Mike made light of it, but there's far too much crap going on these days to even THINK about going off with someone you don't know. I kinda have to wonder if she was into slavery and wanted a little, whipping boy -- and I say that without being prejudiced AT ALL. I'm blessed to have had friends in all religions and most nationalities, and my closest RL friends are all black. But I know that crap goes on no matter how much I don't like it, and the woman really, really made me think that she'd be the type. For those who may wonder how Mikey got her attention, all he did, bless him, was help her put air in her tire. All this, plus I ended up with over four hours of overtime.

The weekend should have been better, but it actually left me feeling more tired than I had been when I worked out on Monday. We got a flat tire on Tuesday on the way home and had no working cell phone from which to call for help. We ended up out in the sun in the hottest part of the day for about 2 hours, and I walked something like a mile and a half before we got any help. By the time we got the tire changed, our tire place was already closed, and we had to go back out the next day to get a new tire. On the way home, we noticed an elderly couple broke down and stopped to help them -- again in the heat of the day.

Thursday, thank God, was pretty uneventful. Friday, we got hair nets (UGH!) in. I used to wonder how we got away without them, but once I found out they were coming, I've been dreading them. They are actually a lot better than the ones WalMart used to have, and Mrs. O insisted on putting them all on us the first time. She was so gentle and remarked about the softness of my hair. I do so love that woman sometimes. <3

Which reminds me of a compliment I never expected to get Wednesday. A couple of Drew's customers work at the tire place, and I overheard one of them say, concerning me, "She's got a cute, little thing!" They'd never in a million years so much as turn my head, but it was nice to get such a compliment, especially as I've always considered myself ugly and haven't been called a little anything since I was a kid!

The highlight of my weekend, hands down, was finally getting to meet my dear sister on Skype. I SO love that program now and look forward to meeting with her again -- and, who knows, maybe other longtime friends as well! I do ask for prayers for her, though, as she is facing what may very well MAJORLY NOT be a good thing for her and her momma.

Drew's wheelchair came in Wednesday. We haven't really gotten to use it yet, but it doesn't seem any lighter than the other one. Only time will tell, though, and we think the elderly woman we helped that day may be in need of a wheelchair as well. If she is, we're going to give the older one to her. And who knows? Maybe after my operation, the wheelchair won't seem so heavy or, at least, I'll have more strength.

Got just 100 words short of 2k yesterday, but these are the only words I'm going to get today. It's my fault though. I stayed in bed too long, but the week just caught up to me. And I could hear my dear Laura in my head telling me that it HAS been a long, hard week and I deserved that extra rest. <3

Hope y'all's weeks are going way, way, WAY better than mine did last week! Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!! <3

I love it when I can actually get my butt up at 1 and stay up. I did so Friday and got just 100 words short of 2k. I did so today and got 2,600 words! It's very rewarding getting up and staying up!

That being said, it dawned on me on the ride home today that I have willingly broken my word on something. When Red Bull first came out, and I researched and learned that YES, bull piss is an actual ingredient, I swore I'd never let such a thing touch my lips! But a couple of weeks ago I discovered that WalMart is now making water mixes with taurine in them. I've been using them ever since, and I can tell you I feel a REAL difference when I'm drinking those compared to the vitamin "energy" mixes or anything else. Of course, with the water mixes, at least I don't get all that sugar that the Bulls and Monsters have.

They carried me well today, and I almost forgot until I got home and walked the few steps to the house what happened when I first went in this morning: I fell. I didn't fall all the way. I did manage to catch myself, thank God, on the door in between the deli and the front. If I hadn't, it would have been real ugly, but I have a feeling I hurt myself bad enough as it is. And it's as much my fault as anyone's. We went in I noticed there was a broom that had been knocked down but not all the way down. I made note of it. I got pass it not once but twice. And then it got me. Please, please, please, if you see something you think can be a tripping hazard, go ahead and move it out of the way for your own sake. Lesson well learned here. ;)

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!! And a happy Mother's Day to those who are celebrating!

