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The Power of Friendship, Concluded

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When Lisa awakens, she’s surrounded by friends, and every one of them is smiling. There are tears in Kelly’s and Jessie’s eyes, and Zack’s, Screech’s, and Slater’s all look moist as well. “Screech,” Lisa speaks his name in surprise. She reaches for him, vaguely recalling having seen him standing with her mother in front of those X-rays and charts before her mother had sent her away and the medicine she’d insisted she take had knocked her out. “Where have you been?”

“Busy,” he murmurs, blushing, and backs away before she can touch him or make him say anything more.

“Lisa, I want you to come here.”

A wave of weakness washes over Lisa as she sits up. “In a minute,” she murmurs.

“She may be a little dizzy. It’s been very busy in her body. It took three hours longer for her to wake up than we expected, as you all know.”

“I don’t believe I owe Belding again,” Zack mutters, but he’s grinning.

“Owe Belding?” Lisa repeats, confused. “For what?”

“For staying with the kids,” Kelly tells her, “but you don’t need to worry about that. You need to come over here.”

Slater sweeps his arms underneath Lisa’s weak body and lifts her from the bed. She shrills with nervous, giddy giggles. “Slater!”

Jessie just smiles and backs up so her boyfriend can carry their friend to the X-rays in front of which Doctor Turtle is standing, smiling, and waiting patiently. With great care, Slater places Lisa back on her feet and holds her steady as she looks at the X-rays. “These . . . “ She frowns, her voice trailing off. “What are these?”

“Lisa, you know what they are,” her mother says, almost scoldingly. “They’re your X-rays.”

“They can’t be my X-rays! They don’t -- They don’t show -- “

“I know they don’t, but they are your X-rays.”

“You mean . . . “ She looks in stunned disbelief at her mother, words failing her.

Doctor Turtle nods. “Yes. You’re healed -- or almost healed. There are a few traces left,” she says, knowing her daughter couldn’t see them because she didn’t have a doctor’s or even a nurse’s trained eye to really be able to read the X-rays. Her grin grows as she announces, full of belief and confidence, “We now have a cure for pancreatic cancer.”

“No way,” Lisa whispers. Tears fill her eyes. She shakes her head, and this time, the room doesn’t spin. She does almost lose her balance, but Slater’s strong arms are there to catch her, support her, and hold her steady.

“You will feel weak for a while, and it will take time for your appetite to return and other side affects to diminish, but, yes, my daughter, you will be healed.” Doctor Turtle is beginning to cry again herself now, and Lisa and Kelly sniffle. “You’re saved!” Zack wipes at his eyes. Slater’s glad no one’s paying any close attention to his face.

“I’ve never been prouder,” Zack whispers, looking at the guy who, ever since they were little, has always been his very best friend in the world.

“No . . . No way,” Lisa whispers again, and this time, she turns to face Screech. She’s surprised to see his robot behind him. Kevin pushes gently at his creator with his metallic arms and hands.

“Go to her, Screech,” Kevin tells him, and the gang slowly starts to clap. It starts with Kelly, Zack, and Jessie, but Slater claps his hands together too. He’s continuing to clap when Lisa takes a step toward Screech and almost falls. Slater catches her immediately, but Screech runs to her too.

“You saved me,” Lisa whispers, awe-struck, tears flowing down her beautiful and joy-filled face. “You saved me!”

Screech beams down at her, and for once, she doesn’t see a dork. She doesn’t see something ugly and distasteful. The man she sees before her is brilliant and beautiful and suddenly means the world to her. “You saved me!” she cries again, and as her arms go around him, her lips touch his.

She kisses him long and deep, making his dream come true as he’s already made hers a reality. He’s saved her life! The least she can do is give him a touch of the loving for which he has always, always begged her. She doesn’t know whatever happened to Violet, but the girl was a fool for letting Screech get away. And maybe she herself was a fool, too, for always treating him so badly. This man saved her life! This genius cured her cancer! She’ll never love him like Jessie loves Slater and especially not like Zack loves Kelly, but a part of her will always love him and be thankful to him for saving her.

As she lets him go, Screech crumples. He faints, falling straight out at her feet. The friends laugh, and Lisa is surrounded by hugs and love. Her life is saved! She can go back to Hollywood and keep working on her company, keeping working on improving the lives of the people who work for her and of the women and gay men who wear her designs, but more than that, she may still grow old and gray with these people who love her and who she loves with all her heart, her real family.

She may not go back to Hollywood after all for she is finally where she belongs. Maybe she can move Lisa’s Fashions here. She glances down at Screech and remembers her first night back home here in Bayside and the thoughts that had ran through her mind. Maybe she had never known love, because she’d never seen what she’d had beside her her entire life. She was already loved far, far more and grander than most women ever got lucky enough to experience in their entire life.

And not just by Screech but by all her friends! Her mother and friends are surrounding her now. She feels five pairs of hands touching her, five sets of arms reaching out to embrace her, and she hugs them all back as she basks in their love, happy, complete, and well at last.

The End
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