Oh!! I caught a moment between two of the babies this morning and will be watching to see if anything further develops between them. Princess and Bowie have been having issues for a while now. At first, he was too gentle for her, but for about the last year or so, he's been too rough for her. Jasper is very gentle, and they were cuddling this morning on top of the filing cabinet while I was in the shower. I caught them together when I came out, but Jasper got down very shortly thereafter. I'm hoping we may have love in bloom. <3

Love y'all!!

Drew's got the flu, and my brain has turned to mush.

May 15

Drew actually called in Monday night, which kind of destroyed my Tuesday morning writing session, but it turned out she didn't have the flu. She's caught yet another stomach bug. I stay on her about proper GermXing after these customers, and it still doesn't seem to do any good. Of course it doesn't help that her body's so busy fighting off her feet problems that it's especially easy for bugs to jump on her.

But she is doing better now, thank God, and today was a much better day than yesterday. Poor baby actually stayed up in the kitchen last night after doing the cat litter (which she almost always insists on being the one to do, thankfully) and made my pitchers for my drinks. She is also on water now, and not even the tea at the Chinese restaurant we frequent still tastes good to her. Which is both good and bad, because I know she misses drinks like the tea but she really needs to stay away from all that soda.

I had the best writing session I've had in a long time this morning and such fun making a Batman/Charmed fusion for whatif_au. Despite having 0 words yesterday, I scored 5k today, so I'm still quite happy with my writing for the weekend!

It just sucks that the weekend's already over. :( The week always drags and is hard as Hell at times to get through, and the weekend always flies. But oh, well, 'tis life.

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!!! Make the most of your down and writing time whenever and wherever you can find it!

I wasn't sure what to post about today, what with it just being another normal "Monday" for me. The heat's driving us all crazy, but we're finally starting to get some rain and, thus, some relief.

But the thing I do want to share is that . . . I know I get frustrated with having to take care of Drew all the time. I know I get annoyed and even angry that she seems to dictate my life. But after the post I just read, I am so extremely, eternally grateful to be able to be there for her. No one deserves to be alone. I know that time will come one day for myself, but as long as there is breath in my body, Drew will never suffer alone. Never!! And I thank God for that!!!!

Friday/Tuesday's down, and Jackeesy said it all for everybody this morning. I love my MoMo, and he is definitely a very ROYAL kitty.

no titleJackeesy

In all his 10+ years, I have NEVER known him to sleep on the floor. Yet, this morning, when I got up, he was curled up in a ball on the floor, fast asleep. I suspect that he had gone to the pan -- he was about halfway in between the pan and bed -- and just simply hadn't had the energy to make it back to bed. Poor dear! LOL But that's exactly how I felt!!

I DID manage to force myself to stay up, mostly because I was concerned I'd have to go to work to get my shower, and scored 2,200 words. The reason I was concerned about the water and pump, however, is NOT good. We had yet ANOTHER fire last night, we presume during the thunderstorm, but thank God, once again no one was hurt and it only took out several outlets and the library lighting.

But at least no one was hurt!! That's the important thing!!!

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!! Stay safe, stay cool/warm wherever you may be and however you may desire it, and know you're always loved!!

After doing my babies' feet today, I am very much concerned that she may be infected. Her foot is red and swollen, a lot worse than it has been in a long time. Weird thing is, the actual hole is still looking better and continuing to show signs of improvement. Please keep praying hard for her, y'all. Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!!!

This shocking bit of news just in from the world of the Lee-Hood Catdom: Patrick, the renowned Panther Baby, likes a kitten!! He was caught not only not fussing at young Nakimba, previously known as Panther herself, when they were presented with their morning feeding, and then he was actually seen bathing her head!!

In other news, . . . I finally feel rested this morning, and only two things have changed. One is that I am wearing my lion ring, although I'll have to take it off for work as I doubt I can get gloves on with it on, but the other, which I feel probably has a lot more to do with the fact that I slept so well despite my sleep being interrupted and despite awakening this morning with a very strong presence in my lower, left back, is that I got Drew to not turn the big fan off last night. I suspect we may have been getting overly hot during the night as I notice not only do I feel more rested but several of the kids are back here in the bedroom, also sleeping better.

Love and ***HUGS*** to you all!! May all your Sundays, and all your days, be beautiful, and know always that you are loved!

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